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The List

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Teaching English online is a great way to earn money from home. If you are qualified you shouldn’t have any troubles getting a job and by qualified I mean that you have a university degree, a CELTA or TESL certificate and some teaching experience. It’s a perfect job for those who have taught English overseas and are now looking for work back home. It is also great for current teachers who are looking for more hours. Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon. This is a list of online English teaching companies. I have had interviews with several of the companies on this list and I am currently working for one of them.
There are many companies that teach online. They mostly teach business English, but most of them offer test preparation, group and individual classes too. This is a list that I will be updating, please leave a comment if you have any experiences with these companies or know of any others that should be added to the list.

Beware that some of these companies may have a bad reputation! Check out the comments at the bottom of the page for more info about a specific company.


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Recently Added Companies  :

Preply, Lingo Live, Acadsoc, SayABC, Hello KidPolly Lingual, Tutoring 360, 98KidHiTutor, and Tutor Supply 

North American Companies
British Companies
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Spanish Companies
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North American Companies 

English Ninjas  is based in Delaware, USA. Teachers can work as much or as little as they want, or they can work pre-scheduled shifts where teachers get paid no matter if there is a student or not. They are a new company so not much is known about them yet, so please leave a comment or review if you know anything about them.

Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really silly commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America. They want native speakers with a “North American accent”. According to their application they want teachers who are able to work in the USA legally. Open English salary starts at around $10 per hour. Click here for the Open English reviews and comments page.

EnglishTutorsOnline looks like a small company that is focused on helping English learners with specific task like writing or presentations.

Topic-Time  is a small American Skype company with Japanese students.  You do not need to know Japanese culture but it is a plus.  Good typing skills are also a plus. They pay $12USD per 55 minute lesson. You choose your own schedule. The students choose the teachers. They have their own curriculum and specialize in “The Scarlett Method”. They provide training.  They would like to find teachers that care about people and fostering excellent learning environments so they are very selective about who they hire. Click here for comments and the Topic-Time reviews page.

Rype is based in the US and is designed for students on the go, so they have an app. The teach many languages and students get to choose their teacher. They pay from $9-$11 USD per hour.

Global Mate New York (GMNY) teaches mostly South Korean professionals and students ages 19-50. Only Americans should apply.

Ginseng English is based in Boston. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. Masters degrees are looked on favourably. They teach both general and business English.

Western Wise (website is down) is a small American company that teaches Chinese children aged 5-14. They are only looking for native speakers with a North American accent. Applicant must be available from 5am – 8am (US Central Standard Time) or on the weekends. They also want a committment of 1 year and someone with either a language degree, TEFL/Celta certificate or 3 years experience. They pay $15-22 USD per hour.

Redwood Language (Skilled Business English) is a new company based in Texas. They have their own platform and they are looking to hire business English teachers.

Golden Voice English (GVEOE) is based in Toronto, Canada and teaches English to students in China in grades 1 to 9. They offer a wide variety of curriculum and they do both group and 1 to 1 classes. They are currently hiring and looking for North American teachers. They pay $20 CAD per hour. You can find out more here.

Voxy is based in New York, they want native speakers with a degree or TESL certificate. They pay up to $18 an hour.

Lingo Live is a company based out of New York. They coach adults in the tech industry on language & communication skills. They are looking for remote coaches who can commit at least 15 hours/week and as a human-centric company, prefer to receive cover letters with applications. They teach English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and some other languages too. Click here for the comments and the Lingo Live reviews page.

WayUp is a New York company that teaches English to Chinese students through their platform. They are looking for university graduates and students, they pay $10 – $13 an hour.

Speak! Language Center (link removed as they no longer need teachers) is in Virginia and they teach more languages than just English. They offer group and 1 to 1 classes.

EnglishKey is based in New Hampshire and is looking to hire native speakers. They want someone who can work 10 hours a week in the evenings. Their pay is unknown.

Cambly is based in San Francisco. It looks like they target Arab and Korean students. They are looking for native speakers. They have a system where students choose their classes and trainers at the time they want. Cambly pays $0.17 cents per minute or $10.20 USD per hour. Click here for the comments and the Cambly reviews page.

TalktoCanada is a great company for Canadians (such as myself) to work for. It’s not big, however, and when I applied they were only hiring teachers to start in a few months from when I was looking for a job. I believe the teachers have to use Skype to talk to the students. The starting pay was $14 an hour a year ago.

Pearson / GlobalEnglish is based in San Francisco, they have just updated their platform and it looks great. They specialize in business English and have both group and individual classes. They pay around $14 for individuals and $17 for group classes. Click here for the comments and the GlobalEnglish reviews page.

Duolingo was recently looking for experts in teaching languages and language assessment experts. They want “world-class language experts”.  To help with their platform, not to teach languages but to act as a sort of consultant. I imagine it would be interesting working for Duolingo, probably a great job. Check the link to see if Duolingo is hiring again.

LOI English is based in Montana and requires teachers to be available for at least 25 hours a month. All their material is online and they give classes with Skype. The pay starts at $10 but goes up to $11 after 30 days. They will consider a higher wage for teachers experienced with TOEFL and for those who speak Portuguese.

Rosetta Stone / Livemocha Livemocha has a similar platform to that of Duolingo, but it is owned by the famous Rosetta Stone. Both of these companies offer online classes in many languages. You can teach from anywhere with them but they are looking specifically for teachers near one of the following American ‘hubs’: Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, Washington DC or Harrisonburg. I couldn’t find out how much they pay.

eBerlitz if you have taught ESL abroad you have probably heard of Berlitz. This American company has offices in more that 70 countries (their European website). From what I could find wages are around $14 or $15 an hour.  Click here for the comments and Berlitz review page.

Elinet is based in Vancouver, Canada. They offer French and English classes.

goFLUENT is looking for business English teachers to teach a minimum of 4 hours per day 5 days a week. They have a specific time range when they need teachers so check the website. Gofluent salary: I didn’t find out exactly how much they pay, but I have read that it is comparable to ispeakuspeak, which is about €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes.

International Language Connection is a small company based in Toronto, Canada.

EnglishTutorsOnline is based in the US, they provide proofreading, editing and more specific English services as well as classes.

EnglishTutorOnline apparently there is another company with a slightly different name to the one above it.

Live Lingua is a smaller American company with less than 20 teachers. They offer a wide variety of specialty courses and charge students at least $20 an hour. Teachers are required to speak two languages.

LearningU is based in Utah, USA. They offer business and exam preparation courses.

SkypeEnglishClassNow is a smaller company, based in the US, they only offer 1-1 classes.

Say Yes to Success Online Tutoring is based in St. Louis. Looks like a small company with demanding requirements for teachers (10 years experience with a Masters or PHD). Not sure if they are hiring.

PandaTree currently teaches Spanish and Mandarin but they are working on launching their online English teaching program.

British Companies

Tutor Supply is focused on teaching Chinese students. They pay well depending on your education and experience. If you have “Qualified Teacher Status” you can earn even more.  You must also have a British background check done (aDBS). You can earn from £20 – 30per hour with a £5 bonus for every extra student in your class.

ESLstarter is looking for part-time English teachers to teach adults. They want teachers with a TEFL certificate and a university degree. They only want Birish or Irish teachers.

Linguacircle (website is down) teaches individuals and groups. TEFL or equivalent certificate required, non-native English speakers are welcome to apply.

Barons English is looking for UK teachers only, gives 1 to 1 classes via Skype to students in China, Japan and Korea. (alternate site)

Tute has a new tutoring program for UK students it looks like they teach more than just English.

Fleet Tutors is not an ESL company but one that teaches all UK curriculum to UK students. They are obviously looking for UK qualified teachers only.

TwoSigmas is based in the UK and teach Chinese children 1 to 1. They are looking for native North Americans and they pay up to $20 USD an hour plus bonuses. Click here for the comments and the TwoSigmas reviews page.

One Tutor is based in the UK they teach across Europe and Asia.

OnlineSchoolEnglish is based in Sussex, England. They offer classes for groups, individuals, businesses and exam preparations.

PhoneBoxLanguage / English Skype Lesson are two closely related companies based in England.avatar

Brown Cow English looks like a small company but you have to like the name. They offer pretty much every type of English class including lessons for kids.

EnglishDom offers all types of ESL classes. According to a user here EnglishDom pays teachers $10 USD per hour.

SkyLearn is a UK based company, they offer business, group, individual and exam preparation classes to mostly Brazilians.

Online Teachers UK  is a small UK based company targeting mostly Russian students.

English Skype Classroom is a really small company, not sure if they are even hiring.

Bespoke Language Tuition teach English, Spanish, German and French as well as exam preparation.

Legal English Plus is a small company based in the Isle of Man. They have just a few teachers so I am unsure if they hire regularly.

OpenLanguages is a new British English teaching company. They require teachers to submit a video that students can watch and then choose their teacher. The base pay is 10 euros per hour.

Russian Companies

skyeng is a new ESL teaching company that uses the “Vimbox” platform. You will have to translate their website from Russian to English.

English-Natali is based in Russia, could be a good option for those in the Eastern Europe time zone or with Russian citizenship.

Ile-School (ILES) is a Russian company with some connections to Los Angeles.

New Way English is another Russian company, they charge students about $580 rubles per hour.

English Den is another online ESL teaching company based in Russia.

English and Skype is hiring qualified teachers to teach Russian students. They want teachers who can work at least 15 hours per week. They pay from $10 – $20 USD per class.

Form a really small company (4 teachers?!) based in St. Petersburg.

Spanish Companies

Break Into English  has over 100 teachers and 1500 students they are looking for native speakers to teach mostly European students. They are currently branching out into Asia. They pay between 12€ and 14€ per hour.

Training Express is looking for native speakers. I believe they are associated with other Spanish ESL companies.

Blazaar is a new company from Barcelona with their own platform. They are looking not only for English teachers, but also German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. The pay varies but it roughly starts at $12 USD per 45 minute class and there is no minimum amount of hours required.

EnglishOnlineTV another Spanish company that a fellow teacher works for. I know they hire non-native speakers to teach English.

Learnlight (formerly called Ispeakuspeak or ISUS) is based in Barcelona. They not only teach English, but 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Their online platform is new and sleek. They mostly teach business English to employees of multi-national companies based in Europe. Working part-time is possible, you choose your hours and they find the students for you. Learnlight salary: The pay (in Euros) is competitive at €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes. Click here for the comments and the Learnlight reviews page.

The SpeakCenter is based in Spain and offer classes to businesses and individuals.

IE-Academy is based in Spain, they offer business, individual and exam preparation classes.

Inglesissimo is another company based in Spain offering business lessons and lessons for individuals and travelers.

OS Connect is based in Seville. Their website looks good and they offer a wide range of courses. They pay $7 to $9 USD per hour for individual and group classes. They also pay for writing correction, marking, answering questions on the platform and developing teaching materials.

Other European Companies

Novo English  is in France. It looks like they teach both kids and adults. Classes are only 15 minutes long.

Educastream is based in France, I don’t know much about them yet but they have some good reviews on the glassdoor website.

1to1Progress  is based in France and they teach mostly business English to students in France. They are looking for bilingual teachers although it is not necessary to be bilingual. 1to1Progress pays up to €15 per hour. Click here for more comments and the 1to1Progress Reviews page.

FluentBe (homepage link) is based in Poland and are currently hiring. It looks like they only teach group classes the FluentBe salary is around $10 USD per hour (possibly negotiable).

Learnship is based in Germany. They specialize in business English, but they also teach many other languages. They pay around €17 per hour. Click here for more comments and the Learnship reviews page.

Woospeak based in France and they would like their teachers to be able to speak French. Woospeak salary: Starting pay is good from $16 to $18 per hour. Sounds like a good company if you are bilingual.

GoForLanguages is an international company with offices in the USA, Spain, France and Belgium.  They teach and do translations.

Gymglish is a small company of about 20 people based in France.

Tandem is a new company based in Germany. They offer language tutoring services but only through an app with iOS and Android. That means you have to use an i-phone to teach. Teachers set their own rate. It is an interesting approach and it will be interesting to see how this works out in the long term.

Chinese Companies

Acadsoc teaches mostly Chinese students and it looks like most of their teachers are from the Philippines. They would like teachers with a BA and a TESL/CELTA certificate. They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but I think the salary is low. (click here for more information)

SayABC is a new online education company in China for group lessons as a part of VIPKID. Teachers teach 4 child students during a 3 month course. They want teachers with a bachelors degree and native speakers, although they are a bit flexible, they prefer US accents. They pay up to $27 USD per hour (with bonuses) for a 40 minute class. Click here for more comments and the SayABC reviews page.

Sprout4Future (Chinese name is RouChi English) It looks like they teach kids in China and the parents pick the teachers for their kids. They only want native speakers with teaching experience and a university degree from Canada or the USA. Their classes are made up of groups of 3-5 children from ages 5-15. They also teach other subjects including Spanish and French. The pay is between $18-25USD per hour.

98Kid teaches children in elementary and high school. They want teachers with experience and certification. They pay $20 USD per hour with bonuses through Paypal.

HiTutor is based in Taiwan and they are looking for experienced teachers with a bachelors degree. A TEFL/TESL/CELTA certificate is also preferred.

Hello Kid is a Chinese company and it apparently has a lot of students. They employ natives and non natives and they are paid the same $15 base rate per hour.  They typically teach 30 minute classes Monday – Friday from 6-9pm (Beijing Time) and 3-9pm on weekends.

WonderKids is looking for teachers with at least 1 year of teaching experience (it looks like non-native speakers are welcome to apply) certification is not necessary. Teachers must be 23 years old and training is paid for.  However, teachers are required to give homework and give regular feedback. Students and their parents grade the teachers. All of the students are Chinese and between the ages of 5 and 15. They pay $15 USD per hour for individual classes and $20 for group classes, but most classes are 1to1. Click here for the comments and the Wonderkids review page.

Landi is connected to ABC360 but they are hiring now. They teach Chinese children. The want native speakers and pay between $12 and $25 USD per hour. Click here for the comments and the Landi review page.

FirstFuture is currently only accepting applications from native English speakers. I believe they teach both adults and children. No degree or TEFL certificate is required. They pay $12 USD per hour with bonuses.

51Talk is another company from the China they teach kids and adults and the material is provided. According to their website, 51talk’s salary is a maximum of $35,000 PHP per month which is about $750 USD, but according to a commenter here pay depends on experience and nationality. An American teacher can earn $11 per 25 minute class. Click here for more comments and the 51Talk reviews page.

Magic Ears  is from Beijing and they teach children aged 5-12. Teaching material is provided by the company and the hours are weekdays: 7pm-9pm, weekends and holidays: 10am-11:30am & 7pm-9pm. Booking rate depends on how good the teacher is or if the student likes the teacher. (Average booking rate in August is 50%, but they say this is the off season.) They pay between $20 and $26 USD per hour. Click here for more comments and the Magic Ears review page.

The Online Teacher is a new company that matches online ESL companies to employees and vice versa. You must create a profile on their website. The-Online-Teacher works with mainly Chinese ESL companies but they also work with other international companies. Teachers can choose their salary and the company they want to work with. They are currently hiring only native English speakers but they expect to need non-native teachers soon. Click here to find out more.

97Kid/Funbulous/JiuQu/Qkids is looking for American or Canadian teachers to teach children in China. Must be available for specific times and be a university graduate. They pay $16-20USD per hour. Send a resume to Click here for more comments and the 97Kid reviews page.

Oikid is based in Taiwan and they teach children between the ages of 4-12. They welcome both bilingual (English and Chinese) and native speakers. Experience teaching young learners is preferred but not required. Their materials are designed to meet the U.S. CCSS and GEPT standards. They pay $14-22 USD per hour. Send a resume and one minute introduction video to Click here for more comments and the Oikid reviews page.

EnglishLive/ EnglishTown/ EnglishFirst is a large company that has been around since 1965. According to the website they are looking for people in the US and China. The have a Shanghai office where they do most of their teaching but they also hire remote teachers. EnglishTown salary: Pay starts at $12 per hour and $14 if you are bilingual in Russian or Portuguese. More info here:

Woogi Global is based in Hong Kong. I don’t know much about this company it looks like the teach kids and have some sort of partnership with WealthBoss.

New Vision Learning Services teaches English learners from children to adults. They have different curriculum (history, science, etc.) and they teach groups of 2-5 students.  They are looking for teachers who have a bachelors degree and a TEFL certificate.

Hujiang is one of the largest ESL companies in China. They are looking for experienced teachers who are able to teach at specific times in Beijing to a wide variety of students (not just children). The website is in Chinese but you can send your CV to Click here for more comments and the Hujiang reviews page.

DMA1on1 is looking for native English speakers, they are based in Taiwan and teach only 1 on 1 50 minute classes. Teachers use the provided material, training is provided for new online teachers. Pay depends on experience and is paid in New Taiwan Dollars. If you want to apply send an email to:

USAsishu or Meiguosishu this company doesn’t appear to have the best reputation, so be wary. They teach Chinese primary school children and pay $15 per hour. You can email: or

ALO7  tutors English to kids and prefers native English speaking tutors. Pay ranges between $15 to $22 an hour. ALO7’s student base comes from large educational institutions in China. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab. Click here for more comments and the Alo7 reviews page.

Face Talk is a Chinese English teaching app. Not much else is known at the moment.

FastSchool is another company that teaches children, teachers must be available from 7-9pm Beijing time. It is not necessary to be a native speaker but you must have a bachelors degree. They apparently pay at least 40$ an hour, which seems to good to be true. We need some comments from people that work here, click here for more comments and the FastSchool reviews page.

I Use English teaches children through 1to1 and group classes. They are looking for native speakers and they pay 4$-6$ per half hour.

GoGoTalk teaches children in China. Not much else is known at this point.

Hugo English teaches English to children in China. They pay between 14$ to 20$ per hour.

Disney English teach English with Disney… yes Disney.

DeerKid  teaches North American curriculum to kindergarten and elementary students in China. Teachers must be from North America, have a bachelors degree, 1 year experience and a TESOL certificate or equivalent. They pay $14 – $22 per hour.

Pudtree (Hiknow) is looking for British, American or Canadian teachers with a bachelors degree and at least 1 year of experience teaching to kids. They pay $17 – $22 an hour.

eHailuo (eHello, eHailo) is based in the Nanjing province. They teach 1 to 1 classes to children and they pay  $10 – $15 per hour.

DaDa ABC  teaches mostly children. DaDaABC pays decent at around $20 per hour. Click here for the comments and the DadaABC review page.

ABC5 is based Guangzhou. They are apparently hiring now, looking for native speakers to teach students aged 4 -18. They pay $13 – $16 per hour. Email:, Wechat: 137865455, Skype: vickylee291

A Top Class teaches kids and adults. They require you to teach one free class per student. They pay $10-$11 per hour with chances for bonuses.

Swoosh English is based in Hong Kong and it looks like they only hire UK teachers.

Boxfish is looking for native English speakers to teach Chinese children and teenagers conversational English with their app. They pay $20 an hour. Click here for more comments and the Boxfish reviews page.

Meisi Consulting (no website) they have a good review from a commenter, no webcam needed, they have a poor platform and low hours, maximum of 8 per week, but they apparently pay $22 or $32 USD per hour. Email:

51FreeTalk (not the same as 51talk?!) related to Top Online Teachers, tough website to navigate, but a commenter has provided this info: materials are downloaded books, they teach kids 1-1, no lessons are planned for the teacher, They pay $12 USD per hour. Skype: ilovefreetalk

Enlai Education Solutions has a good reputation (which is a little bit rare for a Chinese ESL company). They don’t teach themselves but are a third party that finds jobs for teachers in China. Enlai pays a minimum of $16 an hour with chances to earn more.

USTALK (ESLcafe link) (company website) I got an emailing from this company saying that they pay $8-12 USD per 25 minutes. They also offer some incentives and bonuses. Classes are 1-on-1 with young Chinese learners. Teachers are not obligated to prepare any of their own materials. They are launching their English website soon. Teachers set their own schedules, but must be available for at least 4 hours during peak Chinese hours (Weekday evenings, all day weekends).

LeWaijiao is looking for native speakers from Canada, the US or the UK with a bachelors degree. They offer flexible scheduling, bonuses and paid training. They want teachers who are available from Tuesday to Sunday 1800 to 2200 Beijing Time. They pay $13 to $23 USD per hour. Please contact Trevor with your resume

QuQuABC (link is to the application) is based in Hong Kong. According to one of our commenters QuQuABC pays $14 USD an hour. They say they pay for your training but it seems like some teachers have not been paid.

Talk915 (ZTE) a new company that only wants native speakers with a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate. Talk915 salary: They pay £3 per 25 minute class or £6 for a 50 minute class.

NiceTalk is an app that allows Chinese students to reach English speakers. The NiceTalk salary is $10 an hour with $10 bonus for signing up. They also have a referral bonus system.

VIPKid a new Chinese company that looks very promising. They teach exclusively children and you need to engage the children with toys and things. The VIPKid salary is $14 -$22 an hour. They want teachers from North America who have a degree and are able to teach at least 75 hours per week. From the comments at the bottom: “You teach for 25 mins at an average rate of 7.50 USD but they ALWAYS have competitions and other incentive programs” – Georgia L. Click here for the comments and VIPKid review page.

Best10n1  I think many of their teachers are ex-pats living in China (and speak Chinese). The Best10n1 salary is unknown.

Kukuspeak  I had an interview with this company that underwhelmed me, but it is legit. It might be a good option for teachers living in Asia as their schedules would match. Kukuspeak salary: Kukuspeak pays $10 an hour to start.

LumiEnglish a Chinese company with offices in Beijing and San Diego, it was hard to find a lot of information about them, but if you are in China or looking to teaching Chinese people, check it out.

Hiknow English not much information on the website, but there is an email address for teachers to contact them

KaiBell is a Chinese company…good luck understanding their website.

I Use English is hiring English teachers to teach Chinese children.

Meten is based in Shenzhen, it looks like they are currently looking for people in China or willing to move there.

ABC360 is a new company that is currently hiring. They want full-time teachers to work sometime between 4 -10 am Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Sunday. Email your resume and a photo to ABC360 pays about $14 an hour initially and $16 an hour after 6 months. Click here for more comments and the ABC360 review page.

Buke8 another Chinese company with a difficult website for English speakers to navigate. Buke8 salary is unknown at this point.

Japanese Companies 

Koolearn is looking for British or North American teachers to teach Japanese children and adults.

NativeCamp is looking for English teachers from around the world to teach Japanese students. Not much else is known about them at this point.

Best Teacher (Areyoubt) has an interesting method. they pay you for replying to student messages, editing conversations and doing voice recordings. The also pay you for Skype lessons 340YEN per 25 minute class, 50YEN for recordings and 10YEN for replying to messages and editing conversations.

EnglishTutorOnline looks like they specialise in business English and teach adults. Not much else is known at this point.

EigoBiz focuses on teaching business English to Japanese students. They prefer native English speaking teachers with TESL certificates. Teachers set their own schedule between the hours of 5am – 11pm (Japanese time). They pay 1600 YEN per 50 minute lesson (about $14.50 USD). They provide the material.

English Everywhere is a company that allows their students to pick their teachers. The still require you to apply though. They pay 800 YEN per 30-minute class for the first 10 classes, after 10 classes they will pay you 900 YEN per 30 minute class.

OKpanda is an English learning platform using instant messaging, live voice and other digital methods. Not much else is known at this point.

Mainichi eikaiwa offers business and conversational classes to Japanese students. They are currently hiring according to the website. They pay $11.5 per hour.

Ecom (eCommunication inc.) I don’t know anything about this company.

Lyngo is another company with Japanese students. We don’t know much about them yet but they are hiring English teachers as of now (May 2016)

EnglishCentral another new company from Japan. They have their own platform with videos and it looks like a lot of students use it. How much EnglishCentral pays is unknown.

Eigox a company from Japan.  Eigox pays 600 yen or about $5 for every 25 minute class. Payment is made with Paypal.

Cena Academy looks like a good company, they say they are currently looking for American teachers. They pay $9 US for a 25 minute class and $18 US for a 50 minute class.

Hello English is based in Japan, it’s a medium sized company with 38 teachers.

E-Communication ( is another Japanese company, the website is hard to navigate if you don’t speak Japanese.

Eigooo is an interesting new company offering “chat type English learning” service. They don’t appear to be a large company so Eigooo’s salary is unknown.

South Korean Companies 

Tutoring 360 is a new company that has Korean students. They are looking for both native and non-native teachers but your pay might be dependent on this. A certificate is not required, but they would like teachers with some teaching experience. They pay between $4-14 per hour.

Tutoring Lab does 1to1 conversation classes, they are looking for native speakers. They seem to have an interesting approach with their classes as it looks like learners can chose the topic they want to discuss and learn about.

GlobalT is based in Seoul and they have over 50 teachers. They have two shifts morning and evenings and you are required to work at least one of the shifts. The lessons are over the phone and either 10,15 or 20 minutes long. The lessons  follow a textbook but sometimes there are free conversation topics. You need to do report cards every month and it’s unpaid. They only want native speakers from English speaking countries. They pay $14USD an hour.

Boktutors in South Korea is looking for native speakers with a university degree.

Global VCC in South Korea is apparently hiring. Must be a native speaker with bachelors degree. you can send your resume with a photo and Skype ID to:

Winglish is based in South Korea. Their website is difficult to navigate so I don’t know much about this company.

EnglishHunt is based in South Korea and pays $15USD per hour.  They train teachers and have American managers. They schedule the students and have their own teaching platform and curriculum. The amount of students fluctuates as contracts expire and renew.

English Aloud is based in South Korea, it looks like you have to make your own profile with this company. They do group and 1 to 1 classes.

CarrotEnglish is based in South Korea, it doesn’t have the best online reputation, but maybe a good option for those in South Korea or who want to teach Korean students.

Pagoda Talkool is a South Korean company, the pay starts at $9 an hour but there are opportunities for bonuses. English link.

Spicus is another South Korean company that pays $2 for each 10 minute session with some incentives.

Talk Bean  is based in South Korea. You can sign up to teach by yourself on their website, but there is an application process.

Storivers (now is looking for GYOPO (that is a new word for me… Korean-American, Korean-Canadian, etc) English teachers to give 1 to 1 classes. They prefer female teachers from the US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Filipino Companies

UNHoop teaches English to both Filipino and Japanese students. They offer training and some bonuses. They only pay 110PHP per hour.

Learntalk is based in the Philippines.  Learntalk has 3 different teacher categories: Language Tutors, Experienced Instructors, and Professional Teachers; with basic rates per 25-minute class of $2, $4.50, and $6.50 respectively They do hire non-native speakers.

Bizmates is based in the Philippines but they teach business English to Japanese students. Bizmates salary: they pay $3 – $4.60 per hour (140 – 220 PHP) up to $1200 per month. (Non native speakers welcome)

Skybel is a Filipino company that teaches Korean students. Skybel salary: Skybel pays $15 an hour (to native speakers). Their webpage is hard to navigate even with Google translator.

LingualBox is another company from the Philippines. Apparently it doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not, classes last 25 minutes. The LingualBox salary is unknown.

Bibo is based in the Philippines and (as of February 2015) is hiring. Bibo salary: Bibo pays $6 an hour ($1.40 – US$3 per 25 min lesson). Their website says you can earn up to $1500 per month. Click here for more comments and the Bibo reviews page.

English-Mania has offices in the US and the Philippines and they teach through Skype. I am not sure what they pay their teachers, but they charge students $10 for a 45 minute class.

Other Locations 

Synergy Language Consultants is based in South Africa and they are currently hiring.

Aloju Online Teaching Recruitment is based in South Africa. I believe that most of their students are in China. They are looking for teachers from around the world. They want teachers who have a TEFL certificate and are able to teach 15 hours per week.

HiTutor  is based in Taiwan. They teach many languages including Spanish and French. They want native speakers with 1 year of experience and a university degree.

Easy Talk is based in Taiwan. I cant find their website but this linked survey says they pay $12 -$14 per hour. More information about this company would be great.

Langland Language Institute is based in good old Uruguay. It looks to be a smaller company and they use Skype to teach a variety of classes.

EOstudy is an American company but most of the students are in Saudi Arabia. They would like native speakers with a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate. EOstudy salary: EOstudy pays between $12 and $15 per hour depending on experience.

Enkulu is a Vietnamese company. According to their website Enkulu pays $0.117 per minute or $7 per hour.

Topica is based in Vietnam. Could be a good option for those teaching in Vietnam. The salary is unknown. Their homepage is here.

EnglishLeap is based in India, I am not sure how much they pay.

I-rikai is based in New Delhi, India. It looks like Irikai is only looking for Indians or at least only people in India.

eTeacher Group or eTeacher English is based in Israel (I think). Besides English, they teach Hebrew, Yiddish and Mandarin.

TutorABC (iTutorGroup) is based in Taiwan. They offer individual and group classes. They have a rating system and a teacher can be penalized for having a bad rating. You must teach 15 sessions per week of 45 minutes or more. The pay usually starts at around $8 -$9 per 45 minutes but it depends on your location, some people are not paid as much because they live in other countries.  Click here for the comments and TutorABC reviews page.

SameSpeak is based in New Zealand, they pay $US10 for every 30mins taught.

AmBrits is a small international company, I didn’t find much information about it.

OnTopEnglish I didn’t find much info on this company but they charge students over $20 a lesson.

Kampus World offers business group and individual classes.

Salamzaban is a English teaching company based in Iran, at least I think it’s Iran as their website is in Persian.

English Talk based in Taiwan, not much info on their website besides charging 230NTD per hour.

On Top English I’m not sure where they are based, but they it looks like they target Latin America they charge students around $20 US per hour.

Turks Learn English is exactly what it sounds like. They only hire teachers that have experience living and working in Turkey.


Create-a-Profile Companies

There is another type of language teaching company, where teachers have to create a profile and attract students based on their profile, price and ratings:

Polly Lingual (Albania)


Langademy (USA)

Varsity Tutors (USA)

Linguaplex (writing) (in person or online)

ChatchatEnglish (China)

HiOffer (China)

ULessY (USA)

Yoli Chat (China)

S-Lessons (Japan)

Tandem (Germany)


Chegg (USA)

Palfish (China)

RealLang (South Korea)

Classo (South Korea)

LingoLoop (USA)


121elesson (China)

Globallingos (Australia)


Lang-land (Russia) Teachers pay a subscription to use the Lang-Land system and set their own prices.

First Tutors (UK)


Wyzant (USA)

Preply (USA, Ukraine, Russia) (click here for the review)

Fluentify (Italy)


italki (China)



CafeTalk (looking for teachers who have taught in Japan)

Myngle (Netherlands)


Learnissimo (France)

Lingueo (France)

Lingoda (Germany) Click here for the comments and review page.

Tutor Agent

FindaTutor (New Zealand)

FindMyFavouriteTeacher (many languages)

Mobil English (USA / Japan)

eTutor School

T-Pad (Russia)

Verbling (USA)


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914 thoughts on “List of Online English Teaching Companies

      1. Twosigmas provided the worst experience for me when applying through them for a role at 51Talk. Missed interviews, rude staff and poor grammar were just a few of the problems I had. I also know other online ESL tutors who faced the same problem – waste of time.

        1. Hello Barbara,

          I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience interviewing with our partner school 51Talk. Please email us at so we can help to resolve this issue for you.

          Kind Regards,
          Adelle (TwoSigmas)

          1. Hello Demmy,

            Once again I am sorry to hear you had a similar experience. Please email us at and we will work to resolve the issues you had.

            Kind Regards,

        2. I also had a scheduled interview that was missed by the interviewer. I also applied through Twosigmas. I sent the interviewer AND Twosigmas several messages, in attempt to reschedule my interview, and it never happened.

    1. ***ALO7 URGENT HIRING- STEADY TUTORING*** – We are in need of 600+ tutors (Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand)
      Hello! I’m Korina from ALO7. I work for the company as a recruiter/ mentor/ tutor. I do daily interviews and conduct mock classes of candidates. I also do tutoring for 1-1 and group classes. Pay is $15-$22 an hour (USD), depending on the number and type of classes you do in a given period. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab. We are unique as Alo7 is a digital curriculum developer/provider for over 5,000 partner schools in 200+ cities in China. We offer flexible and steady-type classes, easy operation and little prep time for our tutors (we have our own interactive courseware and curriculum). All students are from educational institutions. The classes are 25 minutes, and you get paid even if the students don’t show up. For any questions regarding our company, you can directly email me —- or message me on WeChat: korinacruz ———– We are very accommodating with our candidates. If you don’t do too well on your first mock class/need further mentoring, we provide feedback and let you do your mock class again. You can use my referral link: ————- ————– for $45 new tutor experience fee (you’ll receive this fee on your first payment cycle once you start teaching for us). ^-^

      1. Hi there, how about Moroccan English teachers? Are not they allowed t apply ?

        1. Probably due to the problem that most English as a second language teachers, who are not native English speakers, are unable to speak it themselves. Your sentence should have read: “Hi there, are Moroccan English teachers not allowed to apply?”. I’m thinking…no.

          1. Hey there !
            You’re getting very critical. And condescending.
            I would have corrected that sentence slightly, but I wouldn’t drop the opening question.
            I see all sorts of grammatical errors in text from native speakers.
            And I have met many English-as-second-language speakers who are much more understandable and/or speak better English – than some native-speakers.

      2. How about a Filipino English teacher who had experience teaching for 5 years and had work in the call center industry for 5 years as well. I was able to acquire an American Accent. Can you give me a shot?

        1. Hello Jay!

          I work for a great company that is hiring online English teachers if you are interested get back to me,

          1. Is your company still hiring? I am an experienced Elem. Teacher, first and second grades, and have taught for 24 years.

      3. Good day. I would like to find out whether a South African who has online English teaching Experience may apply ?

        1. I contacted Topica Native who are listed above and have a Skype interview with them this weekend. You need to try them and others.

      4. Hi Korina,

        I am extremely interested in an opportunity to partner with ALO7. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail.



      5. Hi Korina,

        I am a TESOL certified teacher with over 5 years experiences teaching English but I am from South America. Should I apply?


      6. I did my application and my auto video but I received an email said they were looking for other application. I ask what can I do re improve my auto video but no one got back to me.

      7. I am interested in teaching in ALO7. I am not a native english speaker and I don’t have Phd. I am not good at using skype and computer. But I have tefl certificate and I am very good looking. I am also fun to be with. So for sure I would be a better teacher than those with teaching experience.

        1. Robert forget about teaching and consider doing stand up comedy. You are so funny. DWL!

    2. Try DaDaABC, $15-25 an hour (includes bonuses you can make!). Easy interview process (you don’t get that with many companies) and curriclum and students given to you (0 prep).

  1. I’ve worked at Bibo for more than a year. The pay $6 an hour, but I’ve heard that they are paying less to new teachers now. Not a chance in hell of getting an increase in pay, ever! They have serious communication issues in the management, in turn the management are rude and uncaring towards their teachers. The focus is all about quantity, not quality. On the plus side the students are friendly and fun, making the low pay and terrible employee support bearable…just..

    1. I find most of my students are quite friendly too, but 6$ an hour, ouch! There are greener pastures my friend.

      1. I’m starting to look for those greener pastures now mikedveenstra. The problem is that Bibo is flushed with eager students, and your guaranteed a booking if you open lessons. Any recommendations for another company with a high booking rate?

    2. Why are you still there. There are a thousand school online that pay $20 an hour or more and you never leave your house! Try New Vision Learning Services. I have worked for them for over a year and love the company and my students. I make almost $30 per hour and teach about 30 classes per week. Its a great job.

        1. Nikki the majority of the online English teaching companies require a TEFL certification (also referenced as TESOL, TESL, CELTA, Trinity). A professional certification to teach English as a foreign language from an accredited TEFL school that has over 100 hours of course work and at least 6 hours of student teaching with non native English speakers. This will take 4 weeks full time or can be taken part time online for 3 months or a hybrid.

          There are lots of cheap companies that are not what the schools are requiring as a credential. Here’s an article on choosing a professional TEFL school:

      1. Hi where can I apply do you have any link and what documents do they ask for?

      2. T.C. – re: NVLS – Do they provide you with material or do you have to build your own presentation?

      3. Do they have the lessons ready or do you have to prepare the lesson?
        I see also that they want 8Gb ram mine is 2GB.

    3. For which? 51talk? They have different rates for their Regular and Premium…. depends on where you’re from. Kinda unfair but comes with the territory. I work for them too….but I work for the premium rate. I used o work for VIPkid. It paid better.

      1. How much is the premium rate?
        Can a non native Central European qualified (BA,MA, TEFL) English teacher get a premium rate?
        Thanks Susan

      2. Susan, I am looking to apply to a good company to start the process of teaching English online. I am a substitute teacher on summer break. What do you mean by regular and premium rates? Which company would you recommend I apply?

  2. Hello Mike, I tried in Bibo but they were very rude and insensitive. I am a teacher of English language, from Serbia. Can you recommend me some sites with decent salary but where they treat their teachers with respect? Thanks

  3. Cool, was my range of $16-$18 per hour still accurate? Thanks for commenting!

  4. I had an interview with English Dom recently and they told me that they only pay $10 USD per hour. Another Chinese site is Talk915 (ZTE). They pay £3 per 25 minute class / £6 for 50 minutes. EOstudy is a site that teaches Saudi Arabian students and they pay between $12-$15 USD per hour depending on experience.

  5. Thank you! you have compiled an unusually helpful list not often found on the web and peoples feedback is also extremely useful. I’m looking to go back to teaching and on the lookout for some of the better companies. experience:

    – I loved that it was teaching conversational English to European Business students- made a change from teaching Chinese and Taiwanese students with Tutorabc.
    If I remember correctly there was a trial class and once accepted you have to do a 3 day course with a demo class at the end. Pay was pretty good 11 euros for 45 mins and 15 euros for an hour.

    The cons: Took ages to build up classes to approx 10 hours per week, the big issue is that you need a landline and an international calling card (you pay for the local call as well as whatever the international calling card you choose charges per minute) I was not clear about this when I first started and was left with a £300 phone bill. In all fairness to them once I understood the deal and kept on track of my phone bill plus receipts for purchased phone cards I was reimbursed. (If I remember correctly you are reimbursed 100%) this may of changed – not sure.

    Overall- Learnship offer a better rate of pay than most companies but the hassle of buying phone cards (risky until you find a calling card you trust), uploading phone bills and documenting all receipts is a pain in the ass and leaves you vulnerable to loss in income. The interview process is long and tedious and pay goes into a bank account not paypal. Lastly.. you get sent a pack that allows you to use your phone as a headset and a telephone (when you decide to leave- I think you can return the pack or have a 100 euros deducted from your salary when you exit)

    * I worked for them back in 2013/14

    I’ve found a few more for your list (probably very new or very small companies)
    intexcel Australia

  6. I just did an interview with BiBo, and the contract says I can´t teach with other companies even 1 year after my contract finishes with them, otherwise I’d have to pay a 3,000 $ fee…I’m going to try another option…Besides 1.4 $ is too low for a native qualified teacher

    1. That’s the same reason I turned down their job offer. I value my freedom to choose.

    2. I am about to have my training on bibo but now that you tell me about the conditions to work with them I am seriously considering it. How will they charge you 3,000 for working on another companies?

  7. Working for TutorABC but through a middle man center in South Africa only found out TutorABC hires directly after signing my contract with the middleman, do you think TutorABC would accept my application if I apply directly?

    Also Thank you for this list. However I must say as an African people assume we do not speak English and has been difficult to get online jobs.

    1. Hello! I have an interview with Talk 915, any tips for the interview and mock class?
      Thank you!

  8. Its very help for poor English people. Your service is very nice. I appreciate your efforts. . .

    Krametinstitute | online spoken english

  9. Native English speakers…
    VIPKID (China)- failed interview lol.
    Eigox (Japan)- got job, gut feeling, didn’t take it. Took a good while to make a profile page though. $6?
    SkimaTalk(Waste)- make another profile page….gut feeling, no go. $?
    51FreeTalk(China)- Materials are downloaded books, kids 1-1, no lessons are planned for the teacher. $12…..Skype:ilovefreetalk
    Meisi Consulting (China)- $22hr or $32hr. Wechat based chat teaching, no webcam needed, low hours max out at 8 a week perhaps. Taught awhile though platform is prehistoric with no functionality for classroom management. They paid so here I am, a positive review:

    I may not be the brightest tool in the tool shed but I aim to work smarter. The higher paying jobs pay so for a reason. We are all different in temprament, style, experience, and skin tone. One of these which did not work for me, may work for you.

    1. Hi Teacher Game- So sorry you did not pass the interview with Vipkid BUT, If you would like another go at It I can set it up. I will also guide you thru the demo and parcticum stages to get you teaching asap. Email me at if you want to give it a go.

      Good Luck!

        1. I taught for 12 years, have enthusiasm out the wazooooo, technical all good, hit target sentences, tons of cool relative props, used repetition, and mega TPR, was offfered $20 an hour both times and then rejected twice in the mock 3 last stage. The mock staff gave contradicting advice both times. Unreal, very disappointed with VIPKID at this moment.

          1. I also was rejected. I didn’t like the interviewer. I got the idea that he was judging me negatively from almost the beginning. I asked him what he thought, and his answers of what I should have done were ridiculous. He said I should I brought fruit to the interview, to supplement the lesson. While that would make a great lesson, the fact that he wanted me already trained, instead of judging me on my competency and then training me their way, was very unfair and unwise. I’m sure they’ve lost some excellent prospects with this close-minded way of choosing employees. In contrast, the companies I was hired by are excellent and gave me directions during the interview to see if I could learn and make adjustments from them.

          2. Try ALO7. They are fabulous. The staff is all great and very helpful.

  10. Hello, I have applied for several companies, but no answer. What is the matter? I am not a native speaker,but I have master’s degree and Tesol certificate. Would you please tell me which company hire immediately.

    1. Nelly, my thought is that even if you have a master’s and a TESOL, not being a native speaker is pretty huge. I hope this is helpful for you: I’m sure you speak English beautifully, and I commend you for your hard work! That said, while I’m sure my own reply here may have typos, your reply caught my attention for the simple fact that I’m “hearing” you speak as I read your reply, and there are errors. While we all make errors, even in our native languages, you’ll make more errors in any second/third/etc. languages you speak. It’s just how it is for most people.

      Not sure if you’re from Asia or somewhere else, but think of your own native language, and the foreigners who try to learn it. Think of the best foreign speaker of your native language that you know. How well do they stack up against native speakers? How is their accent? Is your language tonal? How do they sound? Do they know common phrases and idioms? Do they sound natural when they use them? It is true that there native speakers in every country who speak poorly. That said, your chances of speaking better than a native speaker of any language are slim at best. Even if you speak another language for 20+ years, you will not be able to speak as well as the bulk of the population speaking that language natively.

      This may be the reason companies aren’t hiring you. I’d look for jobs where you can put all your language skills to work– like interpreting– which you probably do better than native speakers of English, since most teachers of English probably do not also speak your native language. Hope that helps.

  11. Hello there you if you are looking for a company that will hire you fast try Tutor ABC they have their own platform and the pay is good. Plus you can them teach demos and get great bonuses.

    1. TutorABC is not fast at all. I did five PC checks with them and finally passsed. Then I did a self introduction video, submitted a resume and credentials, did a mock class (which the recruiter said had gone really well), and finally they said they will let me know in 48 hours. I didn’t find out why I was turned down after four days of waiting. I have over ten years teaching ESL in the classroom, a Bachelor’s degree in English, and a TESOL certificate.

      Very disappointed with this group!

    1. hi,

      Thanx for your info.
      i do not have a degree and i have no TEFL experience.

      However, I’m a native English speaker born in the U.S. with sales and customer service training experience.
      I also completed a short video TEFL course and have a certificate from 2013.

      Is the no degree a deal breaker?

      thank you in advance for your input

  12. Hello, I am from Serbia. I have applied to Tutor ABC and my interview is over. It took place on March 10th this year. The recruiter told me that I will receive the reply within two days. Now, almost two weeks have passed, and I sent them an e-mail asking about my status and they haven’t replied me till now. I don’t have any certificate mentioned and also didn’t study English language, but the friend of mine who already works for them told me I don’t need to have that immediately. I could after some time at the beginning take TESOL or whatever it takes and that is it…did somebody have even similar experience and could help me with some advice, I would be thankful. Also, I need to know whether there is another of above mentioned companies that hire people without such certificates or something, cause I could apply only on their websites. Thank you in advance 🙂

  13. Guys. I just started working for Talk915. The true is, they are not very organized, but they are kind. On contrary, they don’t answer your questions immediately. Sometimes It takes 2 days, even on Skype 🙂

    They pay 3 GBP per 25m. But the thing I would like to know is: Is the payment regular? They said they pay in the middle of the following month. Is that true?

    1. Can you please tell us something about your interview?
      Any tips?
      Thank you.

  14. TOPICA Native (in Vietnam) is a good company to work for. They hire non-natives as well ( well, they say so on their website – “natives and Europeans”, but I heard they hire Philippine teachers as well and possibly teachers from other countries). The pay is good – around 10$/h which can rise to 15$ if you’re excellent teacher and do more than teaching for their company (like promos and workshops, etc.). Although it takes time to get promoted… However, they guarantee you 20h a month and if you are available all week they give you roughly 20h/a week (sometimes more). Some teachers complained that they get very little hours but it doesn’t happen very often unless your students don’t like you 🙂 or it’s TET holiday… Natives usually get more hours. Overall, there’s a chance of earning a decent salary at TOPICA.

    1. Hi Jurgita,

      I have just started working for Topica native. After my first week of classes they have asked me to fill out monthly paperwork before I get paid and scan and email all back to them before I get paid. Is this normal?
      Just seems like a lot of extra work when they have sent an email noting my classes taught which I confirmed was correct.
      Any help you could give would be helpful?


  15. Hi. I have been an ESL teacher for 9 years in total. I taught in English schools owned by Koreans, Japanese, and Russians. I’ve been teaching online for 2 years. I applied to 5 schools on the list above. Only 3 out of the 5 got back to me in a week’s time. Here’s my experience with talk915, Eigox, and fluentify.
    I will start from the worst application process. Fluentify is looking only for English native speakers and who have a background in Business English. They will ask you to record a video on and attach it to their online application. Here’s the confusing part. They want you to upload another video of your travels and experiences. But on the other video they want you to sound professional and use professional words. It was multiple emails back and forth all before getting an interview. So I politely “cease my application process” with them. It got too complicated and slow.
    About talk915. Their application process took too many “steps” for me to follow before an interview. As an applicant I prefer that the next step after I apply will be an interview as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste anytime to go through so many “steps” before an interview. And you’re not even sure if they will accept you. It’s a waste of my time.
    The best of the 3 as an applicant is Eigox. After a week I applied using their quick application, I got an email requesting an interview. So we set up an interview date and time. During the beginning of the interview, I was very nervous. But in the middle of the interview I managed to make the interviewer laugh because she seemed so serious even though I’m the one that was nervous (and sweating). There was a brief 10 minute demo (class demonstration) before the interview ended. All in all, the interview went pretty well. Eigox sent me a message about 2 hours ago stating I’ve been accepted. So, I will start next week. Yeah!!! This application was the fastest and easiest I’ve experienced.
    Does anyone know or can recommend other English online schools?
    I also currently work for Langland which is a language app for training and learning multiple languages. They are based in China. Their app is similar to Facebook and Messanger, but we the trainers get paid in US Dollars and we have funds in our “Wallet”(aka balance). We can transfer the funds in our balance anytime and sent to our individual PayPal accounts. I’ve been there since September. It’s one of those online schools where you have to set up a profile and “sell” your topics or lessons. You can have your own schedule and set your own rate.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Nathalie, I am also interested in working for app companies during my unscheduled hours. I would really love to hear more about your experiences with these ‘app companies’ … Would you be interested in starting a private conversation via Email? Mine is Robert.jk.finnegan@gmail. Thanks Nathalie, and I hope to hear from you.

      -Robbie F.

    2. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your experiences.
      Would you mind sharing what the pay is for Eigox?

  16. Well, I was just rejected by Enlai total education solutions. I have 9 years of teaching experience, a B.A Degree with English and Drama majors and have published 2 books. In addition, I studied part time towards an incomplete Masters Degree in Linguistics. I have a slight Durban, South African indian accent. I don’t know on what basis I was rejected but does anyone know of a company that I could teach from via Skype and who wouldnt mind my accent? Looking to earn pounds or top US dollar. Kindly assist. Thanks, Karen Moaes Trosky.

    1. Hi,
      I am South African with a South African accent and have been working for Learnlight (formerly ISUS) they are based in Spain. for more than 5 years. Great company to work for, great staff, starting salary – 8 Euros plus monthly performance bonus-All students are business professionals (students are global) and you teach mostly business English. Students and lessons are provided. You choose your own hours and there’s a lots of flexibility!

  17. Hi, I am the founder of a new provider of one-on-one online English lessons based in the Philippines called Learntalk ( which has its site translated into Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Russian, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Learntalk uses the Direct & Communicative approaches to teaching English, much the same as Berlitz, but without the price tag; lessons begin at around USD 3 per 25 minute session. All teachers are fluent and undergo a rigorous training program which includes 4 weeks of training by the British Council (3 hours per week while they are teaching). Learntalk pays their teachers around USD4 per hour, a premium to most online English schools in the Philippines. Please kindly add Learntalk to your list. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Mr. Luccini! Do you accept applicants who have been exposed with different nationals abroad and fluent in English but without formal teaching experience?

  18. Im a native speaker with a TEFL certification.
    I have been working fot TutorABC for 7 months now and I m fine with it but I just hate the fact that they deduct 6% or 18% of my paycheck.

    What I like about TutorAbc is that they automatically choose the students for you.
    Pretty much you can work anytime you wish without worrying that you won’t be booked.

    Is there another company out there that you can select your hours and student are provided for you?

    I hear of Lyngo, I sent them my resume and they sent me an availability form, I sent it back and I have heard nothing from them, yet 🙁

    1. Of course there are so many . And pay 10-12 $ an hour
      Try ALO7 OR Open English Excellent all lessons ready for you and you get paid even when the students don’t show up
      And sick leave

      1. OE has outsourced pay etc to LatinHire and there are no more sick days, but a slightly elevated hourly wage. International contractors are no longer paid by Paypal, but via Moneygram or possibly via a credit union account. A definite benefit that you’re paid whether there is a class to teach or not, though for the past few months, there seem to be fewer teachers online and, consequently more classes to teach. Scheduling can often be uneven-6 hours/day for three days, all evenings, the nothing and group classes can be large and riddled with technical issues. The students are often friendly, the lessons are decent and the company is vastly more professional than many others (though the pay is lower than a Chinese company like WowTalk-who are unprofessional and autocratic (18 CAD/hr). I prefer teaching the (adult) students, though,.

      1. Because you need to pay taxes to the taiwanese government (6% or more every month). Also, you need to pay the paypal fee or 35USD for bank transfers. They pay in USD, so if you use other currency, you also lose money there. I work with TutorABC.

        1. Thanks Dan. I’m confused. Why would an online ESL teacher living outside of Taiwan have to pay tax? Bescause that teacher will have to pay tax to their own home country as well. I mean that is where they are living and workin in. Certaintly, North Americans and Europeans will. Then the teacher has tp pay the PayPal fee. What’s the incentive to teaching English online with these companies? Seems these companies are the only partner making huge profits right off the poor ESL teacher.

          1. I agree with you. I don’t understand why we have to pay taxes if we don’t live in Taiwan. And the truth is that they only care about the money. They don’t care about ESL teachers. But I guess companies like this is a good place to start gaining experience in an online environment.

  19. Hi. Eigox has that scheduling feature. You can set your own days and times. My settings are set up for a student to book a lesson 2 hours prior to the current time. It’s great because you have time to prepare. I would rather have that instead of waiting in line for students. I also work for Langland, based in China. There you have to wait for students and 6 out of 10 times they will schedule a class in advance.

  20. You might want to add Cambly, out of Korea:

    Is anyone willing to share their comparative experiences on the “Create a Profile” sites such as VerbalPlanet (where I am now signed up), Verbling, Buddy School, Preply, and italki? I see that on VerbalPlanet, there are a huge number of English teachers who have never taught a single lesson (43 pages worth). I don’t want to wind up in that category, but how do you get noticed if you are new, I wonder?

  21. Le waijiao- $13 group lesson…not even sure you have to be a native speaker.
    QuquABC-$14 plus promises of bonuses if kids sign up for classes after demo lessons (extra $35 a kid or so)
    USTALK- (something like $14-15)- I did all the hoops then they wanted me to download a QQ program which I didn’t want. Didn’t feel any classes are actually being taught.

    Any native speakers out there that actively find these ads and apply and work for these companies? I can’t find any info about teachers working for these companies but their owners are big corporations. I guess I will have to see. I’ll keep you all posted.

    1. Hi there, I applied both for Ququ ABC (Kuku Speak) and Hello Kid (Nice talk), and I passed both interviews, demo classes, trainings, I got both contracts, now I can not decide which one to settle with. Please help, both are great companies.

      1. Hi Nana

        Wich one did you choose? can you help to get in touch with HR, I tried the website but I did not have any luck, thanks

    2. USTalk lowered the pay. As of a couple months ago new teachers in the Tier 3 range receive $7.50 per class.
      HALF PAY occurs FREQUENTLY, such as when students cancel within 24 hours, when technical issues (student or school side) cause class cancellation mid-way through class, and if the kid is a no-show.

      1. Hi Shever,

        UStalk actually increased the pay for Trial Teachers, which is $8-10 per class. Tier 3 is $8 and you also get 5$ conversion bonus.

    3. Le waijiao, scam, racist, unprofessional, amateurs, a bunch of 20 year old Chinese tech graduates who can’t speak English writing lessons and verbally abusing Western teachers. Stay away.

  22. Hello, I’m working for Hiknow English. Now Hiknow website is still all in Chinese, anyway please leave me a comment if you have any particular questions on Hiknow you’d like me to cover.

    1. i just apply and ready for interview can u held me with some tips how to go through the interview please

  23. I applied at Lyngo.

    I got back a form to fill in with a schedule in which I would like to work but then nobody got back in touch with me 🙁

  24. It’s a nice online tutoring list for teachers looking for jobs but still incomplete. Actually, most of these companies are finding native English teachers, but non-native teachers may have a disadvantage. Cause they may not be given a chance to teach in many platforms. As for create tutor profiles companies, how does those teachers find new students. I’ve tried some of them, but seemed difficult. New students hard to find.

  25. Hi everyone!
    I just found this and it’s been super useful!

    I was working for EduMe LatAm who unexpectedly shut down operations and fired everyone two weeks ago. Do you know of any companies who would hire tutors from Latin America, I’ve taken a quick look at your comments and it seems to me that not many schools hire non native speakers who don’t have a Pay Pal account.

    Am I right? If so, any advice?

    Thanks 🙂

  26. There is a new one called Pratify. You just need to be a native speaker to qualify as a tutor and they have +10 languages. They pay $10.20 per hour. They use their own system so no skype etc. There is also a mobile app of it so it easily accessible and you can select your working hours so you won’t get calls in the middle of the night. Currently there aren’t much students signed up but apparently they are about to put out some adverts and expecting a lot of students soon.

  27. Aceish Edu/ Brigle Edu

    North American accent primarily, 1 year online teaching experience, Living in Asia, Mainly weekend daytime hours

    Pay between $12-15-20 I suppose depending on the type of course (ie IELTS , group lessons).

    1st paycheck after 6 weeks, then monthly through Paypal, no contract just a charismatic Western director. Average 6-8 hours a week, with the majority on the weekend–Young Learners attending a small language center on weekends.

    This is a positive review. In fact I think it may be better for the teacher if they don’t live in Asia as they won’t sacrifice peak earning times. Be sure to be entertaining. Be inclined to entertainment more than anything else. If you need materials they can be supplied. Don’t forget entertainment.

  28. There is quite a bit negative feeback on 51talk all over the internet, even if it seems one of the most stable. They seem also to want all your time and dont want you working for others. This can be easily done by giving you classes at all peak times, then you cant work for others. And why does there need to be multiple companies directing applicants to them?

  29. 51talk pays $7 per 25 minute class. You control your own schedule. You can work anytime from 6 AM to 12 AM. (This is natives, of course. Filipinas make around 68 PHP per class, after leveling up.)
    I made 80-120k PHP per month on average. Sometimes more. Depends on how often you work.

    ABC360 pays a basic salary of $1100 for full time tutors. 900? for part time. There are incentives, for booking % and student comment rates, etc.. (If you have many years of experience you can receive higher salary)

    Recently, I stumbled across “BOXFiSH” – iPhone/iPad teaching, 25 minute lessons… $20 USD per hour. I have applied and I will see what this entails…

    1. Thanks for all this info.
      In reference to the ABC360 full time salary of 1100usd, do you know how many hours that is per week?
      I will try Boxfish too 🙂

    2. Awesome comment! So you only work for 51talk and ABC360? how do you split the hours?

  30. I have been teaching for 20 years and have a teaching credential (Multiple Subject) from California. Definitely a native speaker. I have taught in person ESL classes to both adults and kids. I do not hold any TESOL certifications. I am considering taking the the TESOL online course from Intesol which is based in England. Here is their website. i There prices seem really good. They offer 100 to 220 hour courses. Has anyone been certified from this company. If so, what did you think of it? How many course hours do you actually need to have once you get out there online? Can anyone else recommend any good TESOL online courses. Thanks so much!

  31. Nicetalk is arguably the best out of all of these – if you can make it past the 1min video introduction. This is coming from a Serb who doesn’t want to work for the pittance that is 1.40$/25min on Bibo. Would not recommend Bibo AT ALL!

    I’ve been working with them for about 4 months now, and the pay is regular, they even pay the PayPal fees themselves.
    Android app is a bit iffy but it works just fine most of the time, since the servers are in china there’s a latency issue from time to time if you have 1-2mbps upload (works fine on a 10/5 network just fine, tested it at a friends’ house), and the kids are regulars, they leave reviews and you don’t really have a strict lesson to follow, it really is just:

    1) Put up your pictures/descriptions
    2) Set yourself as online in the app
    3) Wait for someone to call, put headset in, and then talk

    If the call lasts 20mins, you get paid 3.33$, if it lasts 1min, you get paid like 20 cents or something, point is – you get paid, and they cash out as soon as you’re above $20.
    If you are a Serbian (or Croatian, Bosnian, anything really) like me and looking for some work on the side, and have a decent smartphone with a 1.3mpx camera, a headset, and a good UK/USA accent – you can make a decent living. I made about $160 during March (alltime record for me since I don’t dabble in the app that much), and half of it was just talking about what I had for dinner, what the country I’m in is like, etc.
    They even have a referal thing going on where if you sign up with a ref, and get accepted, you get $10 starting so in just an hour of tutoring you can cash out $20 basically, if anyone wants to use it while signing up, here it is: HR39KQ86


  32. I work for VIPkid and it’s great. I earn exactly 20$ an hour (which includes the bonus rate) The company is always offering other incentives and there is virtually no lesson planning or preparation. I am on Eastern Standard time so the hours are kind of tough since I am balancing my B&M high school ESL teaching job as well. But I would recommend VIPkid to anyone who likes working with children K-5.

  33. Hi everyone!

    Okay first of all, this is an amazing resource! Thank you so much! 🙂

    Just to provide more information to everyone… I basically applied for about 20 companies from this list and other places I found (ESL job boards and upwork etc). FYI, I’m a native English speaker, have a TEFL (120-hour online) and have had experience teaching in-class and online (I used to work for Englishtown/English Live) From the companies I’ve heard back from this is the info I have:

    VIP Kid rejected me straight away – I’m pretty sure they only want N. American accented teachers (which is ridiculous, but that’s an argument for another day).

    I got an interview with Bugoo, I had to do an 8 minute demo class with a woman who acted like a child in their classroom platform that I had no access to before. They rejected me after this because I think I wasn’t ‘fun’ enough.

    Enlaiedu don’t seem to be accepting online teachers at the moment.

    I had an ‘interview’ with a recruiter at Boxfish… who then referred me to book a demo class through the Chinese website. I’m pretty sure it’s legit and one person just said it’s a scam and now everyone is freaking out. (FYI most apps you download these days pretty much have access to your entire phone… remember when everyone freaked out about the Facebook messenger app?). I think they’ve just hired westerners to do the recruiting to make it easier (and I guess the recruiters get commission for every successful teacher). I’m waiting to hear back from the Chinese side about arranging my demo.

    I’ve been offered a position with Kukuspeak (after an interview and 2 demo classes), I just need to upgrade my internet because it’s not good enough at the moment. Everyone I have spoken with there seems really nice and professional. Their pay is $12/hour pro rata. I think kids 25 minute classes are most common, so they want you to be ‘fun’ and interactive. I think their peak times are 6-10pm weekdays, and day time Sat and Sun (China time).

    Hope this helps!

    p.s. I’m also thinking about just completely doing it myself (i.e. setting up my own website and marketing it heavily). If anyone else is thinking like that please comment because I’d love to discuss ideas.

    1. Hi Rose,
      Please, what are the payment methods used by English Town Live EF?

  34. I’m currently in the process of completing a demonstration lesson with USTalk (I was recruited through a company called learnerlane) and also got an e-mail for an interview with Enlai. I cannot seem to find much about these companies online and they aren’t discussed much here. I’m a bit worried because they both do direct transfers, whereas I feel much safe using paypal. Does anyone have experience with these companies and are direct transfers typical?

    I’m actually new to the TEFL world. I’m a native speaker with a BA and a TEFL certificate, but my actual experience is nil. I’m currently living in Serbia and was hoping to find a live job; I’ve gotten some e-mails back from Belgrade schools that seem interested, but when I respond they quit speaking to me. Since there are a lot of Serbs on here… is that typical? Are they queuing me for an interview or are they just testing the waters?

  35. Enlai Education Solutions corrected info according to their email:
    we pay a salary of 12 USD ($) for every hour taught by you online. There are 2 lessons per hour each one lasting 25 minutes. You will be paid exclusively by transfer to your bank account, so you will need a bank account to be employed. If you need to pay tax on your incoming funds you should prove that you have paid the tax and Enlai will reimburse you in your next month’s salary. All teachers are paid on the 15 of each month for the previous month’s work.

  36. Rose, is a small organization and the recruiter/ hiring person is also an actual teacher/business owner. If you have the skills , I am sure you will get a response in time. It is only that he is busy working. I also tried to do this on my own and it was more of a pain in the neck than anything else. Most of those are selling products for teachers to start their own businesses. I know, I pay for some and I use them for private students but running a business just isn’t worth it for me.

    I’m not a recruiter although it might seem that I am. I’ve answered most of those questions above. The teacher who hires you upon seeing you can actually teach is just gonna give you classes. Yes, you will actually start teaching like any place in the normal world (Westernized/Western management). You will teach 1 free demo (25 m) for every student. If they sign up, which they usually do, you will have a permanent student. They have a sales staff I am sure, they are selling you(using the Chinese language) I am sure. Also the materials used are decent. You will also use other books that all Chinese schools use too. Just show up on time, teach and be helpful as you normally would be. Pay is like $10-$11 an hour and goes up when students sign up for a second or third course. That might not be worth it for you but most reliable places seem to pay this for native experienced teachers. You can work as little or as much as you want. Weekend time does not seem to offer hours in my opinion with this school. 6pm-10pm Chinese time is peak time for all China. Most of their students are in China but not all.

  37. Update for Enlai Education Solutions: Pay starts at $12 USD per hour (not $21-$23 as previously reported), and that is for a certified teacher with 3-5+ years of experience. Teachers will mostly do one-to-one lessons with kindergarten students.

  38. Update for Best Teacher (Japan) – pay is terrible! Do not waste your time!!!
    Once you pass their initial grammar and correction test, this is what you’re offered that you must agree to before you can proceed to a live interview:

    – 10 Japanese yen per a reply in the Writing lesson room (that’s $0.10 USD….yep, 10 cents!)
    – 10 Japanese yen per a turn of Voice Recording
    – 340 Japanese yen per a 25-minute Skype Lesson (only $3.29 USD)
    – 10 Japanese yen per a Skype Lesson offer (up to the first five arrivals)
    – 35 Japanese yen per a turn of Correction (only applies to selected teachers) ($0.34 USD)

  39. A friend of mine works for DaDaABC. She’s a non-native with a pretty thick Russian accent and a poor command of the language. They pay 120 RMB per hour, 25 hour classes. They turned me down for a ridiculous reason. I said I like teaching kids but prefer adults. Would’ve never thought such an unimportant detail would be significant. I have 2 years of experience working in China, speak perfect English with no foreign accent, but they would rather hire someone who doesn’t even speak proper English but “prefers kids to adults”, typical. Chinese company hence no common sense. One of the reason I was going mad in that country. So tell them what they want to hear. Thought I would be better off, but it turns out that would’ve been a good deal, given how much the pay may vary.

    1. @Julie – my sister works for DadaABC and we are South African. I applied and they say they are not interested in South Africans. Really???? but she is South African as well. I agree. Even if you hate teaching kids, just tell them whatever they want to hear. Just say I LOVE teaching kids!!!

  40. Lucy Geng
    Meten Online ( 美联在线VIP )
    STAY AWAY from these people, complete scam, arrogant, rude and the usual little rich Chinese girl that opens a school to hide her dads money that he stole. I’ve been an teacher and online teach er for 12 years, I’ve worked in many countries and if I find more scam I’ll post them here.
    Mike, great job with the page so far, keep it up.

    1. Hi
      Im new to online teaching.I noticed you have veen through the mill so to speak lol.Kindly point me in the right direction of who the better online teaching companies are and thank you for your advise greatly appreciated


    TopOnlineTeachers is China’s leading company in online English language teaching. ( Former Name: 51FreeTalk)

    We are looking for enthusiastic and committed part-time English teachers from native English speaking countries, between the ages of 22-45 to join us. The teachers just will teach the students in front of their computers at their own home.

    The students range in age from 6-18 years old. The curriculum is already completely established. So once familiar with the system, teachers don’t need to worry about lesson planning.

    Working Time: Up to your available calendar and students’ needs (4 PM-10 PM Beijing time) Monday to Sunday. Teachers must be flexible to accommodate the needs of our students.

    1. 12-15 USD per hour
    2. Monthly pocket money
    3. Convenient teaching place
    4. Highly efficient working time
    5. Spending holidays with your family
    6. Strong teaching plan/support
    7. Long term job

    The ideal candidate will:
    – be enthusiastic to teach students
    – have good IT and communication skills
    – be professional and accountable, must be VERY RELIABLE
    – have excellent/neutral English accent

    The responsibilities will include:
    – prepare classes with lesson plans provided
    – give online interactive classes
    – give feedback on students’ performance in class
    – correct students’ homework

    If you are native speakers or freelance foreign students, and think you are fully qualified, please sincerely send us your resume in confidence.

    GM: Andy Skype:ilovefreetalk

    1. Hi Korina….I am currently working for a large online teaching company,however their rate of pay is very low.I would love to explore your company, if you re still hiring.
      Kind regards

  42. Hi There

    I have recently completed my 150 hrs TEFL course through Global TEFL and is looking forward to start teaching either online or relocate.
    Can you send me any referrals please.

  43. Hello !
    Enlai Education Solutions – is NOT an online school. They are a headhunting company for teachers and find online schools that fit each teacher’s qualifications. Where you will end up is a mistery as are the wages.

  44. Such a great list. Humble advice: you could create a South Korean and The Philippines subtitle from the “other locations”
    BTW I’m a non native european (without heavy accent, C1-C2 level) polyglot fluent in 4 languages with a Masters in Music and Education, TEFL Certified and with some experience teaching English in Chile and China.
    Any other hints for non natives?!
    Update for non natives:
    Nicetalk & Nicetalk Tutor: applied but haven’t got accepted.
    Palfish: just started it…looks interesting but you won’t get rich.
    Didn’t try the Philipino companies because they have a really low payment rate overall…comparing with other companies. On the other hand probably most of non native English Teachers/Speakers would be able to get a job.
    TutorABC: applied in February this year (they offerd me a base rate of around 6$…I’m from Hungary) but the staff is overworked and replies with delays plus their platform is overly complicated and sometimes just doesn’t work. I read a lot of comments above about their current rates being lowered. Dunno anything about that.
    Learnlight: applied for Conversation Position…currently are not hiring, but will consider my application for the future.
    Lyngo: slightly similar response as from Learnlight.
    Enlai Total Edu: similar response as above.
    Meisi Consulting hires natives.
    EnglishonlineTV: waiting for response.
    Inglesissimo: for some reason I couldn’t manage to apply.
    Fastschool (not listed here). I found it on Dave ESL. It’s based in Beijing. They pay 40-120 USD (yes…I was shocked too) for one hour group lesson/talk show. Waiting for their response.
    BestTeacher: passed their test…soon we’ll have a Skype interview and a trial lesson. Fast and prompt reply, organized and strict (makes sense considering that is a Japanese company). Their standard pay rate was mentioned in previous comments.
    Amy, I couldn’t find 98 Kid and Facetalk.

    1. Thanks for the info! Yeah the “Other” section is getting quite big I will have to change it. Fastschool sounds amazing but too good too be true. As far as hints for non-natives…. lie? 😉

      1. I just had an interview with 98 Kid this morning.
        They have fixed hours and once you commit to your timetable you are not to change it.
        The interview was ok, nice girl interviewing me. I got a task to teach a 6 years old girl with no english words such as: “elephant” and “monkey”.
        Unfortunately their pay is not competitive: $10-$20. I asked for twenty and I was told it was impossible. So I turned it down. I think $15 is the max they would offer but I was aiming for $20+.
        Contact: Nikita

    2. Hi Ady! how are you? do you have any new information on “fastschool” is it to good to be true? Are you curretly working with an online school ? which one do you recommend 🙂

      1. Hi Carol!

        I just worked briefly with palfish, haven’t finalized the hiring process with TutorABC (this was more then a year ago) and BestTeacher (a few months ago).
        Currently I’m “sattled” (not travelling) so the hunt begins again…
        Good luck

        1. Hi carol.

          Stay away from TutorABC – I was with them for 15 months, they are uncommunicative, their rates are not great.

          There are better companies out there.

  45. I had an interview with 98kid, although the pay is better, the company is just starting. They claimed to be a subsidiary of VIPtalk (not sure). Anyway, the HR was so nice and humorous. Here are some facts to consider: as per conversation, the company has 2 HR personnel, the same people conducts the training, team leads, operations/technical support and probably do finance as well. Its a booking system,

    1. Hello Ice,
      Did you ever work for 98KID? If so, was it/is it a good experience. I cannot find anything bad about them on the internet. Thanks for any info you can pass on. Patasalada

  46. I would like to know about some potential online schools where I can teach English, English is the official language in my country… Jamaica. However we are still regarded as non-native speakers even though our education system is in English and English is taught as a first language in schools. I just think that’s ridiculous. Anyhow I’m currently teaching for TutorABC but would like to explore other options as bookings are not always guaranteed. Especially since they lowered the base rate lately so persons who have been getting $6/45 minutes are now placed on a “reserved” list and the $2/45 minutes consultants are giving first preference in order to save the company money. Please help! Awaiting your comments

    1. I was also working for BIBO but $1.4/ 25 minutes is just a waste of your energy~

  47. Careful regarding “eHailuo”. I lived in China for ten years and know all about the training business. eHailuo is a perfect example for potential trouble.

    After a successful interview for half an hour, they want you to do 3 free demos classes so they can critique your training. After that they want you to create
    an introduction video. They stated it would take two to three weeks before your would get any students.

    But, here’s the twist. In the teacher’s agreement, they will hold the first 20 hours that you teach as a backup in case you quit suddenly. They have stated
    if you give 30 days notice you will get the hours that they held. But, based on my knowledge working as a GM in a mid sized Chinese company, you’ll
    never see that money again because the Chinese don’t like to payout funds once they have held it for a period of time. This is based on my own experience
    living and working in Shanghai over a decade.

    You need to be careful about the Chinese company you apply for work. These companies can put you through useless training and in the end tell you that they
    don’t have any students for you.

    Another situation you need to be careful about is that all of these companies record your demo classes and put it online for the companies benefit, even
    if you are not hired by them and you can’t do anything about it.

    So, although you may have plenty of experience like myself, they still want you to do the training which in my opinion is useless and a waste of time. I have my
    own students as well and have been teaching them for four to five years consistently. But these companies don’t care because they have their own way which
    in the end is the same way that everyone else teaches!

    I will update this post as I am seeking other work through some of the listed companies.

    1. Haha, yeah I applied for them and interviewed. I got the materials and while colorful and image rich, the content was strange. They wanted me to teach a Chinese businessman how to pick up a girl at a bar using Australian slang? How could I teach slang I don’t even use? So, there method which they seem to worship seemed very antiquated. I used my gut feeling and didn’t continue. I can’t image teaching someone slang who can’t even speak English. There is a general superiority complex by Chinese companies including this one where there is a , “you should be so happy to teach a Chinese ” . I’m beyond that now and I have no doubt China will surpass USA very soon. If I was a native Chinese speaker, I probably could teach Chinese all day. As a native speaker, the majority of us are accepting that we can’t, at least solely online.

  48. HiTutor,SCAMMERS!I had an interview,Jill-so called manager didn’t show her face.This company is really shady.I’m sure they’re scammers.

    1. Hi Andeng! Do they hire non-natives (BA in English, TESOL and TEYL cert., 1 year of online teaching exp)?

    2. I’ve lived in Taiwan, and have long known about HiTutor. It’s pretty much a run-of-the-mill Taiwanese ESL firm. Expect a lot of runaround and shady business tactics.

      Their website’s content contains wonky English, which I determined once I scraped their website back in 2013.

      It’s best to avoid them at all costs.

  49. After reading many comments on here, i would like to enter my experiences as well:

    I have worked for Bibo for a while. That was more because i was too lazy to look for something else, and i wanted the experience.
    Now Bibo is the worst employer in the world. Not only is the base rate extremely low, but the staff is horrible, and they treat their teachers as slaves.
    Which you basically are.
    Positive points are that they always pay on time, and i always had a 100% booking rate. But at that price…
    I would never advise anyone to work for Bibo.
    Recommend -10/10

    I applied and got hired by CENA academy as well. And after i got hired… i literally never heard from them again. No answers to my emails etc. So pretty sh***y company if you ask me… not that anyone is! Recommend 0/10

    I currently work for a couple of companies.

    One of them is Ecommunications. Which in essence is a great company. High pay (16-20 for 50 mins.) but low booking rate.
    The staff is extremely helpful, kind and always ready to give you advice, and help you with anything you want, besides always being prepared to have some small talk as well. They always pay on time.
    Negative point that i have, is that they keep hiring new teachers, but the student base is extremely low.
    Would recommend 7/10

    Blazaar i have been working for for a while. The company is new, but very fun to work for. Staff is extremely nice, feels like a family. Students are so much fun and very kind and nice. You set your own rate (mine is 14 u.s.) and i get booked quite regularly. It is not a homerun yet, but i for some reason feel very good about them. Blazaar i will definitely work for a long time. They pay on time. Negative point… can’t really think of any, because they are so young and already have quite the student base. Would recommend 10/10

    I currently applied to iTalki as well. I hear good things about them. So i will update whenever i can.

    1. Hey Andy, thanks for the reminders. When I was in China, a friend told me his resume, cover letter and picture was put on line for absolutely no reason other then he had left the place.. Perhaps it was some sort of revenge? How did iTalki go?

      1. BE careful with Chinese companies, they will ask for everything you have: passport, resume, transcripts, copy of degree, etc. but you may not hear from them again then they will market their company with your certificates and they hire a local at a much lower rate while students and parents believe the teacher is the one with all of your certificates.

  50. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed part-time English teachers from native English speaking countries, between the ages of 25-45 to join us. The teachers just will teach the students in front of their computers at their own home.

    The students range in age from 6-18 years old. The curriculum is already completely established. So once familiar with the system, teachers don’t need to worry about lesson planning.

    Working Time: Up to your available calendar and students’ needs (4pm-10pm China time) Monday to Sunday. Teachers must be flexible to accommodate the needs of our students.

    1. Rate: $12 per hour
    2. Monthly pocket money
    3. Convenient teaching place
    4. Highly efficient working time
    5. Spending holidays with your family
    6. Strong teaching plan/support

    The ideal candidate will:
    – be enthusiastic to teach students
    – have good IT and communication skills
    – be professional and accountable, must be VERY RELIABLE
    – have excellent/neutral English accent

    The responsibilities will include:
    -prepare classes with lesson plans provided
    -give online interactive classes
    -give feedback on students’ performance in class
    -correct students’ homework

    If you are native speakers or freelance foreign students, and think you are fully qualified, please sincerely send us your resume in confidence.

    1. What is the deal with not hiring people over 45? I am 62, with a perfectly sound mind and plenty of teaching experience. If you were legit (which according to others here you are not) I would have a real problem with you.

      1. Myself and several others have asked this question on here as well. No reply! I even sent them an e-mail and again, no reply. This in itself puts me off the company but there are also other negative comments about them on here, anyway.

  51. Hello wellerman,

    I’ve had a great booking rate with VIPKID, which is a Chinese company for children. I usually set about 20-25 hours per week of availability because I’m working for another on-line company as well. My schedule is full every week and after bonuses I make $20 per hour and the lessons are prepared for all teachers. As another teacher said, they also provide other incentives such as on-line training. I would definitely recommend this school. You just have to be cognizant of cancellations with them because they are strict even if you have a few instances of technical problems.
    If you are a native English speaker with a North American accent, you can apply here:

    1. I believe so. I worked there but I had one and so did all my friends who applied and got it. Alsos, they like certain degrees and experience with teaching.

  52. I work for iTutor ABC also and am at the 3 month time now. I am having trouble finding info on getting certified. Did you take a TESOL class through them? I want the least amount of hours/class for certification for lowest price so I can keep working for them.

    1. I don’t have TEFL (have masters in English tough, but didn’t upload any certificate yet). My probation was over long ago and they don’t ask for anything. They just need tutors, so it actually doesn’t matter…

  53. I’ve been with VIPKID for about a year and I totally dig working for them. Ask yourself honestly these questions before applying to this, or any other company for that matter. Are you okay with the company not being perfect? Because it’s not going to be. Are you able to be patient and differentiate between growing pains and dishonesty? The company is not here to rip you off, but sometimes mistakes can and will occur. Communicate (nicely) and give them a chance to rectify it. Do they have some protocols you won’t agree with? Probably, but do your part and read the contract before signing it and carefully consider the what if’s beforehand. Are you the kind of person who thinks you deserve to be paid more than your actually worth? If your only credential is that you just so happen to be a native English speaker who may or may not of taken some overpriced TEFL course and therefore find $10 A HALF HOUR lowly, well by all means go ahead and go out there and see if you can do better. I’m willing to bet you can’t. If you are an actual certified teacher then go and get a job at an actual online school. These are private language companies, not bonafide schools.
    This company is great. If you are they type who gets irked by every little nuisance or imperfection, then you will have a problem not just here but everywhere. But if your willing to just show up on time (out of your home I might reiterate) , do the easy job (everything is planned out for you) and sit back and wait for your check to be deposited and not sweat the small stuff, it’s a pretty fantastic gig for supplemental income. They are very fair with pay, bonuses and incentives. I tech full time at a live school and do this on the side and it nets me between an extra $800 – $1400 a month depending on how much you want to work. Plus I spent the summer traveling and had this job to provide extra income while doing so.
    It may take some people a few months to start filling up their schedules, but once you get there your golden!

    1. Hey Can I Pm you and ask you some questions about the company you wokr for?
      I am American working for EnglishTown out of the Bali center in Indonesia. I have been working here for about 4 years and looking onto other options. My email is

  54. Juna J though I am happy for you and continue to wish you great success with Vipkid, i really had to say something based on your post. I do agree with some things you mentioned as there are things that need to be questioned before applying to any company and of course if you choose to enter… Enter on a positive note. What struck a cord with me is that your comments seems very judgemental which is sad but ok. It seemed you were even insinuating that persons did not approach them nicely with whatever issue they had. Each individual has had a different experience for a multitude of reasons and I don’t think it is fair that in the defense of the school you are currently earning feom and enjoying you should be insinuating anything negative on the part of others who had bad experiences. Sure, you can give suggestions or advice but not in a judgemental way or it might come across as if you are trying to market for them and as a result disbelievable. This just my opinion anyway. I really do hope nothing goes wrong with you and them because it would really be unfortunate. Speaking as the person who had a problem with them and also initially the first who started out praising them too in this group. Goodluck to you all. All love here and honesty.

  55. It takes more than a month before you start working for Best Teacher and you will not be allowed to work for other online companies for teaching English. The application process is long and the pay is not much.

    Teaching for Best Teacher means that you log into their website, you will exchange 10 messages with a student (or 10 messages in total – I don’t remember the detail). Then, the messages are corrected by teachers (most probably not by you because they select teachers for that specific room), and then recorded by other teachers (again selected by the company). After that, the student may choose to practise the conversation with you via Skype. You will practise the same lines from the written conversation. The teacher has to explain why certain words or expressions were not suitable (something that the student has written) and/or specific grammar points.

    Also, once you send them your video introduction during the application process, they will upload it on YouTube, even though you are not officially working for them. And they will also upload your written introduction on their website.

    I got up to the training process. I applied through their website, then I got an e-mail. I did their test (according to the results, they will decide whether you can correct students’ mistakes and if your English knowledge is good enough for that specific room they have). I spent a lot of my time on that test.

    Then, you will receive an e-mail for the interview. They will ask you to record yourself reading a short line right on the spot during the interview.

    I remember they put me in their writing room and teaching on Skype. I was not allowed to correct or record messages. But this is up to them. You have no control even if your English is good enough and your grammar is good as well. The pay is not worth your time. This is my opinion. So many things to do. Even if you open hours in your schedule, remember that you will compete with other teachers in your country (time zone is a key factor). They have teachers from Eastern Europe, so it means you will compete with them. You may open hours, but it doesn’t mean they will be booked for a Skype lesson.

    I hope this comment will give you the big picture of what it is like to work for Best Teacher. I applied in the beginning of February 2015 and the training was in mid March. It takes time. I had an appointment for the training. I sent them an e-mail before the day of the training to cancel it, but at that time they had a problem with their e-mail account and they couldn’t receive e-mails. They didn’t receive mine and later I received a rejection because I didn’t show up for training.


  57. I already had an interview with vicky, and im preparing for the demo class now.

  58. Shirley, you and Andy are not serious about recruiting teachers. You just waste people’s time. You ignore messages on Skype, fail to respond to emails so please get real.

  59. From the comments I’ve seen from Talk 51 ‘teachers’ on various websites, you don’t even have to be fluent in English 🙂

  60. I didn’t get that, but only having an MA TESOL, Dip TESOL and Cert TESOL I was underqualified, apparently

  61. Having done online tutoring for 5 years and offline for 10 yrs., I’ve nearly run the gamut of the online agencies/companies that originate in Asia.

    With the exception of the Japanese companies which are typically run very efficiently, the majority of the other Asian countries’ agencies
    are either horribly mismanaged and dysfunctional, and/or have surly staff members who are very rude and flippant (usually the Chinese ones).

    I won’t go through them all as there are too many to list here, plus many of them have already been mentioned in this thread, but the most recent ones I’ve come across
    that possess the aforementioned problems are: Meiguosishu, Hugo Education, and Classup. Stay away from these places if you have any set of standards, ethics, and you
    value your time. Unbelievably dysfunctional and disorganized to put it mildly. They try to establish themselves and learn the ropes of running an effective company AT YOUR EXPENSE!

    You’ll spend more time emailing back and forth these amateurs trying to sort out continuous issues and problems, then you will spend actually teaching students. It’s just not worth all of the stress and headaches you’ll encounter – believe me! Go for a company that’s well and truly established, knows what they’re doing, and haven’t just woken up one morning and thought: “Hey, I think I’ll start an online English teaching company today…….let’s see how it goes and we’ll go from there……” (roll eyes)

    1. Hi Angie,

      Thanks for the info, it’s very helpful. Are there any companies that you WOULD recommend? I have been working for TutorABC for over a year and have found them to be reasonably efficient, but I’m looking to increase my on-line hours and would like to try a new company. I am a British Native with a CELTA and lots of experience, but no degree. Any suggestions??

      1. Keep TutorABC, the company has the strongest pipeline of ESL students in Asia. Try Learnlight, 51Talk, SkimaTalk which all pay more than Tutorabc, but have less students.

      2. To Karen and Jane below……

        Try any of the Japanese companies, as they are typically more strict, thus indicating their standards and higher criteria. The biggest problem I’ve found regarding teaching adults, (which I prefer over kids) is that adults are way more inconsistent. They come and go like the wind, whereas kids are more regular because their parents want them to learn the language, so they’re willing to pay for the kid’s education. Adults don’t have the same regularity as the kids I’ve personally found. I’m even now leaning more toward teaching the kids due to the increased consistency.

        Now, here’s the rub………, most (not all) of the kids come from the Chinese companies, which will provide more headaches than the more efficiently run Japanese companies that have more adults. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. Not all Chinese agencies are like this, so I must point that out – just most are IMHO.

        Also, another downside with all of the companies it seems, is that they just hire FAR too many tutors to meet the demand of the students. They just keep hiring incessantly, which simply lowers your chance of getting fully booked schedules. This is UNLESS you’ve been with the company for a long time where you can build up your reputation for repeat students.

        Yes Jane, a TEFL or Celta will definitely help, but to my surprise they rarely ask to see it. But don’t take the chance of saying you have one if you don’t, in case Murphy’s Law sets in. I’ve never been ‘questioned’ per se, but of course they’ll look for that on your CV. I think your degree and lengthy experience will greatly help indeed, where ‘possibly’ a company may overlook not having a TEFL.

        I’ve been living here in Asia for 15 years, and one thing that ALWAYS sticks out here is – IMAGE. Therefore, that along with a wonderful engaging and bubbly personality can at times supersede any experience. Not always of course, but my point is that they place a HUGE emphasis on your looks, presentation, and charisma, and many times over your experience. Good for you if your CV is thin, but not really good for the students if you’re called to task with minimal experience and skills.

        Another thing to look out for which is a good way to gauge the professionalism and standards of the company, is observe how they conduct the interview.
        I’ve found the assembly-line type schools that hire en masse, (and even the smaller ones too) don’t ask you the type of in-depth questions we are typically used to hearing in the west.

        They may ask you basic stuff, but I’ve found that many of them don’t even really look at your CV, because they’ve asked me questions that are right there in front of them! Plus, they’ll tell you more about themselves, more so than wanting to know about you. Great for the interviewee, as you just sit there listening to them ramble. However, when they don’t ask many tough questions that we’re used to in the west, I feel this reflects their lack experience.
        Nobody likes a tough interviewer, but let’s be honest, the tough ones are usually serious about their company, credibility and reputation.

        These schools’ admin staff are generally TERRIBLE interviewers. Like I said, great for us, but also a good way to gauge their skills and experience (or lack thereof).

        In closing, lack of experience on your part doesn’t always mean a dead-end at all. There WILL be agencies out there who’ll hire you, as long as you don’t have buck teeth, a punk-rock hairdo, and gang tattoos on your face. But keep in mind, they will likely be of a lower standard, than the ones who’ll grill you in the interview and expect you to have a strong CV/background. I’ve never ever had to prove my background so to speak (what I wrote on my CV) in any type of way.

        Many of them (not every one of course) can’t be bothered with the ‘logistical’ part of the hiring process with asking for references, sending in copies of your degrees and certs, checking up on previous schools, etc, etc.. They often merely go on your looks and personality, and of course how well you do in the demo lesson.

        Don’t EVER give them your personal info (banking, passport copy, etc) until you are officially hired. Some will ask you for that before you even know you have the job!

        One last thing……., if they ever ask you for a photo, which is often needed for their website for obvious reasons, after a couple to a few weeks has past, take that same photo and drag it into Google Images to see where that photo ends up. The Chinese are notorious for using random photos of people (major copyright violation) to promote their own business. Plus, if you ever finish with a company for whatever reason, do the same Google Image search, to see if they are still using your photo for their marketing purposes.

        1. Whoops sorry guys…….I just reread my recent post, and when I said in the 3rd paragraph – “Also, another downside with all of the companies it seems, is that they just hire FAR too many tutors to meet the demand of the students.”

          What I ‘meant’ to say…., is they hire far too many tutors that greatly ‘surpasses’ (not meet) the volume of students requiring lessons.
          There are just too many teachers being hired at such a rapid pace, but there seemingly aren’t enough students to satisfy the tutors’ weekly availability.

    2. Thanks for the comment, Angie.
      I can personally vouch for Hugo English being a massive waste of time.

      Can you take a moment to recommend the companies that are professional and worth applying to?



  62. Hi Mike,
    thanks for sucha great list.Unfortunately I had some problems with 51freetalk.Firstly,they told me they have many students;in fact they gave me only 4student in five months.Secondly they just disappeared in the beginning of January 2017.They are nat sending me my salray.Andy their manager is a huge lier who promised for a promotion ,whereas didn’t pay my one month salary.Please tell me anyone ,how i can make them send me the salary.Thank you.

  63. Sure you do and then you just vanish like nothing has happened without paying the teacher’s salary.Great company with full of liers.

  64. Hi Angie,
    Your post was very helpful. I am also interested in companies that you WOULD recommend. I am a native speaker (American) with a and teaching experience (12 years on and off as a substitute teacher for the public schools). I am also looking for an accredited online TEFL course to add to my resume before I apply to any company. Have you ever been questioned about your TEFL certificate/qualifications ? Any comments are appreciated. Thank you.

  65. There are no accredited certificate Angie however there are certificates more recognized than others. Also with your years of experience and that degree I could recommend a school for your tefl and play to start working. Fingers crossed you pass the imterview. Contact me at

  66. Regarding VIPKID, does anyone know if you can re-apply within a certain time frame?
    I made it through my 2nd mock class, and had great feedback from my Evaluator during my class. I just received an email that it was Unsuccessful? No feedback whatsoever. I was told you can re-apply, but was not sure if that is correct.

  67. Hi Deborah,
    I am interested in Learnship.
    I have 30 years experience in management and have been teaching Business English to Company Executives in Thailand for 18 years.
    I’m a native speaker ( American) I’m interested in teaching online.
    I would appreciate any help you could give me. You can contact me at

    Thank you.

    Alan Burgess

    1. Hi,

      I’m not Deborah but, I’ve been working with Learnship part-time for just over a year and I have no plans on leaving!

      They are exceptionally professional and give ample opportunities for further development. All the curriculum is available to you to plan your classes accordingly and their platform is extremely simple to use in comparison to other platforms I’ve experienced with online teaching.

      The hiring process can seem overwhelming, including the training but, it’s definitely worth it. It seems as though they are particular about who they hire to make sure academically (and technologically) your skills are up to their standards. I’ve referred a few fellow teacher friends to them and, although not all were considered by Learnship, the ones that were hired have been very pleased! It certainly helps if you have a business background of some sort.

      There was an earlier comment about their connection and needing a landline to connect, this is no longer the case. They have developed their platform and a landline is no longer required. They are currently testing a VOIP system in North America and, it works great! Until it is 100% launched (in the next couple of months) you can use a mobile phone. Just make sure you have free calls nationally since you will be provided with a local number to connect through. It’s very simple!

      To be honest, these days, it seems as though they are only hiring teachers based on referrals – I haven’t been able to find a link to apply through their website.
      The email I’ve provided to others to apply is Hope this helps.

      In other news, I also work for GVEOE at their head office. We are always in need of English language tutors for our Grade 1-Grade 9 Chinese students. The classes are 100% created for you, including lesson plans – you just have to teach them! Check us out –

      Happy Teaching!

      1. Thanks, Hadeel! I worked for GVEOE for almost a year and had a great experience, but the hours no longer suit. Do you know what the hours are with Learnship? I’m just looking to work 2-5 hours/week, between 5 and 10 PM EST.

      2. Hi Hadeel, i’ve applied to learnship using your referral, they want me to give them a name of the referral person, can I have your full name please

      3. HI Hadeel,

        Thanks so much for the comment.

        Can you let me know how much Learnship and GVEOE pay her hour? Thanks again.


  68. I’m sorry but your comment is just insulting to me as a person who has spent 15 years studying English, 5 of those earning my MA in English Linguistics and Lit . And like you, I’ve also spent thousands of dollars and on getting my degree. Are you saying that a random native speaker without a proper degree is a more qualified ESL teacher than I am? I guess people majoring in English all over the world didn’t get the memo. Being a native speaker doesn’t magically make one a good teacher. If anything, a native speaker without a proper training is the worst possible option for an ESL student.

    1. I wasn’t trying to be racist. Just imagine a non native speaker teaching Tagalog? Then a native speaking Tagalog teacher would NOT be preferred. Companies would actually promote, GOOD LOOKING, ATTRACTIVE, non native Tagalog speakers. That’s all I am saying. That is what is happening. Degrees don’t matter. There also are white looking Filipinos , there are white Russians etc. The ability to teach is secondary. The fact that you can teach may only be interesting to parents of children who themselves are teachers. Teaching online if your a native speaker should only be supplemental, otherwise your wasting your time and resources. Work another job, do this on the side and don’t depend on this income.

  69. Being a native speaker doesn’t magically guarantee that you will be understood outside your own community. I have met several English, Irish, Scottish and Indian native English speakers that I -a native speaker from Dublin – had difficulty understanding.
    And I have been impressed by the clarity of non-native speakers from Korea, China Russia . . etc.

    1. Really? You’ve met several English, Irish, and Scottish natives who are not as clear as non-native speakers from Korea and China? I believe you, but they were the exceptions. Without a doubt. I’ve met many Germans and Scandinavians who can speak English as a second (and third and fourth) language very, very well, but the truth is, that’s because (no doubt) their native languages are part of the English language family.

      While non-native speakers who’ve studied and studied another language for a decade + and have a Master’s, etc. might give us all the grammar very well, their accents will always be there. Always. They will never, ever, ever have the command of the idioms and the phrasal verbs that a native of that language will have. Period. I completely disagree with Jelena who wrote, “If anything, a native speaker without a proper training is the worst possible option for an ESL student.”

  70. You are correct. I applied to Two Sigmas and got an interview and a orientation with 51Talk..

  71. Thank you Michelle…………….I gave it a miss as I am not able to work on weekends either 🙁

  72. Do not appky for 51talk or American International Schools or their affiliates!!! I had an interview through skype, the interviewer was hard to understand, had me fill up an application that took forever since it wasn’t on word form, I was rushed to do the demo teaching. The next day they sent me a regret letter with another person’s name on it! I contacted them about it but never responded! Very unprofessional!!! I don’t think it’s even a legit conpany based on China!!!

  73. Bibo / Engoo is hiring or will be hiring native English speaking teachers in the near future. Why? Because they just doubled the prices for the students to do lessons with native English teachers & our ( I´m a native English speaker ) booking rates have now gone from 100% to about 30 to 50%. The students have now stopped booking with the native teachers as they simply cant afford it. The majority of the students are from Asia & these people just cant afford to pay more for an English class, plain & simple.

    The pay depends on if your a native English speaker or a non native. Where you live in the world also determines your salary. There is not a standard set pay scale for the teachers, where you live & if your a native or not, determines what they offer you. These people are real shysters!!!!

    The students at Bibo / Engoo generally are very nice & they sincerely want to improve their English.
    They pay on time, which is a plus. They pay by bank transfer.
    Have a bunch of lesson plans.
    No show classes are paid at full price, you just have to submit your lesson plan according to their protocol.
    Surplus of Asian students, plus students from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico & a some Russians.

    Pay could be better, with raises for all the teachers depending on the time with the company. Not a chance for a raise.
    The staff can be very rude to the teachers. As teachers you are not appreciated at Bibo / Engoo, even thou we are a big part of the company´s success.
    Bibo / Engoo is a student orientated company. Meaning that they do not support the teachers any way. The students are always right ( even when they are not ) and us teachers are always blamed for any problems.
    Bibo is an online company, not an online English Teaching Co. All they care about are the profits.
    Its too expensive now for the Asian students to do classes with a native teacher. The booking rates have dropped off considerable.

    The native English teachers are now quitting as we cant make a decent income any more from Bibo / Engoo. If you apply & get hired at Bibo / Engoo, you’ve been warned! You will not make any money, you will spend hours in front of your computer waiting for a class to be reserved, the company will blame the teacher when they dont make any money & now the booking rates for native English speakers sucks!!!!!

    My 2 cents on Bibo / Engoo. I´m off to greener pastures…………..

    1. Kudos, I have been working for Bibo too, for less than a year and the pay sucks. Everything you said is true. I’m not a certified teacher, I’m a native English speaker, so it’s really hard to find a good online teaching job with little experience, any suggestions?

      1. Hi Julia,
        My reply to you got posted below for some reason, check it out, plz.
        Some things I forgot mention in my initial post about Bibo / Engoo.
        For qualified native English speaking teachers, the pay is $5 USD for each 25 min class completed. Works out to be $12 USD per hr., which isnt too bad when you have a full calendar & work 20 to 30 hr / wk. I have my TEFL certificate ( among others ), over 5 yrs experience giving all types of English lessons, Im a college grad.
        For non native English speaking teachers & Native teachers with little / no experience / no qualifications, the pay is $1.40 USD to $2.50 USD per 25 min. class given.
        For native teachers, if you give over 160 lessons during a pay month, you get a $50 USD bonus.
        For non native teachers, if you give a 100 or more lessons in a month, the bonus is $50 USD.
        Many students have dropped out of the school due to the recent price increase to do classes with native English speaking teachers. It is now 2 to 3 times more expensive to do a class with a native English teacher at Engoo. Apparently, they charged the students bank accounts / credit cards without a warning & the students got slammed with a huge price increase. Obviously, the students werent happy & dumped Engoo.
        No disrespect intended to any non native English speaking teachers here, but its a matter of fact that students prefer native English speakers as teachers. I speak a number of languages, so I know what it takes to learn another language. I know English is not a easy to language to master in speaking & teaching its grammar. You non native teachers deserve the credit & merit due but students do prefer natives, simple as that.
        Once again, my 2 cents, for what its worth.

  74. I think for the most part you are correct. Like any company, they try to protect their image. However, as far as voicing concerns, change comes in numbers. Vipkid is evolving very rapidly so, their platform and policies are constantly changing. They want teacher feedback that is constructive and if a nice majority of teachers feel the same way, they are eager to adapt.

    I have been with them for well over a year and have gone full time in 30 days. I personally believe this in itself is amazing. There aren’t too many online companies that provide enough students for you to be consistantly booked 40-50 Hours every week. Because of this I have been afforded the blessing of country hopping with my family the past year.

    The thing I have come to love the most about Vipkid is that they search for new talent from within. They currently give teachers the opportunity to earn extra $$$ by evaluating Practicums, being teacher mentors, creating lessons, and a list of other positions that continue to grow. If you are lucky enough to get one of these positions you can EASILY make $5,000 and upward and still have time for family.

    A few months ago they offered a couple hundred teachers the opportunity to get a FREE TESOL!! In my opinion this was the best thing yet! They gave us chosen teachers the opportunity to be great and acquire a certificate that will help us further our careers and it’s absolutely awesome.

    Now, I’m by no means saying that Vipkid is perfect. Lord knows I have had my own moments of struggling with them, BUT the set backs are nowhere compared to the triumphs.

    Furthermore, I have learned how to navigate Vipkid so well that I have absolutely no desire to leave.

    If anybody would like the details on the in’s and out’s of the company and how to get your resume passed thru email me a

    Lastly, if there is anybody who meets their qualifications but failed the interview or practicum please email me at so I can get you another go at it!

    1. Hello I am an online teacher I have about 3 years of experience I have my bachelors and TESOL certificate but when I applied to VIPKIDS I was not able to get an interview. My country of origin is not in the US but I was raised in Chicago, I would really love to work for vipkids. Any help ?

  75. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone maybe have advice for me? I am South African but English is my Native Language. I got my TESOL certificate in Thailand and have been teaching here for 6 months. I want to start doing online tutoring. Does anyone maybe have recommendations for me? Thank you

  76. Thank you for these!It’s verrrrrrry helpful since there are many ESL companies that come out like mushrooms. I dunno how to weed out legits from scams. It’s quite a headache for me to find legit companies!

    1. Good luck Jenusse! Remember to check the comments here for advice about specific companies.

    2. Hey ya,
      Look for companies that have been around for at least 5 yrs, have a good reputations, etc. Depending on where you are in the world is also a factor. It might take you awhile to find what your looking for but spending time doing some quality online research can / will save you time & money, not to say aggravation.
      Good luck

  77. The problem is not that any of there are scams. The problem is that most of them charge very little, and pay very little. While the ones that pay well, do not have a large customer base, and they have-understandably- very high standards in what they want.
    There is also the problem that this labour market is flooded, and we are competing with people in low-cost economies, who are working for very small rates.

    When I started working online ten years ago, skype had only just started, was not available world wide,
    I had no qualifications, yet I was able to charge $20.00/hour, and I was busy.
    Then Skype expanded and the business collapsed.
    Now I am busy again, but only earning half that. (It varies from $7.50 to $25 – a lot more at $7.50)

    1. $20 an hour is crazy money 10 years ago and still too high now. I would expect to charge the maximum of $20 an hour for exam preparation only, e.g. IELTS

      I would say the average is around $10 an hour, it used to be around $16 at the most.

      I agree though, the pay is low and could get lower.

  78. “Don’t give up the day job”.
    If you have in-class teaching hours you are much better off.

  79. I have been working for 51talk for over 6 months now. I highly recommend it. The pay is probably the best online and your schedule always fills. They do have high requirements for their teachers, however, if you qualify it is definitely worth it. I found that you have a better chance of being employed if you are recommended by a current teacher, ( I am not just saying that). Your starting pay depends on how well you do in the demo and your qualifications but you can work your way up to 22 an hour based on lessons taught and trainings.

    Please email me I can help you get an interview. I have done this for several others and they are all currently working!

    Good luck all!

    1. Hi Ben, i have interview for 51talk in two days. Can you give me some info about it ?

    2. I went through training and was all set to go. I woke up and sat in front of my computer everyday for a week and got no students. Repeated requests for help went unanswered and no one ever told me what I needed to do to fill my schedule. Very negative experience.

      1. Could you close off parts of your schedule and teach elsewhere, or do something else, or was it one of these absurd places that expect you to sit and wait unpaid on the off-chance of getting lessons? If that’s the case, then you may as well do a ‘post for lessons’ site like Verbling.

        I’m gathering what information I can, but it seems a few of these places expect you to commit to a certain number of hours, and some a certain number of months, with no commitment back of providing any lessons.
        People can’t live off fresh air and hope; in this climate of online teaching today people are expected to live off around $10 an hour, which is tough as is, but with some of these places it ends up being $10 per teaching hour, $1 or less per hour ‘waiting’ for them to grace you with some bookings.
        Again, if these companies aren’t giving you students, and you aren’t free to close off lessons as you wish, when you wish, then you may as well post for lessons yourself. It’s the same thing, with a bigger cut for you, and freedom.

        If we’re not paid for a cancellation, that is bad enough; but in that case, unless it’s a regular student, I would consider a lesson cancelled the minute a student wasn’t there.
        To demand teachers sit and wait for 10 minutes uncompensated is a joke; you are not only wasting that 10 minutes if they student doesn’t show, but you are losing that time.
        We should all expect to have booked slots paid, regardless of whether the student shows or not, and if they are not booked or it;s cancelled a certain time before, then we can at least open a slot elsewhere or plan something else.
        Being ‘on call’ in effect for unpaid periods on the off-chance of lessons is a scam none of us should accept. It’s not unreasonable, it’s business and basic survival.

    3. Hi Ben, I am interested in a position as an online English teacher.
      My qualifications:
      Native English Speaker from South Africa.
      BA Honours Degree in Applied Linguistics
      BA Degree Fashion Design
      TEFL Certificate
      3 years experience teaching elementary school ESL (South Korea)
      2 and a half years experience teaching university preparatory year ESL (Saudi Arabia)
      I would appreciate your help.

    4. Hi Ben,
      I would like help applying to 51talk I am NES from UK, have a degree, CELTA, teaching experience in class and online. How can I get your contact details, please? Thankyou.

    1. hey good man, how do you use preply?it seems it takes quite a while to get students man and how do they usually pay?please email me detailed information at your convinience

    1. Well,don’t work than.Who is asking for your opinion?You’re posting only bad comments and you’re so mean.Stop posting you’re comments,you’re really driving me crazy!

    2. Online teaching and its going rates cannot even begin to be compared to in-classroom teaching! It’s apples and oranges. You will rarely if ever, find any online company who’ll pay their online teachers the figures you’ve quoted. There have been a couple I’ve come across over the years, but they are a VERY rare breed.

      The online teaching industry is so massively saturated right now, not to mention many firms hiring people from the Philippines, that rates have dropped unfairly for the truly talented tutors out there.

      Anyway, if you are going to hold out on not accepting anything below 30 – 40 bucks an hour ‘online’, you’ll be waiting for a very very VERY long time.
      Plus, if you have a thick Irish accent (that is if you are in fact Irish), that will also be a big hinderance for you as well. They typically want Canadians, Americans, Kiwis, Aussies, and Brits. In some cases, they’ll accept South Africans also.
      However, I’ve never seen any company mention hiring Irish or Scots for example, due to their thick accents where the students may have trouble understanding.

      1. Sad to say but in Asia the whiter you look the better English you speak. I always laughed when my favorite student told me her mom said I have “good English”. Her mom was a Chinese English Teacher in China. Several of my old students’ parents seemed to all be English teachers themselves. I take it as a complement that someone who teaches English would choose me to teach their kid. Sometimes their expectations can be through the roof though. I have a noticeable accent too. Most Irish and English people say so.

        1. I remember when I had new kids in class, took over new class or more commonly did a substitution class for kids; the parents would nearly always want to “meet” the teacher. In most cases this involved poking their head around a corner and getting a glimpse of me.
          Seeing my white, European looking presence was enough for them.
          This is clearly an incredibly foolhardy approach. However, to be fair to the parents a lot of schools seemed to use Japanese teachers for kids.

          It is a very inaccurate way to gauge someone’s native level of English, let alone their ability to teach that native level. It’s mostly a blanket approach that if you look white, you will be a native, qualified teacher. This is clearly absurd, not least of all as a lot of Europeans are white with less than native English and most of us know, or know of, white, native born “speakers” of English who quite frankly can barely complete a grammatically correct sentence.
          It’s shame this viewpoint is taken in Asia, but I’m not sure if it will change.
          To briefly play Devil’s Advocate, I would grant some allowance to the schools, parents and students who have had an experience with a number of the genuinely native born degree holders who have grown up in a non English speaking household whose English is not up to scratch.
          I know, and have friends, that meet that description, but then I could add some who grew up in English speaking households whose English is also deficient.
          I also know people from the former group that have English of the highest level. For example, there are people who are born in Japan or Hong Kong, sometimes to one native speaker parent, who grow up in Canada or England but their place of birth and how they look betrays the fact they are often among the best English speakers one can encounter.
          I’ve also met Asians who have attended international school and had education that puts them comfortably above most of their “native” peers.

          I really wish all places offering English teachers of any nature would have a thorough, realistic way to vet prospects. Looking white, being born “native” and English BAs are woeful indicators of someone’s English competency, let alone their ability to teach it.

      2. Fíng rude!!! (if in fact you are Irish) WTF??

        I’d rather have an Irish accent than a THICK Ozzie accent teach me.

        Where TF are you from? (if we can believe you)

  80. Can anyone help me please, i can not figure out how to do my online demo for job interview for online school,for example they gave me topic or target language and i created a lesson plan, how will i go about delivering it? Should i have visual pictures present? Should i provide reading material ?Should i type target language in Skype box?
    Can somebody please explain how do i present the lesson,big thanks in advance))

    1. Hi,

      You need to tell us the specific school you are applying for as each has their own systems within other media and own set of requirements

      Then we can try and help you.

      We all struggle in the beginning. Don’t be too worried.

  81. She found me on website, and selected me because I have a masters degree.
    But there are not many wiilling to pay so much.

  82. ” . . . thick Irish accent (that is if you are in fact Irish) ” !!!
    That is racist,
    I would suggest you humbly apologise before I start to legal action against Good Air !
    Why do you doubt that I am Irish ???

    1. You are seem to have quite the attitude from your replies, not only to me, but to others as well. Also you’re extremely inappropriately thin-skinned as well!!!!!

      I NEVER EVER doubted you whatsoever. I merely was trying to NOT be presumptuous (or is that word too big for you to understand?) that you were Irish.

      Just because you’re in Ireland, doesn’t automatically mean you’re Irish. I’m in Asia, but I’m not Asian, thus not wanting to just ‘assume’ you’re Irish. Had NOTHING to do with so-called ‘doubting’ you, moron!

      I couldn’t care if you were from Mars quite honestly. I was simply trying to offer some perspective regarding your apparent arrogant and flippant remarks
      to me and others on this thread.

      Like your expectations of wanting to get an online gig for $30 – $40+ or more (where you’ll be waiting forever) well, any apology from me will be 1000x less likely.
      Grow up!

      Good luck with your ‘legal action’ as well, you overly-sensitive ignorant idiot! I really pity any students that have the grave misfortune of crossing your path.

      Last time I will reply to you, as you’re not worth on extra second of my time., nor others as well quite frankly. So go ahead and continue spewing your trash talk, as it’ll just fall on deaf ears.

  83. May I ask all you good folk if any of you have scanned and sent documents, like your degree, passport, etc? I’m very wary of doing this with a large number of these companies. Heck, I’m not crazy about sending them a photo, but ….there’s “limited” mischief they can get up to with that.
    Do many companies require this? Given a fair few of them seem to be less tangible than is ideal, I’d appreciate some feedback about what your experiences are.
    My thanks.

    1. Hi, I think you’ll find that most companies require passport / certificates, etc. I’ve worked for two online companies, and both required them, though I have never had a problem with sending them. Don’t get paranoid, just make sure the companies are legit.

      1. Thanks for your input.
        I’m not adverse to it if the companies are legitimate, but it seems given the marketplace today the legitimate ones are often oversubscribed.
        I feel if any of us are taking a chance on a less established company, limiting our exposure is not an unreasonable step. May I ask, were the companies you worked for fully established? Those are few and far between these days.
        One factor to consider is that many companies have little to no cyber security in place. Given large companies like Yahoo and Valve (Steam) get hacked for personal information with the measures they have place, I’m not crazy about giving non established companies too much information. Also the location of the company has a bearing.
        In this age of identity theft and fraud, I am wary about sending sensitive information out, although that’s not to disparage those who don’t share my inclinations.
        When companies are hiring in country, or sponsoring visas, I understand the need for passport information.
        Online, if they need to verify if someone is a native speaker, I would hope they would have a more accurate measure in place than seeing a scan of a passport. There are many people whose passport shows they are “native speakers” who are far from it, or if could be classed as such are still not of the level places should look to hire to teach. That also applies to certificates. That’s before we factor in Photoshop…..
        I remember one school I worked for asking me to look over some job applications. The amount of native born, ENGLISH degree holders who would use grammar the staff of the school, whose English was beginner level, could pick out as incorrect was alarming.

        1. Yes, both the companies are established and I never had any problems with my previous company, I just wanted more money. You’re probably right about the reason for wanting the scanned passport, I honestly hadn’t thought about it, as any educational institute, online or not, wants to see the passport on application anyway.

  84. Hello everyone. Stay away from Tutor ABC. Everything Georgia says about them is true. I will add that they are polite but they are also ignorant, clueless, stupid and dumb. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing and vice versa. They suspend your account for next to nothing(your ISP stops working or their software has problems and kicks you out of a class). Then you have to prove to them that it wasn’t your fault. My pay every month I worked for them(8 months) was late getting to me by a matter of 1-2 weeks. They kept asking me for banking information that I had already given to them multiple times(at least 7 or 8 times). And the pay is for s**t. I have been teaching ESL/TESOL for 10 years and they paid me $8.50 an hour. I took it because I wanted to keep teaching and I had just returned from teaching in Korea for 8 years. They say the classes are 45 minutes but that is not true. The class is 45 minutes But it can take up to 5 minutes to do an evaluation on all the students in the class. I quit working for them today (02/09/17).
    Work for them and you will lose your sanity.

    1. I would stay as far away from those guys as possible Cheri. They use to steal photos of teachers from other websites to place on their site, they’re highly, HIGHLY disorganized and erratic. They say one thing, yet do another, and the list goes on – I’ve had first-hand experience with them, and you’re better off elsewhere. Trust me! I quit after the first 3 days. It just wasn’t worth your sanity and mental well-being. They also go by another name as well – Meiguosishu

  85. I have been working for Bibo Global Opportunity for over six months, and its like slavery. It’s really hard to make money there especially if you’re a new teacher. The pay is significantly low, $1.4 for one lesson that lasts 25 minutes, you have to work extremely long hours to make a good buck (I think the rate is a little higher for qualified teachers). The incentives are hard to achieve and they treat the teachers like mules (I can’t stress that enough). They only care about their students. They deduct a fee whenever the teachers have to cancel a lesson due to circumstances beyond their control, such as a power outage or their internet is down, etc, while the students would just get a refund. The only good thing about this company is that, they hire teachers with little or no teaching experience and no qualification, from countries all over the world. The interview was easy and so was the training. It is a great start for persons who want the teaching experience and don’t have the qualifications yet. I wanted to save up to pay for a TEFL certification to get a better teaching position, however they make it very difficult to save a dime. I’m currently looking for a better teaching job although I’ve yet to acquire a degree or teaching certification.

  86. We, at Speechify, are a growing company that provides opportunity to Native (British , American) teachers to teach online from comfort of their home. Our compensation is between 12-22 USD/hour. If you are interested please visit our website or drop us an email at We have completed 10,000+ hours of training already. We are also looking to hire a few (not a lot) Filipino teachers.

  87. Has anyone worked for ABC360 in North America? The pay seems good but some of the policies concern me. For example you have to click ‘attendance’ 30 minutes before the scheduled start of your shift (which means you have to be awake and online that early), and apparently students can book a class up to 5 minutes before it starts so you never know how much you’ll be working until it starts. And they only pay you for booked lessons, meaning you could be online for 4 hours and not make a thing, but you have to stay online and engaged the whole time because a potential student might book you 5 minutes before the class starts. I don’t mind a policy like that if there are a lot of students and the likelihood of going unbooked is low, but I’m concerned that as a new teacher no one will want to book me and I’ll spend months just waiting around, unpaid, until I build up an ok reputation. Can someone please reassure me?

    1. Well I can”t reassure you if those are their conditions.
      I haven’t signed up with anyone yet, and this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to find out about.
      If we’re expected to be ‘present and open’ then we should be paid, or free to close off lesson slots and do our own thing.I don”t know if you can close your schedule, as at least that way if you aren’t getting booked you can either do something else or open up your schedule with another place.
      If any company demands you sit there, unpaid, for a set length of time on the off chance of getting booked…..well, I say forget them. That’s absurd.
      I almost went with one place until I saw they don’t pay for cancelled lessons and you have to wait 10 minutes into the lesson slot…to call it cancelled.
      I don’t want to sound entitled, at all, with either of these points but if anyone has kept a slot open in their day for expected work, they shouldn’t then have to wait 10 minutes into that time to see if the student will bother to come, nor should we be forced to sit and hope.

      If that’s the case, you may as well sign up with any of the ‘post for lessons’ places. What’s the point of being bound to onoe place a set time if you don’t have any guarantee of work?

    2. I worked for ABC 360 for a year, and often sat around waiting for bookings and not getting paid.

    3. Just in case anyone wants an update, I ended up working for ABC360 for about 2 weeks. Here was my experience:

      – lots of students. I had at least 2 students every day and was often 60-100% booked for the day
      – decent pay. I was offered $14/hour plus incentive pay that would have worked out to $30-$110/month. You could go up by $1-$2 every 6 months to a cap of &18/hour
      – there was a new teachers’ Skype group where people shared helpful tips and there were often staff members on duty to help with troubleshooting
      – students of all ages. I was assigned to the young learners group but I got young teens and even a couple adults. It was a nice variety, although sometimes I had to watch my tone of voice to I didn’t come across as condescending to the older kids because I was talking to them like a 6 year old.

      – the attendance thing was super obnoxious. The whole process was infantilizing. Having to check in 30 mins before class starts means you’re working for free, and the ‘click me’ button 5 mins before each class was super distracting because it would make a loud noise. On the other hand if you don’t press the click me button then they might mark you absent so you had to remember to check in case it didn’t beep for whatever reason
      – the rushed pace. Classes are in 20 minute slots instead of 30 minutes. They’re technically supposed to be 17 minutes long. But between pressing the click me button and trying to fill in the class feedback, I was always running late for my next class
      – class feedback – they wanted: 3 words with dictionary definition + official phonetic pronunciation, 3 sentence corrections, and a <30 minute voice recording to the student. In my orientation they said you have to be good at multitasking so you can do the class feedback while teaching the class and I did get better at it, but I was always spending time at the end of the day to go back and finish up my class feedback. It was simply an unrealistic expectation used to get free work out of you.
      – a general air of distrust and micromanaging. They said that they have a policy that if a student complains for any reason they get a free class. So the burden of defending yourself from false complaints falls on you. You had to screen record every class. You had to take speed tests every time a student's connection got choppy, or have the staff call you on QQ and do a line check. You had to take screenshots of all messages between you and the student. And you still often got bad feedback that you then had to ask the staff to remove from your profile and you'd have to email them the evidence of the false claim. It's exhausting to have to be on guard all the time like that. You don't know if a student is just looking to give you negative feedback, and the service doesn't check for patterns of bad feedback with the students, only with the teachers.
      – scheduling – again in favour of the students over the teachers. Like I mentioned a student could book you up to 10 minutes before a class started, but they can also unbook you less than a day in advance. I'd often check the night before and see my schedule totally full, then sign in the next morning at only have a couple students. That really sucks because you randomly find yourself with gaping holes in your schedule and you only get paid for booked slots.
      – the platforms. Classes can take place on QQ, Skype or their proprietary platform. The proprietary platform was not great software but it was ok. The problem was having students back to back on different platforms. You have to add them on QQ ahead of class time (which is what I used the 30 mins attendance check in for) and then it's a video call so you can't use screen sharing features like writing on the lesson slides or other interactive features

      Now the biggest reason I stopped working for abc360 is that they wanted 15 hours/week from me and I just didn't have the time. I would have tried to stick it out longer if not for the other cons, but I didn't like the stress of being mistrusted, the time crunches, the unpaid work and everything else on top of the high hours requirement.

      Would I recommend ABC360? Yes, in very specific cases:
      – if you're not a native speaker, this gives you access to lots of classes
      – the pay is comparable to other Chinese companies (I don't know about for non-natives though)
      – access to lots of students. I expect I would have built up a pretty regular student base in another couple months
      – you don't mind doing work on time that you're not getting paid for (finishing class feedback, adding students on skype and QQ)
      – you don't get stressed out easily or angry/annoyed easily (the stupid click me button, remembering to record all your classes, remembering all sorts of protocol for proving your innocence in the face of negative feedback)
      – you want a lot of hours. The minimum was 15 hours but you could easily work 30+

      As for me, I got hired by VIPKid and am applying at other companies. (I got into 51Talk but they're really strict about not letting you work for other companies and they assigned me for an orientation date I couldn't make and then never contacted me again when I asked to reschedule). I'd love to find the elusive company that either gives you a regular weekly schedule or pays you for available slots whether or not they're booked by students. But VIPKID has great pay and lots of good reviews so I'll see how that goes for now.

      Reply if you have any questions about ABC360 and also summarize your experience with other companies so we can all hear about it!

      1. Re: the voice memo – I meant to say 30-60 seconds, not minutes. It wasn’t that long, haha!

      2. Hi dear

        Are you guaranteed sessions during the Beijing peak hours at ABC360?

        1. No guaranteed sessions. Like I said before I would often see my schedule totally filled a few days in advance and on the day-of would log in to see a bunch of empty slots. I do know that they hire people for different ‘groups’. I was hired as a young learners teacher (although because of the time I chose to open my schedule I mostly got older elementary – high school kids) but I know people are hired for other groups. So maybe one of the other contract types would give you guaranteed sessions.

          Also if you’re willing to commit full time I believe there are some scheduling benefits. I know there was the option to ‘bind’ sessions which means a student wanted to have a regular session with you each week. You got more for those slots, I think 15% more. I don’t know what would happen if a student had to cancel one of their regular sessions with you though. I suspect you wouldn’t get paid but I’m not sure.

          1. I work for abc360 and i get 10$ per hour. How Come you get more? That’s what they proposed to all of us…

          2. @Nate – I’m a native speaker from Canada. I know they hire from all over the world, natives and non-natives. When she started the interview she said $13 but later on I mentioned another company I work for that offered me $14/hour and she said they could do 14. During the orientation they were pretty strict about telling teachers not to share their salary which is bull. But it keeps people from noticing any discrepancies.

          3. What did you have to provide to get paid? I read that they ask for your passport ID, is this true? Is paypal not an option? Thanks

          4. I can confirm ALL of this. I have been working for ABC360 for about a month and a half now and it is hands down the WORST job I have had in my career. Having to log in 30 minutes before your first open slot (not that you have a class booked, just the first slot of the day you said you are available for) is completely obnoxious. This also means that you’re able to work less hours. Instead of starting class at 7 or 7:30am I start at 8 because I have to be up at 7:25 just to log in AND NOT GET PAID.
            – I have never received so many messages or been contacted about anything so often in any other job. I am constantly receiving messages about different things and like was mentioned in the previous post they always want to micromanage everything instead of just letting the teachers teach.
            – THE REPORTS. Each report will take you about 10 minutes to complete if done to their standards. Although because of my level of Englsih and teaching background my starting salary was a bit higher than the original poster, let’s say it’s $14/hr. If each memo/report takes you 10 minutes, they’re getting tons of unpaid time out of you for these memos. And heaven forbid you don’t do the memos exactly how they want you to- that will bring on the barrage of messages again.

            My suggestion- STAY AWAY FROM ABC360!!

            Though the hourly rate might be good, it’s of no use to get paid $14/hr when you only give three 20-minute classes per day but have to sit there for 4 hours to realize that you got paid for one. I’ve already applied to other companies because this is the botom of the barrel in my opinion. Having worked for 3 other companies to date, this is BY FAR the worst and would get a 3/10 from me (because I’m feeling generous today).

      3. Ehailo is a pretty good company that I have worked for. The staff is pleasant and the pay is fair $12 – $15/ 50 min. I have been able to earn over $1200 in a month. They can pay by bank transfer if you don’t have paypal AND they pay every 2 weeks

        1. @Bill – what’s the scheduling like with ehailo? Do they assign you students or do you have to wait for them to book you? And how flexible is the schedule? Do you teach the same classes for several weeks or it’s random every day?

          1. Hi,
            Just seen this and sounds really good, but i can’t seem to find this company. Can you share a link?

          2. see my updated comments down below dated end july and June

      4. Try Kukuspeak. They are packed, I’m doing 25 minute classes back to back – like 6-8 in a row!! As long as you keep notes for your feedback you’ll be fine.
        They use QQ, which is quite simple.
        The pay isn’t bad either.

  88. Hi I recruit for TutorABC, and they only pay ‘ certain nationalities $7.5 the rate can be anything form $2 – $8.5.

    The only people who can benefit from this company are USA 7.5$, Australia $8.5, Europe $ 7 – $8.5, UK 6.92 GBP.

    Anyone outside of this is looking a a much lower rate and is not worth their time.

    1. Hey I work for tutorabc from Bangladesh, and get paid a measly base rate of 3.5. I was wondering whether they ever give their teachers any raises or not? My one year contract is about to end.

    2. Hi I worked for tuorABC through the South African “middleman” but had to quit because they paid us less than half of what Tutor pays to them. I would really like to work for TutorABC from home because I love the platform and teaching Juniors and special sessions was so much fun. Please let me know if South Africans can work from home instead of the “middleman”. It would be much appreciated.

  89. I went through their training and decided to sign up for the question and answer part of the program. I’ve been waiting since October and haven’t been asked one question yet. They did pay me for training though.

  90. Yes, there are teachers at ABC360 that were subject to the conditions mentioned above, but it depended on your contract. That is how it was when I worked there last year. However, I was paid during the time I sat and waited for students, but many others were not. And yes, students can book up to five minutes before class time, and you have to wait ten minutes before cancelling a class when the student doesn’t arrive, and you must login between 30 minutes to one hour before your shift starts. But this organization changes its teaching objectives, structure and policies so often that it is difficult to know if any of this is current information. It seems now that they are only teaching kids and teens from recent employment ads, and now have a different set of rules and regulations for their two categories of teachers. Who really knows? I would look somewhere else as it is difficult to tell exactly what you are getting into.

    1. I would say to anyone do not sign a contract that is any way binding with any such conditions. I would imagine it’s not legally binding under certain countries’ laws to be effectively a freelancer with employee’s obligations, but that depends on your country and getting any pay from some of these ‘teaching companies’ if you violate there contracts, even if they are not valid, could be an impossibility.
      A lot of people love to teach and want the comfort of doing so at home, and for that are willing to work for a lower wage. It’s not being difficult, entitled or unreasonable to expect to be able to earn whatever rate is paid for every hour you work, or are committed to working and expected to be present and forsaking other opportunities.

      1. As in your previous post, ‘ I haven’t signed up with anyone yet’. What’s the hold up ? You either want to do this, or you don’t. Up to you. Stop asking the questions, go for it, and learn…for better or for worse. If you’re not happy, you move on. You won’t learn anything by standing still and doubting.

        1. May I take it, wellerman, you don’t mean to sound a little hostile? As someone bemoaning the dreaded NA accent requirement, which I hear you on, and have plenty of choice comments on that practice come to mind, I know you are English, but aren’t demonstrating that suave reserve we are famed for. 😉
          I’m asking the questions, and will continue to do so, in order that we can all benefit from the information, which is the surely the point of this page. I would like to know what I’m getting into before I pick one of the seemingly hundred odd places, take the time required to apply, have an interview and possibly take tests (not necessarily in that order), and then maybe get a whiff of the contract or have to insist on one before unpaid training, only to find the company in question has some practices that make the whole thing worthless.
          I’m not one to start working somewhere, then see something better and immediately abandon the role for greener pastures, so would rather pick somewhere that has grass I can graze on, rather than be lead out to die in.

        2. I should add that I’m not quite free enough for the commitment yet, but hope to be soon and where you have provided some information I do appreciate it, but please note I am not always asking questions but raising points and ….you know….engaging in the subject.
          If I should have need to start throwing questions en masse, I’ll petition for merciful consideration in advance.

          1. Right, so now you have given me the reason, you’re not free enough for the commitment yet. Okay. I just thought that you could go for it, and get some experience. You can always get out of a contract, sometimes they ask for a months notice, sometimes less, but now I understand, you’re doing your homework before diving in at the deep end. Fine, good luck when the time comes.

          2. Thanks for the well-wishing.
            I just want to make sure I don’t waste a month tied to a place where there is little income, and I can’t open up lessons elsewhere; or that doesn’t disclose it’s pay and conditions until after an interview, or worse still ‘training’. After that, the company then tries to lay down some ‘Bibo” style rot of a few dollars an hour and not being able to work for another company for a year after leaving. That is a largely unenforceable element of a contract, but….I wouldn’t even touch a company like that.
            I’m not greedy, but I simply want to work the hours I’m not able to do anything else and get paid for it so I can, you know, pay my rent and not sit waiting for students while a company dangles empty promises of work, and accruing debt from the practice.
            I also think it’s good for people here to have as much information as we can all provide; so I may still ask questions to promote a better eco-system for us.
            There are too many undisclosed,shady shenanigans going on for silence.

  91. Hi Kristina,
    I’m cassie from a training school.We need a foreign teacher to teach our students, Chinese students who are from 7 years to 12 years old. The class is online training, each class is 30 minutes. The price is USD 15-18 per hour. If you are interested, please reply to me.

    1. Hi. I can help you. I am an English Language Expert and passed the IELTS with an Overall Band Score of 8.5.

  92. Hi Julia
    I would recommend the following to help your experience & C.V.
    1) Stay with Engoo / Bibo as long as you can. The experience is good for you & it looks good on a C.V. that you have a certain amount of time as an online English teacher. Other companies do value experience over qualifications. Working at Engoo / BIbo is a hard pill to swallow but just as they are using us, use them back to your advantage.
    2) Get your TEFL, TESOL, etc., certificate from a reputable company. At the same time, get your Business & Young Learners certificates while your at it. They are valuable for your CV & potential employers usually appreciate them. I find teaching Business English can be boring, teaching kids at times can be a real blast, a great laugh. A TEFL ( or equivalent ) certificate is well worth the money, time & effort spent on getting it.
    3) Take screen shots of the comments section that students leave for you. More positive comments, more a new employer will value you. Take a screen shot of your payment page to show how much you have earned, classes given & how long you have worked at Engoo for. These things are always positive on a CV.
    Remember, that there is a lot of competition out there to work as an online teacher. So its not easy to get employed or get a good following of regular students. So, that said, it might be better to stay at Engoo with the devil you know. I am still with them but I have cut down on opening slots for a number of reasons – low bookings since the price increase, I am busy doing other things & I am also looking for a new online English co. to work for. I am also waiting to see if Engoo gets new students after the price increase, thou I doubt it. They will probably go bankrupt in less than a year after the idiotic way that they increased prices. I hate working for them but I was making decent money per month until the price increase.
    Hope this helps & the best of luck!!!

  93. Hello All,

    I have been working with Vipkid for about 2 years now. I have experienced the growing pains and a lot of changes. Even though I had my own issues with them at first, I am so happy I chose to stick with them.

    For those of you who are interested in applying here are some changes you can look forward to. First, they no longer require minimum hours so, you can work as little or as much as you choose. I have gained enough students that I work with them fulltime while traveling the world with my family. I was able to go fulltime after only 30 days of working.

    Second, they offered a scholarship to teachers in their second contract or beyond to get their TESOL certification. I am happily a recipient of one myself!

    Third, Vipkid now offers teachers the opportunity to work within Corporate AND teach at the same time. Some of the new partnerships include lesson planning, teacher mentor, liason, practicum evaluators, recruitment partner, and a few other positions. What this means for teachers is you now have the opportunity to gain extra $$$ ON TOP OF your teaching salary. I have taken on an added position and consistantly make $5,000+ per month.

    Fourth, from what I have seen with all of the teachers I have brought into Vipkid they have all started off with $8/lesson ($20/hour with incintives). I am sure me being their reference has something to do with it because their credentials varied greatly. I have come to believe this as truth because I thoroughly prepare each teacher before their interview. So, Vipkid has come to know what to expect from the teachers I refer. Also, the rate I have heard a lot of other teachers start with was $7 or $7.50 per lesson.

    Lastly, I heard it thru the grapevine Vipkid is moving forward to expand their base to teaching Adults. Don’t quote me on this because it was an idea being kicked around in a meeting that is being looked further into. Just know if it is announced you heard it from me first. 🙂

    I am sure many people have many questions or simply want some guidence on how to pass the demo and practicum. Feel free to email me at

    Want To Apply?? Click The Link Below.

    ( ).

    Good Luck Guys!!

  94. Stay away from Best Teacher. It’s a horrible company. They don’t care about their teachers at all. One 25 minute class is about 3 dollars, but booking is extremely low when you’re not a native speaker (and half of the teachers who work there pose as native speakers, so it is absurd that students base their decision solely on this). The company doesn’t even care about the students but about the money they make. This has been proven right several times when students complained to me how much they dislike the system. All in all, if it’s your last resort, then go for it. If not, stay away. I used to work for this company, and I don’t recommend it at all. However, some of the students are kind, so I will miss teaching them.

  95. Hello

    I work for tutorABC from the UK and am eagerly awaiting my first salary. I asked when starting the job about taxes and was told I’d be responsible for paying them myself in my home country, but lately I’ve been hearing all kinds of things including that 18% will be deducted for Taiwanese tax.

    Can somebody give me a clear answer on the tax policy of TutorABC?


    1. I can’t remember the exact percent but it was less than six percent that they keep; if you make more than a certain amount per month, which a year ago was an equivalent to about 930 US dollars, they will keep 18 percent. They recommend working only up to that amount so they don’t apply the 18% tax or working a lot more so that it’s worth what theyre taking.

    2. Alex, I just left TutorABC – THEY SUCK

      Tax is 6% up to NTD 30.012 and 18% after that.

      1. I work for tutorabc and I am reading their contract. You are responsible for your own taxes. There is no place in the contract that states they take out foreign taxes. They are out of Taipei not Taiwan so if you have deductions, you may want to refer to your contract

        3.4 TutorABC shall act as fiduciary for withholding and/or government taxes associated with remittances made by TutorABC to PROVIDER. TutorABC will issue an income and withholding statement to PROVIDER for filing his or her annual tax return.
        . TutorABC will remit the amount payable to PROVIDER on the 10th of the month following the month in which the sessions were taught. The day on which the remittance is deposited in PROVIDER’s account depends on processing times of the financial institutions involved. Payment method shall be made via wire transfer.
        . 3.5 If PROVIDER is a non-HK resident, PROVIDER acknowledges and agrees that it is PROVIDER’s own responsibility to report income tax in PROVIDER’s home country. In addition, if PROVIDER resides in Hong Kong for an aggregate of 60 days or more during a taxable year, PROVIDER shall notify TutorABC in writing within seven (7) days of exceeding the aforementioned 60 days.

    3. I just stopped working for tutor ABC yes they tax you on every dollar earned its based on Tawainese HK dollar tax thresholds its works out to about 6% on every earned under USD 1,000 BUT if you earn USD$1001 it taxed at 18% on the lot… I had bad experience with them the don’t give a s**t about the teachers and you are blamed or everything and they hardly every respond. They send you almost weekly generic big stick bashing emails about performance.. There system is not really good.. I was doubled booked two classes at the same time.. I informed them in advance of their error but they never acknowledged and then sent me a warning letter saying I had missed a class which was impossible to teach… they did this more than once.

  96. I’ve heard many complaints about them.
    How much do they pay ?
    Do they have enough work for you to earn $900 /month ?

    1. Yes but you have to hustle and work mega hours early mornings and afternoons. These companies are made for digital nomads, not folks trying to make a living in the USA

  97. Has anyone heard from anyone working for DeerKid? They are on this list, but they are also a very new company so I am looking for honest reviews. I can’t seem to find any reviews online. That would normally turn me off of them, but their website is very professional and the owner is very nice! Any feedback or knowledge would be appreciated!!!!

    1. I was hired by Deerkid and never heard from them again! A waste of time.

  98. italki just told me my video or picture was not up to their standard, and never told me why or how to re-apply or responded to any of my e-mails. waste of a 30-minute application.

  99. Here is the problem with 51Talk and VIP Kid if you are an American: They are both listed on the NY Stock Exchange so they have to report everything to the US government. They insist on hiring you as an independent contractor and you have to complete a W9 form. This means you pay 40% of your income in taxes. So even though the pay is great, your net pay is no better than anywhere else, plus you have a huge headache doing your taxes.

    1. I also see this as a problem. Say your getting paid $10 an hour but pay 40% taxes, your only making $6. For someone living outside the US they don’t have to pay the 40% as they can exempt themselves from taxes and make the full $10. Even if your pay is $14, your gonna actually make $8.40 if your living stateside.

      1. Can’t you claim it back? Not ideal, as it’s a wait, but you should be able to get that rate down to a fairer one, and also claim self employment expenses, shouldn’t you?

        I guess if you fall under the ‘not rich’ category you might have to pay 40%….now if you were making a cool million teaching every year, you’d likely have to pay 2%……
        Land of the free, home for the rich ;-O

    2. 40%? I realize there is self-employment tax, which is roughly 15%. If someone is only working online, I would think the income tax should be, if anything, another 10% or so. Still something to consider, for sure. Or maybe you are working elsewhere and this income just goes on top of your normal income as an employee.

  100. Have anyone heard about working for and (51 freetalk)?

  101. Sorry for the late reply, I applied online on their website then they contacted me through email to have interview and demo class. They do take taxes 6% if you make less than 800.dollars I think and 16% if you make over 800. It’s working out good for me so far they are implementing new junior classes and you can make a lot more money with those . Hope this helps

  102. Great work, very informative & knowledgeable post. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us

  103. Hi Terri! I’ve been working with hellokid for 2 weeks now , and in those 2 weeks I have only taught 2 classes! I’ve been waking up at 4:00am for 2 weeks and none of my classes get booked which is really frustrating. I think their staff is very friendly and I like their teaching platform, but I think they don’t have enough students. How are things going for you with hellokid, are your classes getting booked?

    1. I applied to Hello kid 2 weeks ago and havent heard back after they asked me to send a CV. How long did it take you for them to set up an interview ?

      1. Dude….I don’t think you’re supposed to help. It’s the first part of the interview process 😉

        1. Oh…sorry for helping!…not… Isn’t that what this forum is about….dude.?

          1. The…..smiley……face……
            It was a comment laced with…you know…humour. Hence the….emoticon.

            The partial ‘gag’ being that in many cases finding the way to apply could be considered the first step of the interview. You can take it on any level, but…..with a smiley face…you know.

            A lot of these sites are in their native language, and for the original poster’s reference DadaABC, like many of the schools out there, is in Chinese.
            Many do not have an ‘easy to find’ page for people to apply, if any. Some, like DadaABC , do have an English link on the bottom that can lead one to the tacher application page, and does return results on Google.

            Oh, and it just springs to mind you chastised me for asking questions that are NOT available with a lot of searching, so I’m surprised you aren’t admonishing this person with an unnatural vengeance. 😉

            Again, the smiley face…

      2. I applied to Dadaabc. Two days later I was contacted by a recruiter named Jessica Jin to schedule an interview via Skype, which I did. At exactly 9:00PM Beijing time, 9:00 AM-my time, I was on Skype ready to go. After about 7 minutes, I typed a message letting her know I was ready. The only response I received was “hey.” At 9:15 AM, I logged off. Are they typically this unprofessional? I am still scratching my head trying to figure things out, and the only thought that comes to my mind was this: my skin was not white enough-yes, I have heard of some of those companies! Anyhow, maybe this was a blessing in disguise because either way, this is not the company for me. Best of luck!

        1. Ouch. I have had some bad experiences with a couple companies from China too (and I am super white). One of the interviewers didn’t even speak English and tried to conduct the interviews with slow text messages… Red flag!

  104. You can try that company – globalenglish super professional and the best content for business english in the market. They recruit a lot of different positions.
    The learners are adults who really want to learn, and it really have immense impact on their lives.

    This is a very global diverse company which value work life balance!

  105. I did but I never finished the app. I’m native though. I work for another company atm.

  106. Yeah, I have used it as a second income while working as a more formal tutor. I just used it when I didn’t have any classes. I had only one regular teen…he once pretended to die. Then said he went to the hospital but in general was a good kid. As a female I had to be careful not to stay on too late…I did get a nekkid guy once and few others I needed to block.

  107. i’m working for them too, but I can’t even get AC to work so I can’t finis some training sessions. All of my classes for over a month have been on QQ or Skype. And no one cares enough to do more than say “install this…” which doesn’t work. lol

  108. I currently work for a Chinese company but lived in Korea in 2015-16 teaching as a NET. I wonder if I could work for them as well. It’s not like it’s a competitor…. I better read my contract to make sure.

  109. Which companies are hiring non native qualified (BA, MA, TEFL) English teachers and provide lesson plans and also guarantee to fill up your chosen schedules/hours (peak hours on the East Asian time zone)?
    I would appreciate tried and tested feedback with some mentioning about 1on1 lessons or group lessons and hourly rate.
    THank you very much.

    1. From what I have gathered non-natives will have a tougher time of it full stop. Natives, even with that sometimes demanded “US Accent”, and degrees, TESOLS and experience can still struggle to get what you are asking. Filling up your schedule with any place is tough, it seems, unless you work for a place that pays a pretty low rate. A lot of natives would like similar answers, I imagine.

      A majority of the places will simply add as many teachers as they can; and many of those expect you to sit there waiting for lessons, unpaid. Some of those also expect you to commit to hours for 6 months AND not teach anywhere else. It”s win-win for them. If they have enough students they have teachers on hand and get their cut. If not, it costs them nothing. You on the other hand……
      There are a lot of experiences listed here….read all of them and it will give you some idea.
      Basically you have to weed out the ones that will hire you and pay you a rate you can live on, first, as most will not hire non natives.
      And given all too many count English as ‘non-natives’, well…….
      I wish you luck.

  110. hi, I would like to know about online teaching experience…….how difficult is it?

  111. Thank you so much for publishing this list!!!! It’s so nice to have one place to look through this information. It’s much easier to start looking more in depth when some of the information you’ve provided already narrows the list for me quite a bit! Also, I’ve been approached by several online ESL schools and so many of the reviews from tutors/teachers are terrible! So, I’m finding it a sketchy situation. I also resent the places where one can advertise themselves but they take a huge chunk of what you earn (like 35%). Thanks again! 🙂

  112. Who are the best paid and most friendly to work with online teaching sites? Looking at this list, it’s overwhelming! I’ve just arrived in Sweden from teaching 2 years in Asia, NES South African caucasian professional and on the online job hunt!

    1. It takes a bit of work, but you will find that the European companies are in general the most professional. Some Chinese companies pay a lot but they often don’t have the best support for teachers. Good luck!

      1. Hi Mizel!

        I am a native speaker with a BA degree. I applied and was scheduled for an interview. My recruiter was a no-show, no-call! To me that is a big ‘red flag”

        1. Hi legend.
          I remember I Skyped them to schedule my interview as they weren’t getting back to me. Once I approached them I had my interview done straight away.

  113. I am not a native speaker, but English is my adopted mother tongue. I am sure there are a lot of teachers out there, who speak international English, without an accent and do not live in UK or US or Aussi land or NZ. Does anyone know what website would like to hire “second” option teacher like us? Thank you and good luck to all of you.

    1. Search through the comments here; a lot of talk about this. It will also give you a list of places to avoid.
      Bear in mind a lot of places prefer American English (which baffles me, as well spoken, educated, clear English tends to sound rather similar, and a stong US accent can be harder for anyone to understand than a slight non native accent), then English (I don’t call it British English as it’s a redundancy), then NZ.Oz, then other places like SA.
      Then….other English.
      There are very rare examples where an international accent/English is preferred, but online…..
      We English, even with standard neutral British English, are second choice. So….yeah.
      Sadly a lot of places that will hire you pay less. Bibo, Tutor ABC and the like, but the pay can be as little as $2 an hour. Bear in mid that qualified natives are sometimes offered $4-6 an hour from some of these places….

      As said; take some time to read all the comments here. You will get a LOT more information, as there are a lot of people who have offered help and advice, and won;t want to summarise things in most cases.

      1. Not all American accents… only North American. I prefer British, but funnily enough South African English (quite neutral) is sought after. I myself am South African; although I have heard the odd accent that was just too hardcore. But SA are friendly, so students seem to built up a rapport with them. My husband is at Bibo and I teach two languages on different sites. I love my job. I just do not understand how Asian companies want to learn English but has almost zero communication skills and interaction with tutors. It puzzles me…

  114. Teaching is easy
    Finding students / agencies paying a reasonable rate is VERY difficult.

    Be warned . .

    1. If you (general you) think teaching is easy, and you don’t have a wealth of experience, you are not doing it correctly. Going through the motions and handing in subpar lessons is easy. Being the “English speaker in the (virtual) room” is easy. Even be a good teacher but doing the same thing without adapting to the student can be easy, relatively speaking. Giving good quality lessons, allowing your students to learn at an age and ability appropriate level is not easy. It shouldn’t be. If you are finding it easy, in most cases you can be doing things to improve.
      Now,. some lessons, particularly with a certain higher level adult student, one-to-on, that you have on a frequent basis can be classes as easy. Heck, even some kids lessons can be relatively easy.
      If you (AOL) find it easy, you may be the outlier; but I would still say if anyone teaching isn’t finding some way to challenge themselves, they aren’t doing all they can.

      I say this without being snide, and it’s a general rule not aimed at you, necessarily, (AOL) , but sometimes (not always) the trouble with finding students and a good rate may be that one thinks it is easy.

      A large part a lot of places treat their teachers badly, and sometimes don’t pay well, is the amount of ‘teachers’ that turn up and expect to speak English and voila! Or jsut turn up. Or turn up sometimes and be white and entitled. Even having a degree, a TESOL/CELTA is no assurance a person knows what to do. Heck, I saw a ‘CELTA qualified teacher only” school post a lesson video online. Probably one of the worst lessons I have seen given. Pretty much a list of things to do wrong.
      And not just by my metric; by every teacher, every school and every trainer I have ever met who knew anything and gave a damn, and a lot of who didn’t, would outstrip the performance there.

  115. I am a qualified EFL teacher with a masters degree. When I started Skype had just started, and there was a big demand for teachers. But as skype expanded there was an influx of teachers from low-wage economies, and the demand collapsed.
    I have a steady stream of students, I am doing on average 20 to 25 lessons per week. But only half them are paying me a reasonable fee $15 -$25 per hour(minus agency commission in some cases). Most of those are long term adult students, apart from the occaissional person who wants an intensive course for a deadline (exam or interview).
    The other half are Chinese school kids (some with excellent English) paying me less than $10 per hour.

    I have been doing it long enough to have built up a range of materials, and I have enough experience to know how to engage with people, but I still come across chilldren who are a challenge, who are difficult to motivate.

    I can get any amount of the school kids, but well paying adults . . .
    In a country where the minimum wage is 8.50 euro, and qualified teachers can earn 30k per annum, $10 /hour is just not worth it. I only continue with some kids because I have buillt up a relationship with them, and they expect me to be available for months.

    Online teaching can really only be seen as a supplymentary income. It is not as easy as the introduction would have you believe

    1. (I’m talking here, and in total on this page, about teaching English to 1-6 (maybe 8) adults or kids, and not to 20-30, and primarily online so to 1-4).
      Having experience and training, and actually caring and caring to improve, helps a lot, more so than ‘qualifications’ IMHO. I have met, and witnessed, many a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA holding English degree/masters holder who lacked teaching skills, human interaction skills and even competent English language skills.

      It also helps to make teaching easier. However I would argue that most teachers should never feel it’s easy, per se. I love teaching as it’s not a job where I am disengaged enough to start planning my dinner. However, this might be semantics about the word ‘easy’, but I would say, especially here, we should stress teaching is not easy.
      A lot of people feel they can do it, and it seems employers and/or students maybe feel they can too, when the stark reality is most can’t. I didn’t expect to be able to, I fell into it, and it’s actually darned unfortunate as it’s something I seem to be good at (different feedback, from employers to students) and I like a lot. It’s not….the best paying job. It’s also frustrating as you may have had, as I expect a lot of seasoned teachers have, experience of blatantly weak teachers regarded as competent; either because they are friendly and students like them (and so effectively pay a lot for a ‘friend’), or students have had a lot of bad experiences.

      A ‘good’ teacher can lay in some area of subjectivity, but I think we could mostly agree that keeping the TTT low for adults, unless they SPECIFICALLY request otherwise, or they really REQUIRE otherwise and it’s explained to them and they agree (for example, there are some speakers that are generally higher level and can communicate well but make a lot of basic errors that obfuscate meaning, so for their needs can benefit from more TTT to explain the nuance issues). Also that the teacher actually have excellent English skills; native or not, teaching a student incorrect English kind of..falls into the ‘unquestionably bad’ category in my book. This doesn’t mean that he teacher needs to blitz the student with talk of past perfect or compound verbs, but actually have impeccable English that if written as spoken could be published without correction.

      Anyway, I do feel that as people are often paying a lot of money, especially comparative to their income, even if we may not always be getting the lion’s share of it, we should strive to do our best to give the students a great learning experience that they want and need,. If we can’t there are fairer ways to make a buck without shortchanging people who really, often, cannot tell their trust is being violated.

      As for accents….well in the UK when they started throwing up more regional examples onto the news once, the most complaints they got where from….regional speakers.
      A nice lilt to a voice can be fine, but if you sound like someone from Eastenders, Auf Wiedersen Pet or Prince Charles, or …that Irish bloke that used to be in Coronation Street……then it’s an issue for learners. Mind you, I think it’s telling that most US broadcasters and actors have accents a far cry from the type ‘craved for’ by some schools.

      However, you seem sympathetic to the cause, man. America Online, indeed. 😉

  116. George Bernard Shaw (My Fair Lady) said the best English is spoken in Dublin . . .

  117. Hi, I am Nana and I am a Master student of English Language and Literature and Classical Languages: Latin Language and Roman Literature and Ancient Greek Language. I have more than 5 years of experience in teaching English online and offline to students from different countries. I have worked for several different companies and I have applied for all the companies from the list and had an interview with most of them xD
    I am a non native speaker.
    The first company that I worked for was Bibo (DMM Eikaiwa/Engoo)- 4 years- 1-on-1-teaching.The pay started with 5 $ per 25 min, but has decreased over years down to 1.4 $/25 min.(The pay rate depends on the teacher’s origin, not on the educational background and experience. Although the booking rate is great, I don’t recommend this company, because, beside the low base rate, their server has a lot of gaps, which results in class cancellation and suspension. The communication between TS, OS and the teachers is horrible. There are a lot of mistakes in their materials.)
    The 2nd company was ABC Tutor based in Taiwan- 1-on-1 and group classes. The base rate depends on the teacher’s origin+bonuses they get from the student’s ratings (1-10) If the base is higher, the rating bonuses are also higher. For Eastern and Southern-Eastern Europeans the base is 2-3.50 $ per 45 min, while the Western Europeans and natives have 5-8.50 $ and above. Their platform is horrible. A lot of technical issues, which can be a big problem when you deal with group classes. )
    I tutor Group- based in Johannesburg, seems to be recruiting for ABC Tutors (7,50 $ base), you can earn approximately 18 $ per 45 min
    Best teacher- based in Japan, 3 $ base rate + bonuses. A teacher can work in 3 rooms: chatting room (the teacher and the student exchange messages, situational questions), correcting room (teacher corrects the material from the chatting room and Skype room (the teacher and the student have a Skype lesson based on a role play made in the chatting room), I’ve never conducted a single class for them, because they don’t require a specific number of classes to be conducted in a specific period of time. However, I heard that the booking rate is not so good. They employ non-natives as well

    Eigox- based in Japan, The employ natives only, despite your certificates and working experience, I worked for them until they asked me to send them my ID copy. They pay 6 $ per 25 min

    Usa Sishu- a Chinese school for children aged 5-15. They pay 15 $ per hour and offer working hours from Mon to Friday 6-9 pm (Beijing Time) and 12-9 pm (Beijing Time) on weekends. Chinese teachers, who will act as your TS, will arrange classes for you and the number of classes that you get depend on their will. Students can not book classes on their own and the booking rate is very low. The working schedule is fixed, once you decide when you want to work. I do not recommend this company. Horrible! Completely unprofessional and unorganized staff, the communication between foreign and Chinese teachers is horrible, because of their poor English speaking skills. I was shocked to be interviewed by an HR who’s English speaking skills are so terrible. I had to correct the mistakes in the contract they offered me, before signing it. It is a shame to have such cardinal mistakes in the contract! The teachers must manage their own salary sheets and provide them. I always experienced some deductions, without any explanations, and when I asked them why, they kept ignoring me. The salary was always late. A lot of problems with their platform Hua Wang. Dora-recruiter and Eric- the department manager are extremely unprofessional and unreliable. The salary is not so bad for a non-native speaker, but it’s not worth the stress, believe me.

    VIP Kid- is the best Chinese company for children so far, with only positive reviews, but they only employ natives (+15 $/hour)
    Dada Abc is another great Chinese company for children, but they employ only natives.

    Hello Kid is also a very good Chinese company that pays 15 $ base rate per hour and it has an excellent booking rate. They employ natives and non natives as well, and the payment is same for both 🙂 They use Class In platform. The classes are: assessment (20-25min) and regular (25-30min). Working hours are Mon-Friday 6-9 pm (Beijing Time) and 3-9 pm on weekends (fixed schedule once you decide when do you want to work)

    Nice talk is from the same company as Hello Kid, but made as an app for adults, the pay is a little lower, 10 -12 $ per hour

    Kuku speak- A Chinese company that uses Zoom In platform and pays 10-12 $ per hour for classes with adults
    Kuku Abc is from the same company, but provides classes to children only, and the pay is higher, from 12-15 $/ hour base rate+ bonuses (up to 20 $) The classes are: assessment (20-25min) and regular (25-30min). Working hours are Mon-Friday 6-9 pm (Beijing Time) and you don’t need to work on weekends, but if you want to, you can work from 3-9 pm. You can choose how many hours and when you want to work and then sign a contract with those working hours. They also offer a full time contract where you must work 3 hours from Monday-Friday (fixed) and in addition to that, you have the option to make your own slots in your schedule and the students can book your classes on their own, which is great! This is something that other companies do not have: a combination of fixed and flexible. schedule. And the staff is so great, the communication is wonderful! 🙂

    1. Nice job 😉 It’s good to see people supplying new/revised info, as opposed to asking for people to summarise what has already been written ….

      I’ll be telling people to look at your post a few months down the line 😉

      (For non-native I should add that I would class a fair few ‘natives’ I have met in that category based upon their massacring of the old Queen’s (English))

      It’s good to call out the places that pay slave wages. Now if you are a non native living somewhere the currency gets far more bang for your buck, then that’s one thing. If you are a native or non native who has worked hard to get their skills close to native, and there are a fair few of those, living in such places well…’s not as bad if you are getting $5 an hour if it’s the equivalent of $20 elsewhere BUT if you are going to return to your own country with higher costs of living in the future….
      But for the natives and close to native speakers who live in places where $10 is basic survival, and teaching nets you like 3-4 hours a day, working for $3 an hour is absurd.

      Don’t do it folks. It’s just going to be a race to the bottom and drag everyone down and reduce those low wages for you down further.
      Seriously this is happening in a lot of ‘industries’ as people offer work on Fiver that undercuts professionals…..and then they cut undercut by someone else on fiver until the standard is absurd.

      If you are a native or non native with reasonable English and teaching skills and enthusiasm, try to realistically place your pay scale. IF you have native level English (and not all natives do) and great teaching skills/ enthusiasm to learn more and care, aim for higher.

      When people start accepting $6 an hour in that latter category, you get the Biboo situation where they drop the wages for everyone.
      To all the people who want to teach for the right reasons, and care, I wish you luck. It’s brutal out there and white privilege is very real, and in some cases ‘being born in America even if you shouldn’t be teaching dogs to bark in English privilege’ is also a thing.

    2. Hi Nana,
      Your comment has been very helpful and insightful. I would like to apply for KuKu Abc and I was wondering if you could help me out. I have a BA in English, TESOL, TEYL and I’ve been teaching English to Chinese kids for a year now. Who can I contact and where do I apply? How did you approach them? Thanks

    3. Hello Nana

      Thank´s for the info, it looks like you can refer people to get bonus, I want to apply to hello Kid, could you please give a contact so I can start the process… or send the links to apply 🙂


  118. Hi,

    Would it be possible to add some Australian companies to this list.

    And is it possible for Australian teachers to apply for work to the companies listed?


    1. I say this nicely, but as I have been commenting a few times to folks asking look through this page as there is a lot of info in it. You will find a lot of answers provided by the folks above….
      You don’t have to go too far up to see my ranking of where you fall in the native pecking order. You are a native, even if ‘take a squizz’ defies that logic (joke! I LOVE that phrase) but some places apply the US only, US UK only order….
      The good news is you come third.
      If it says native and doesn’t stress US only apply. Or apply to them all anyway.
      Again, have a squizz at all the info above.

      1. Hi Heather, if you enjoy teaching kids, then this could be the ideal job for you. I currently work for this very good, reliable, organized company. You are more than welcome to apply using this link:

        Any other teachers who would like to apply, just use the link. I am not sure whether they employ non – native speakers or not, so it’s worth a try.

  119. Earn up to $25/hour!H
    Homebased Native teachers required

    We provide One-on-one online English class for children aged 5 to 16.
    Candidates must be: Native English speaker  with Bachelor’s degree.

    You need desktop or Laptop with fast speed Internet connection and audio/video capability.
    Contract term  will be starting 6-Months /12-Months.
    Start date is Immediately
    Payment Earn up to $25/hr!

    The average working hours is 15 hrs per week. We have classes during 6pm-9pm (Beijing time) every day. Teachers don’t need to write teaching materials by themselves.

    Resume that is clearly dated.
    A Recent picture from the shoulders up.
    If the above are not sent in the first contact e-mail you WILL NOT receive a reply.
    E-mail to send the application:

    Apply now! Good luck!

    1. Agnesa, how many companies do you try to get teachers for? 🙂

      That description is for DaDaABC and a few other ads that copy and paste DaDa’s ads online (some seem legitimate smaller companies, some…..who knows?)

      Are you just providing referral links or do you work as a recruiter?

      I have been seeing your name in a few places… and you’ve been posting here a while.

      I’m not sure asking people to email personal info to an account is attractive, so just wondering if you really are in the recruiting business…..why not set yourself up officially?

      1. Agnesa:
        I zapped her my CV & photo per the instructions she left above. I have had no reply or response in over 2 weeks. So, Im imagining its a scam or a recruiter just collecting CV´s.
        Im native, college grad, over 7 yrs experience teaching English, about 1 yrs teaching English online, TEFL certificate, EU national, among some other qualifications. I would guess that a school would / should / maybe just might be interested in me. If they were serious that is…………..
        Just a heads up to anyone sending out their CV´s. Remove any personal info such as passport num., national ID num, etc. until you have an interview with somebody at the company you are applying for. Once you know for sure who will have access to your personal info, keep it to yourself.
        My 2 cents.

      2. I have just started working for DaDaABC. I was offered $17.50 having no online teaching experience.
        If you are interested working for them here is the OFFICIAL DaDaABC link:
        They claim to employ native speakers only but that’s not always the case. If your english is good, you should give it a try.
        The whole process takes about one week.
        So far so good 🙂

  120. Any experience with Hugo English or ALO7? I’m in the interview process with both of them but also just got hired with VIPKid and not sure if I should continue the process or focus on building my reputation with VIPKid. ALO7 says that if you get 1-3 classes then you’ll have a regular weekly schedule but I don’t know if there are a lot of 1-3 classes available. I’m not sure about Hugo English.

    Also, does anyone know any classes where you get a regular weekly schedule?

    1. I was hired by AL07 and it was just months of waiting and then we never heard anything from them. The training was long, and for nothing, because at the end of it we just waited and was told they were no longer in need. This happened to me twice with them. I would go with VIPkid

      1. I was hired by Alo7, passed the interview, demo lesson, orientation session and signed the contract and everything, even upgraded my internet. But it seems they hired too many teachers and can’t give me any sessions. It’s been over a month. Now I see others have had a similar experience, being put on the back burner. So be warned.

  121. Hi, is someone around here willing to provide online English courses? I am looking forward to improving my language skills as I am a native Romanian speaker and looking for an online teacher. Thank you very much! Feel free to send me an e-mail 🙂 lovely day everyone!

    1. Hello Larisa You are welcome to contact me on Skype justin.ferreira137

  122. I’ll bet that this is probably a lie. I’ve dealt with Chinese people, employers, and recruiters. Hell, I even speak the language! They habitually and desperately attempt to save face by doubling down in this manner.

    Not to seem racist, but Chinese people (Mainlanders — 大陸人, particularly) and those who profit from them in the EFL/ESL industry are, in the main, untrustworthy. 有了足夠的經驗,誰都聞得出來騙人公司的這種臭味。Of the dozens of these recruiters, employers, and other businessmen with whom I’ve interacted over half a decade, only about 10% had any scruples, and among them, even fewer have any real pedagogical knowledge. That’s why, in many of these instances, the PPT presentations that you receive to teach with these firms are utter garbage. TutorABC’s materials, for instance, literally haven’t been updated since the early 1990s, and I know this because I worked as the curricular director for one of its competitors in Taiwan (AMC Tutor4U — AMC空中家教) before I blew the whistle on that firm for its horrendously corrupt business practices. The fact that this firm even allows applicants to work for 51Talk, knowing full well that it’s just as unscrupulous and apathetic to educational quality and teacher satisfaction as the rest of them, tells you everything that you need to know about Twosigmas.

  123. Hey all, I am a South African but English is practically my first language. Any sites you can recommend, I don’t have TOFL certificates and the likes but really need a job.

  124. Are you looking for teachers or students.
    My skype englishteacherlive

  125. I really love to be a Online English Teacher, however I do not have any experience yet. I had a five year experience as a call center agent and a one year experience as an English teacher for grade 3 students at Mary the Queen School of Malolos. I am willing to have a part-time job which is homebased because I am a mom of two kids, I am the one who is sending them for school and paying for the expenses, I need an income for about 25,000 per month.

    1. I’m presuming you are Filipino and/or living in the Philippines?
      There a few place that hire non natives…there is more than one company that only hires from the Philippines I think….so you have an advantage there.
      Take a look at the schools listed under “Other Locations” at the top of this page.

      Also read through these comments on this page; PLENTY of discussion of where non-natives can apply.

      As for your salary requirements, you’ll have to see if you can, and wish to, work the hours required at the pay offered; I can think of almost no place that offers non-natives the same as natives, not unless they have ‘as native’ level.
      The amount you mention is about $500 USD. It depends on how you define ‘part-time’. Most of us who live in the ‘native English countries’ can’t afford to work for the rates some companies offer. Minimum wage is around $10-13 in these countries and that still requires most people work full time AND struggle with bills.
      These companies do tend to attract more non-natives. From what I can gather you’d need to work at least 100 hours a month to make what you want. Maybe more; some companies pay 3-4 USD per hour.

  126. Great list! I worked for GVE English and had a good experience, and made $21 CAD/hour. Their lesson plans are engaging for the students, and easy to follow. They didn’t have many students/hours at that point, and there were some technical glitches, but they were still a new company.

    I’m currently looking to teach 2-5 hours a week, from 5-10 PM EST… any suggestions?

  127. I have a pretty awesome opportunity for anyone interested regarding ESL teaching to children online ages 5-14. The company is called DadaABC and we are paying up to 25$/Hr for teachers with flexible scheduling. If you are interested please check out the link for a comprehensive view of the company This is a really innovative company with a lot of opportunities for growth and consistent students each week. 

    Excited for you to get started!

    1. Hi. Any idea why I got no response? Tried applying severa times already. I know they need teachers and yet not responding to my application at all

      1. Wow, you guys are having a DaDaABC ‘give me that referral bonus’ face off 😉

        And a reminder to folks, as kudos said above….be wary of sending your resumes to @yahoo, @gmail etc.
        This is for job ads with “schoolname@ generic email (sometimes Chinese emailprovider so do google to see if it’s an actual business @address or not) AND anyone posting in forums.

        Personally, I wouldn’t send my details to anyone using a non company email AT ALL. If you do, I would advise you send heavily edited details; they only need your name and experience at most.

        However, do ask yourself; if anyone CAN hire you within a company, wouldn’t they have that company’s official email address?
        If they want to give you advice, they don’t need your CV.

      2. Julie, a lot of these companies take weeks, sometimes months, to respond sadly.

        I would recommend caution emailing your resume to the poster who suggested it; he posted what appears to be a referral link earlier, and basically teachers who already work for companies get a bonus if they get people to sign up…..Unless he can clarify the point below……

        Carson Lee; offering a link is one thing, but do you actually represent the company in any official way? Wellerman is simply posting his link, but if you are asking for resumes you are implying you have some sort of hiring power.

        1. SDaily – Yes, I am in direct contact with two recruiters at the company.

          We are looking to hire an influx of teachers at the moment and I did send Julie the OP’s resume to them personally. She is a highly qualified candidate and would be a great teacher to have on board.

          In regards to my first post, One was a link to apply and I provided my email address for people to get in contact with me if they were having trouble due to the wave of applications – including other questions. Luckily, there have been a great number of responses of people interested and I’d be more than happy to help anyone else out if they are interested.

          Warm regards

          1. Carson- OK, thanks for clearing that up.
            There are too many people asking for things to be sent by email.

            If the company are looking to hire an influx, though, does that mean.. DaDaABC will soon become a low booking fest like many others?

  128. Hi there,

    I’m posting this on behalf of a new company based in Nanjing, China.
    They are currently looking for experienced and professional native teachers for online training.

    Students ages range from middle school to college age.
    Peak times are evenings and weekends (Beijing time)
    Salary will be between $10-$15 (nego) depending on experience with the chance of pay raise and bonuses.
    Starting hours will be 10-20 per week and rising after one month

    If you are interested in this position, please send CV with a recent photo of yourself to:

    Thanks for your time


  129. Can anyone provide me with information about a company called SameSpeak?

    1. Hi Julia: SameSpeak is currently not hiring new teachers/coaches. They will let you post a profile and even accept new students; however any lessons that you give are unpaid. I contacted them and they told me they have a surplus of teachers/coaches now and when the vetting process opens for new teachers/coaches I will get an email. So far it’s almost been a year.

    1. Hioffer is a recruiting company. English teachers can register for free on the platform and apply for jobs or register for free on the platform and wait for schools and companies to contact you. The schools are legit, the jobs are legit. I’m happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact me at

  130. I work for GMNY (Global Mate New York) teaching English to Korean students (mostly adults). I didn’t see this company mentioned above.

    1. Thanks! I will look it up and add it too the list. Any details about the company you care to give us?

      1. I was just offered an interview. Then said the starting rate was $1.50 for 10 minutes + 10% bonus pay.

    2. I am very interested in this company. Would it be possible to learn more about then? (E.g Pay, teaching approach, work ethics or even your own review on them) Thanks.

  131. Hi, can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes from making an application to being up and running? My school contract ends in June and I would like to try online teaching to see if it is feasible before signing another contract for September.

    I am British with a CELTA, living in Turkey.

    Many thanks.

    1. Dawn,
      To get a response from a company can take days, weeks, months or they may never get back to you. There are many people wanting to work as online English teachers, many qualified, too many that are not. So, the companies get saturated with CV´s. It can take time for a company to shift thru all the offers till they find someone qualified. The best advice I can give you is, take a good read thru this site, decide which companies are good for you, avoid the companies with continuous bad comments & concentrate on the good ones. Remember, that even good companies can / might have a negative review for whatever reason. Zap out a bunch of CV´s & see what you get back.
      Engoo / DMM Eikaiwa / Bibo is 1 of those companies that always have bad comments about them. I worked for them for about a yr. They used to pay on time & had a good amount of students. Now they have no students, so your booking rate is very low. They dont pay on time & the staff are rude to the teachers. Engoo / DMM Eikaiwa / Bibo
      is deceitful & unethical with their teachers & students.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Apply now. You might be disappointed at how few replies you get. If a company is interested in you, they may have training, demo classes, etc before you actually get a contract. Even if all that happens quicker than expected, they will ask when you want to start, so don’t worry, start applying. Good luck!

    3. The saying ‘Don’t give up your day job’ is very well applied here. If you read though the comments here, and just get a feel for the online teaching industry in general, you’ll have to decide if you can trade stability for….this ;-).
      It depends on how much you need to live on. Basically even the top paying jobs are typically about $25 USD per teaching hour. IF you luck out and find one that pays that, has 4 hours and you are fully booked..well… will be in rarefied air.
      Most places will pay around $16-20 USD, and you can count on maybe two paid hours. As the folks here offering referral links for DaDaABC demonstrate…they are the only company that seem to offer a guaranteed rate, but it’s only applicable to 2.5 hours of teaching a day and if you don’t have lessons it’s a half rate so….
      They seem the best for an optimistic predicted wage outlook, then and say you get $25 an hour(reports around are that isn’t too common these days but who knows what the actual reality is?), but only 1 booked hour (could happen)…..You are looking at about $43.75 USD a day. So, you know, could be more, could be less. Maybe some of the DaDaABC folk can comment on booking rates.
      Also do bear in mind the contracts. You can see some online by googling…and these are ‘guidelines to how the company will treat you’, basically, as if you have seen what the companies offer they are not real, legally binding contracts. I would certainly not expect to contest one with Chinese law expecting it to weigh in my favour.

      Apply around, but do bear in mind that stability is not assured. A lot of places may even cancel your contract if your internet is out a few times.

      Good luck!

  132. TutorABC based in Taiwan -if that is the same crowd you were with – is SHOCKING!!

    Anybody reading this STAY AWAY, you do not need that kind of ***p in your life. They are uncommunicative, rude and don’t care about their teachers.
    Their base rate is set for life -depending on your country from $4 , no incentives etc. Even when I finished another degree they weren’t interested. If you have a doctorate and live in the USA – according to them, the highest cost of living WHAT A JOKE – you will earn $8.9

    1. I have mixed feelings about Tutor ABC. I worked for them 10 years ago and had a base rate of $9 and always made a couple of dollars extra with bonuses. BUT if you become too popular they will load your classes up and then you will have major technical problems. Once I had 6 students in a class!!

      The students were great though and they always had plenty of work. Downside was major stress with the bandwidth. The actual teaching is very easy if uninspiring.

  133. Not quite, I am a native English speaker, I got $4.9, Only Americans get above $5

    1. Hey Robert, can you please tell me how did those 3 interviews look like? And did you pass them? 🙂

  134. Michelle, try Blazaar, or Learnlight. I have interviews with both of them this week. I am also interviewing with FluentBe but you have to do your own lesson plans, which I am not prepared to do for USD 10 / hour.

    Look under European Companies on this page, their times are within an hour or two of ours.

  135. They do take tax off 6% below NTD 30012 and 18% above that.

    I needed my Taiwanese Tax number and payslips so that I could get a reduction on my local tax – NEVER heard a word from them


  136. Thanks for such a comprehensive list!!

    I applied to a LOT of companies listed here. I have scheduled 6 interviews, within a week of applying.

    And thanks for the forum, it has been incredibly helpful in sifting through some of the companies.

    There is a new, still small Japanese company – 81English, they seem very nice.

    1. 81 Talk seem to charge the student 500 yen for 25 minutes. That’s about $4.50 USD.
      Don’t think they’ll be paying much more than 80% of that to the teacher..possibly less….so.

      A lot of these Japanese companies are doing this. Odd, as Japan is the richest ESL nation outside of the Saudi region.
      The standard in Japan for group classes was always about 1,800 yen for a course (like had to buy 10-20 lessons) and 3000 yen an hour for private one-one and 5-7000 yen school one-one.
      I doubt it’s gone up even after all these years, but it’s surprising to see so many of the lowest rates being offered by Japanese companies, or Filipino companies servicing Japan, where the students can afford to pay more than almost any other country.

  137. Hi Jim,

    Are you an entrepreneur?

    Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Paul and Mary Mandelt, we are from Perth Australia. We came across you in the teaching English online forum. How are you? Are you open to an opportunity to earn US$?

    We promote an online, game based English learning program for primary children. They love it. It’s called Woogi English, maybe you have heard of us we have been around for over 10 years and have over 2 million students mainly in China and Russia.

    We are looking to expand and are looking for teachers and entrepreneurs who would like to get involved and earn an extra income by promoting the program with us. Is this you or do you know someone who might be interested? If so please make contact initially by email,

    Regards Paul and Mary
    Intro video

  138. Hi everyone,

    My company is recruiting teachers! Native AND Non Native speakers of English! 🙂

    Work from anywhere in the world and get paid to any account you hold in your name.

    Maybe you have just finished your BA at uni and need to gain some experience? Or, perhaps you would like to try a new career path?

    TEFL and university degree holders will have higher chances of securing positions. However, the company are partnered with a TESOL institute and still might consider you without the above. You will pay for the certificate which takes about 6 weeks to complete whilst you work. They will take the fee from your salary after you’ve completed the course.

    Whatever your answer is…Here are the requirements you need to get you started.

    You will need a fast and stable WIRED Internet connection, (No wi-fi) The hours are from 6-9pm (Beijing, China time zone) **Working hours: (UK time zone 11am-2pm)**

    This company is professional, responsive to your needs and supportive.

    Hourly rate is paid in USD: $19-25p/h. *conversion is approximately* GBP (£15-21 p/h)
    Students are aged 4-16 One to one teaching.

    I’ve been working for them for half a year and am quite satisfied. You set up your own schedule and they take care of filling it up with students. The best part? Since they offer a fixed time contract they pay even if there are no classes or the students didn’t show up.

    The only drawback for me is that the break between the classes is only 2 minutes, so you barely have time to catch your breath before the next class. You learn not to drink too much water before your classes start 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to apply through this link:


    1. Hi Kate
      It seems like there are a lot of requiters for DaDaABC here. I sent my CV directly to them following a link posted above, I also sent my CV to them thru 2 or 3 other requiters found on this web site. I have yet to hear back directly from the company. Even thou 1 of the requiters was nice enough in forwarding my CV to the company.
      My qualifications should be more than enough to at least spark some sort of reply from them but nothing. So, it is starting to look like DaDaABC is either a scam or just collecting CV´s for future use. They are going to get a bad reputation as time wasters for any potential teachers. Its not a good sign of professionalism if you start off by ignoring people that are interested in working for your company.
      More so, your above posted link is not working. Get your act together & stop wasting peoples time.
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Kudos,
        Thanks for your reply. True, there are quite a few teachers from DaDaABC here because of the referral bonus offered by the company.
        I’m surprised it takes them so long to reply, though. I talked to their HR the other day and they’re in urgent need of experienced English teachers. I totally agree that’s not professional of them to keep potential teachers waiting. Having said that, DaDaABC is still one of the best companies I’ve personally worked for. I had experience with a few other online school before but none can compete in terms of stable flow students and hourly rates. In your case I’d send them a message via wechat. From my experience it works like a charm with Chinese companies.

    2. Apparently this link is not working, I added another one below this post. Unfortunately, can’t edit it right here

  139. Hi everyone,

    My company is recruiting teachers! Native AND Non Native speakers of English! 🙂

    Work from anywhere in the world and get paid to any account you hold in your name.

    Maybe you have just finished your BA at uni and need to gain some experience? Or, perhaps you would like to try a new career path?

    TEFL and university degree holders will have higher chances of securing positions. However, the company are partnered with a TESOL institute and still might consider you without the above. You will pay for the certificate which takes about 6 weeks to complete whilst you work. They will take the fee from your salary after you’ve completed the course.

    Whatever your answer is…Here are the requirements you need to get you started.

    You will need a fast and stable WIRED Internet connection, (No wi-fi) The hours are from 6-9pm (Beijing, China time zone) **Working hours: (UK time zone 11am-2pm)**

    This company is professional, responsive to your needs and supportive.

    Hourly rate is paid in USD: $19-25p/h. *conversion is approximately* GBP (£15-21 p/h)
    Students are aged 4-16 One to one teaching.

    I’ve been working for them for half a year and am quite satisfied. You set up your own schedule and they take care of filling it up with students. The best part? Since they offer a fixed time contract they pay even if there are no classes or the students didn’t show up.

    The only drawback for me is that the break between the classes is only 2 minutes, so you barely have time to catch your breath before the next class. You learn not to drink too much water before your classes start 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to apply through this link:

    1. Hi. I know for a fact they hire non-natives, I know one of them personally. But the person I spoke to on skype told me they don’t hire and don’t have any working for them. They keep rejecting my application, I know that too, but have recently hired a Russian girl who lives in the States but only temporaryily have only lived there for like several months. Perfect logic. I know that from a friend ho works for them and she is Russian. And I have been trying to get a job there for a long time now. With my native-like English (I’m Russian) and more than 3 years of experience, online as well, it shouldn’t be so hard. So what I’m asking is, is there any way to contact someone sane and professional in this company who will neither lie to me, nor be incompetent in HR concerning their non-native policy?

    2. Hi, I have the same problem/question as the other commenter. I am non native, with experience teaching. How is it possible to apply with a decent chance of actually getting the job?

    3. Hi Kate, is it possible to work weekends only for them? I don’t finish school until mid June so won’t be available on weekdays until then. Thanks. Dawn

    4. Hi DadaABC people,

      I am a native English speaker and I have a TEFL/TESOL but no university degree.

      However, I have experience teaching Chinese people online.

      Can I still apply with a university degree?

  140. Hi Kate,
    I wrote them an email to the following addy – – stating that I had applied but have not heard back from them. I am still waiting for a reply.
    I will try thru the web chat to see what comes of it.
    Ill let you know.

  141. Hi, can anyone tell me if Blazaar offers teaching materials, or would I have to provide my own materials and make a lesson plan?

  142. Hi Kate
    Some one thru the web chat told me to resend my cv & photo to the following email addy – Which I did. Once again, lets see how they get back to me.
    I have found that many of the Asian companies do not get back to you, set for a skype interview & not show up, cant seem to figure out the world time zones & then blame the teacher for not showing up. Plus some other annoying time wasting mistakes.
    I guess they need to get their mojo working up to western standards………….
    My 2 cents once again……..

  143. Hello–Can I have some recent information on abc5(Vicky does the interview) Chinese Company? Do the normally give you enough students. What is the pay? What is the demo like? Thanks

  144. Does anyone know how to apply to New Vision Learning?
    thank you in advance

  145. Hey there! I am a South African that is extremely eager to teach English online. I have obtained my TEFL certification and I am a native English speaker. I don’t have proper teaching experience but I have interned at schools and use to be an Au Pair.
    Can anyone help me find a good paying teaching job? Will really appreciate!

  146. Apparently, 20 people used my DaDaABC referral address, but ALL failed to land a job. Reasons given: Nationality / Internet connection / Current location. No further details were given. If anyone thinks that they might be able to meet the criteria, apply using:

    1. The qualified candidates were too busy using the referral links of the people who just stopped by 🙂
      Your longer standing presence on here is clearly not appreciated :-O.

      This recruitment drive of theirs…..seems like they may be expanding quickly, and I don’t know how well that will work out.
      A lot of teachers….will there be enough students? What’s it like now? Are you guys booked out?

      DaDaABC do pay for “non teaching time” but it’s half after 30 minutes, right? That’s certainly better than ‘not paying but have you wait in front of your PC’, but it could end up being a bit light on pay if there are going to be too many teachers.

      I hope they don’t add themselves to the pile of schools who like “overstocking with teachers so they have plenty in supply”. Although at least, for now, DaDaABC wlll pay something…..
      A lot of schools just like to stack their books and have a win-win situation; they will never have to turn a student down, and won;t have to pay for the teachers to sit on stand-by.

      I am curious about the state of play here with teaching online in general; I do see comments about how there are many qualified and experienced teachers out there, and not enough jobs but…..
      How true is that if these larger Chinese companies are claiming to have hundreds of thousands of students?
      I get the feeling a lot of places have a high turnover from all that is said. I mean, 3-67/am PT, and 7-10/11am ET for what can amount to well under a part time wage, with internet required so people have to live in pricey cities…and as Wellerman says, 20 people were turned away for not meeting the requirments….

      I mean, some people love teaching and are positioned to do it, but….I don’t know….I just get the feeling it’s something people think is ‘easy’..sit at home in their underwear and just deal with some kids…and soon find it’s something different.

      Just curious about the state of play.

  147. ‘I just get the feeling it’s something people think is ‘easy’..sit at home in their underwear and just deal with some kids…and soon find it’s something different.’

    Yes, …they’re the ones who either fall at the first hurdle, or don’t last long. At the end of the day, it’s work, fortunately for me, it’s work that I enjoy, and I’m happy with the pay. ;-0

  148. Good day everyone, i am a filipino that resides in the USA and i am a college undergraduate. i cant seem to find any of the posted companies that accepts undergraduates i need help in finding a fair paying company. any help would be much appreciated. thank you and have a good day.

    1. Hi Josh,
      I know that Engoo / DMM Eikaiwa / Bibo / is hiring. It just might be what your looking for.

  149. I currently work fro DadaABC and I love it,
    however only part time is available and need to find another company where I’m not needed during Chinese peak hours
    so I can continue to work from online.

    Can anyone refer me to work at TutorABC ?

    1. Hello,
      Do you need a Tefl certificate to work for DadaABC? What was the interview like?

      1. Hi

        I have been working for DaDaABC and have had no problems with them other than they are not employing South Africans anymore – which means my sister’s application was rejected – as appears on my profile:
        The mainly reasons for the Status -“Disqualified” are nationality, current location and internet connection.

        If you are from what I call ‘The Big 5’ countries – go for it! Their materials, TA and IT support are awesome. They always have students for trial classes and you quickly build up to eventually getting all 16 regulars. I absolutely love my students and have built up a great rapport with each of them, as you do when you have regular students as DaDa offers.

        I do not have a TEFL certificate but do have a BA (Hons) degree and a BA degree not related to the teaching field and they employed me and gave me a year contract – so there is hope for those who do not have TEFL.

        That said alot has changed over the past year, when I started working, there were no training classes or videos – now there are and they seem to have exploded or are trying to 🙂 to the size of VIPKID – one of the reasons I think they have stopped South Africans from having a chance at teaching for them is that VIPKID also does not employ South Africans.

        My contract with them expires on May the 31st – so I’m freaking out that I am not going to be able to renew my contract as a result of their nationality restrictions.
        I wish South Africans could be a little more loved by the ESL Schools out there.

        And for the South Africans out there – don’t worry they only paid me 16USD/hour in comparison to the 20USD and up they pay the lucky ones from ‘The Big 5’ countries.

        If you not from South Africa and want to work for an awesome school:
        Apply with this link

        If you want any additional information about classes or what their platform looks like – YouTube search – DaDaABC they put a new clip on there regularly.

        Also YouTube search VIPKID for ideas for your demo classes.

        From all my research and comparing YouTube videos of the platforms – DaDa seems to have a way better platform than VIPKID as well as their system to acquire new students.

        Enjoy 🙂

        1. Now I am seemingly a complete idiot – but I complained about them changing my referral link to a new one and now they have changed it again it yet again. I tried everything to explain to them why I needed it to be changed back – but I clearly need to learn Chinese in order to get my point across!
          That is the problem with companies that grow too big too quickly! I am still very satisfied with their materials and platform that they use. The staff are still friendly and helpful, but there are small things that they are working on that are annoying like referral links. hahhahahaa

      2. Hi Marisa.
        I applied but the reply was ‘our internet service only be available in China, Thailand, Korea, US, UK, Canada and Australia’.
        I have a CELTA, experience and a British accent.
        I live in Turkey. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that? I can’t really see what difference it makes.
        I would appreciate your advice.

      3. Hi Ri,

        If your are a Native english speaker with a BA degree you are ok to work for dadsABC.
        Telf is not a must as long as you are willing to obtain it soon.

        The interview process was very straight forward:
        1. I applied using recommendation link:
        2. 3 days later we arranged our first Skype: My internet connection was tested.
        3. Once I passed basic requirements my demo class was scheduled (one to one, 15min long trial class).
        4. 3 days after my demo class I received my contract via email. Your salary is based on your demo performance. My advice: Use props and smile as much as possible.

        Good luck.

  150. I have a serious concern when applying for jobs. Receiving payment! Due to my location Paypal is NOT an option and can only receive payments via bank wire transfer (and hopefully skrill or payoneer in the near future). Is is possible you can research those schools that offer this option. I usually send out an email PRIOR to any interviews etc. detailing this concern so as not to waste time going through the process only to find out I can not receive payment. FYI – Ehailo pays by bank transfers, has a really good supportive staff, has a fair pay scale $12 – $15 / 50 min class, children and adult clientele and a decent platform as well as using QQ and skype. If you do sign on with then please tell them that Teacher Bill recommended you (so I can get the bonus 🙂 )

      1. … just take note they are currently changing policy and want teachers to teach children with their skimpy materials and require you to use your own supplemental materials and only pay $13/50 minute lesson, after which you will spend another 1/2 hour giving teacher feedback.

        1. Thank you. I am currently working for a company in China however my hrs are not good . I will let you know if I apply.

        2. I did the first demo with these guys. The teaching materials are absolute crap. They ask the teachers to correct all the errors and make suggestions (free of charge) to improve the lesson notes which are pathetic. They also hold 20 hours of you pay as a penalty in case you leave without giving proper notice. The justification was that too many teachers were quitting without notice…………I wonder why?? Do they actually pay the 20 hours if you’re good? Who knows.
          After my 50 minute demo (why a demo should take longer than 10 minutes is beyond me) it was feedback time. The person giving the feedback has no idea, like I mean none….I’ve been teaching for 7 yrs and I’m very good at it…..When they asked me to do demo 2 the next day, guess what I said?

  151. Their rate is dependent on which country you live. I am a native speaker BA/ TEFL and the pay is $5 b/c I live in South America

  152. Anyone interested in applying to a very professional online company who pay a very good hourly rate? So far, I have had about 20 who have failed with their application. Reasons given: Nationality / Internet connection / Current location. No further details were given. If anyone thinks that they might be able to meet the criteria, apply using:

  153. Do any of you ever get the feeling that the Online classes are not really effective if you are just teaching from ppt’s. I have had Chinese children students whose parents have specifically requested NOT to use the written materials mostly because that is what they use in school. Most of my stu’s, whether adult or child, can read very well but it is their speech that is lacking and yes the GRAMMAR skills. It seems that all these new online schools are promoting these “New Concepts” and ideas about teaching. Whatever happened to the traditional ways of learning as we did in school?

  154. I am looking to work for a good company in a European time zone. Does anyone have any recommendations and personal experience? I just applied to Blazaar and Woospeak was not hiring at the time. Thank you

  155. I am looking to work for a good company in the European time zone. Does anyone have any recommendations and personal experience? I just applied to Blazaar and Woospeak was not hiring at the time. Thank you

    1. You can try this company, Torsten. If you are in Europe, this would mean that you work in the afternoon during the week, or you could just work weekends. Very good rate of pay, bonuses, and paid without a booked class. Easy to learn teaching platform, and excellent support staff. Apply:

      1. Dude you need to stop spamming the forum with affiliate links

        1. It’s not spam, it’s a job opportunity for those people who use this site to seek online work…dude.

          1. I got it and to make a commission – There are enough DadaABC links to go around

          2. No you are doing it for commission it’s obvious and makes the company look bad – Stop

          3. Hey can I ask you a couple of questions about the interview process?

        2. The company are happy to pay a very good commission for any referral who is given a contract. If that looks bad on them, they obviously don’t care. This is a massive recruitment drive by them, so stop whinging, and get on with your job search. ;-D

          1. No one is *whining* just be honest about your intentions and acting like you care about helping aspiring teachers out

  156. As a future blogger (My site is up and ready…unfortunately, I’m stuck on the daunting privacy policy!) and solopreneur, I’m looking at your work on this page/article alone and I’m blown away. In my former life, I was a middle school teacher until a few blackouts caused by silent migraines (stress?) put me in the market for alternative teaching positions, in an “at home” aka virtual classroom. I had originally searched online via job search engines and found VIPKIDS. This morning, I was blessed to have found your site! I needed to find information on a couple of alternatives, in case the interviewers find they are looking for a different candidate during my VIPKIDS mock interviews. “Well done” is an understatement (LOL, I’m commenting like a writer or writers of your caliber need validation!). THANK YOU so much for your work, I don’t even want to try to guess the amount of hours (days/weeks) your put into the research, adding the links, and then writing the article! The content. The ease of reading. This is exactly what I was looking for… YOU (or ya’ll) are amazing! This is my first time visiting this site, I don’t know if this is the work of a single writer or collaborative effort…nonetheless, the entire piece is a written piece of art!

    1. Hi A.M. Edwards, you are much too kind! But I appreciate it nonetheless. I hope you find a good job, let me know if you need some help/info.

    1. Hi

      I apologise for yet another posting of a referral link for DaDAABC from me- but as a result of them changing a lot of things regarding their platform – they have changed my referral link several times and I have given up trying to get them to change it back to the first one.
      I wish that I had studied more Chinese when I lived in China.
      If you decide to use mine out of the many on this forum already – please apply to this one: htItps://

      Yes, now you are confused – first, I am selling the school then complaining about them – every organisation has it’s problems – nothing can be peachy dory at all times – I am not going to sugar coat anything – I used to be 100 percent satisfied – but the new homework system is a lot of hard work – working as an online English teacher is fun and if your job is your passion it does not seem to be like work when you do it, but for me the report writing and homework is a bit much.
      That said – report writing and assigning homework is a part of teaching – sure some of you like it more than I do.
      … and DaDa has been good to me – so far so good – touch wood. 🙂

      I still believe it to be a reliable, honest school to work for and I shouldn’t complain about referral links and homework.

      Good luck with your application and thank you to all of you who used the previous one – hope you are enjoying working for them and surviving the homework! 🙂

    1. I was just wondering exactly what the qualifications are for working at DaDa?¿?¿ I am more than experienced, live in the EU time zone, TEFL, college grad, native, speak a number of different languages, etc. I have never heard back from them, not even a reply saying that they had received my CV. I had sent my CV to 3 or 4 different email addys.
      I find that the Asian & Chinese companies are really not all that formal in the way that they treat their teachers, run their companies, reply to emails, etc. Sooner or later this will turn around & bite them in the booty, hopefully.
      Also, the pay that some of these companies are offering is ridiculously low for a professional native teacher. Then they complain about the quality of the teachers. Someone mentioned above – You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Which is spot on. They are pulling an Engoo / Bibo, demanding a lot, crappy pay, etc.
      My 2 cents………….

  157. I just luv this forum. Great place for info. Anybody with recent insight on ENLAI?

  158. Hi there everyone.

    As a South African native-speaker and former ESL teacher (with 2 years’ experience), what would be the best company to apply for?

  159. Hi everyone!

    would anyone have info about companies that are willing to hire non native, but with very neutral accent, English teachers or Spanish teachers?
    I have applied and been rejected from at least 4 companies in less than 2 days, and although they don’t exactly tell me why, I believe it is for this reason. What I don’t like is the fact that they won’t even let you try for an interview so they can hear you accent and test your skills. I am new in the online teaching, but have been teaching in person for several years. Some friends recomended that I do this, said it was very easy, they didn’t have any experience teaching AT ALL, but it hasn’t been that easy for me and I have a feeling it is because I am Mexican and they are American. So any info about specific companies that wouldn’t mind that would be much much appreciated.


    1. Hey ya,
      Why dont you try the the – create a profile section?¿? Towards the top of the page. Go thru the links & post your profile, you might find it more to your liking.
      I know Open English or EF ( Education First ) might be interested in you. They have many students from the Americas & maybe your accent wont be a problem. I do know that many companies frown on the Spanish accent. Pity, but thats the way it is. Spanish is my 2nd language, Im close to fluent. During some interviews, the interviewer really wanted to make sure that I had a native speakers accent, not a Spanish accent. Some of the companies look favorable on English / Spanish speaking teachers but your going to have to do your home work & find them.
      Hope this helps.
      Nos Vemos.

  160. Has anybody else tried to use The Online Teacher website? I have found it to be completely unusable.

    1. Its a good concept but a complete waste of time. Rush, rush, rush to fill out a profile to be made to wait & with no results.
      Very badly designed web page, not functional, codes not working properly, etc. Who knows, they might get it right sooner or later.
      Try using Google Chrome when filling out your profile, as much as Chrome sucks. They based the page to be used by Chrome for some unknown reason.

    2. Hi Juna,

      Yes, I tried the online teacher website also, and I also found it to be a waste of time. They keep sending listing for companies like 51Talk and VIPKID, which both I have no interest in working with, as their clients are children. I even posted a video stating this and sent an email stating this, but keep being sent site listings for companies like this. So, I am thinking false advertisement, at this point, as they claim to have so many clients looking for teachers.

  161. Have you ever heard of an Asian online school offering classes which are 17 minutes long classes with 3 minutes break between them?
    Their hourly rate is about $10/11 (as I was informed).

    1. It is ABC360, you teach Chinese students and materials are given. They pay 10$ per hour, after each slot you have to write a report (3 new words + 3 incorrect sentences and correct them, give the lesson feedback, rate the materials and record a voice memo at least 30 mins) but you have 24h to finish your reports.

  162. FAO; Torsten
    BRITISH informal
    gerund or present participle: whinging
    complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
    “stop whinging and get on with it!”
    I didn’t mean ‘whining’, I meant ‘whinging’! 😀

  163. Is there a list of companies that do not use Skype? I have not had good luck with that platform, so I would like to find a company that uses its own system. A few have already been mentioned, but I am sure there are more.

    Also, are there any groups that assign you the same student for each teaching session?


    1. Hi Adam. DadaABC have their own platform which is very easy to use. They gradually designate you regular students for the days / hours which you want to work. You are paid for any period when you don’t have a booked student. This is a very well run and professional company who offer a very competitive rate of pay, and are currently recruiting. Apply:

  164. ***ALO7 URGENT HIRING— 600+ TUTORS NEEDED– STEADY TUTORING*** — We are in need of 600+ tutors (Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand)

    Hello! I’m Korina from ALO7. I work for the company as a recruiter/ mentor/ tutor. I do daily interviews and conduct mock classes of candidates. I also do tutoring for 1-1 and group classes. Pay is $15-$22 an hour (USD), depending on the number and type of classes you do in a given period. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab. We are unique as Alo7 is a digital curriculum developer/provider for over 5,000 partner schools in 200+ cities in China. We offer flexible and steady-type classes, easy operation and little prep time for our tutors (we have our own interactive courseware, curriculum, all classes have lesson plans). All students are from educational institutions.

    The classes are 25 minutes, and you get paid even if the students don’t show up. For any questions regarding our company, you can directly email me —- or message me on WeChat: korinacruz ———– We are very accommodating with our candidates. If you don’t do too well on your first mock class/need further mentoring, we provide feedback and let you do your mock class again + training. Here is our website link: —

    Official email Alo7:
    Ramping up for June and July on board. Massive classes will come in July for 1 to 3. We are getting ready. We are hiring 600 new tutors before then. All of our classes for 1 to 3 last 20 to 40 weeks. This is the time to prove to large institutions that Alo7 and online tutoring can benefit them and their students. Thus meeting the need of hiring 600 tutors is absolutely important. Once schools have confidence in our platform and tutoring services, many more classes will come with variety of classes (middle school, TOEFL, etc). We are also trying to work with schools to extend hours. This will benefit all of our tutors down the road. Many thanks for your support!

    We work with largest enrichment schools in China. All students take offline class with Alo7’s curriculum and review the session with you online. Most children go to enrichment schools after schools. These enrichment schools are large public traded companies in NYSE (New Oriental) or in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Only Education), etc. They bundle their sales of offline classes with online classes. Their biggest enrollment season is March, July and September.

    To meet the enrollment of thousands of students starting July. We don’t have any choice, but continue our hiring. As the current number of tutors will not be able to meet the demand for July. Given that candidates do take some time to be on board, this is the perfect time for July ramping up. As I shared with you, we do need 600 new tutors. Some programs in the summer are for July and August. However many programs are on going way beyond summer 20 to 40 week program. Thus if you have friends who just want to work with us for the summer, they are welcome to apply as well in addition to others who want to work with us for a much longer period.

    *Tutor rating system and reward plan to be in alignment with our Agreement. * *We are working on the details of our plan and will share with you before it goes alive. * *We know we are not perfect, but we are trying very hard to improve. Really appreciate your collaboration and your support. *

    Feel free to email me for any questions/ inquiries/ tips on passing our mock class etc.

    1. Unfortunately, your company uses Stripe for payment purposes and its not available in South Africa 🙁

  165. On my opinion the best way to learn any language is to have constant speaking practice. In such case the best way is to find a tutor and native speakers. I can advise for searching native speaking tutors. I’ve learnt English using this website when was living in Poland All other methods you can use as aditional way to gain new knowledge and practice already completed material.

  166. Please I am a Moroccan. If anyone here can help me or even orient me about having a master degree abroad. So please if you can help me, please do not hesitate
    PS: I am a BA holder in English Linguistics but I want to continue my studies. Thank you all. Regards

  167. How can I recommend you on ZTE Talk915? Can you tell me more about the first interview and the mock class please?

  168. I have a question about ZTE Talk915
    A lot of comments up there are about it, but no one wrote about the actual interview.
    What is the interview like?

    1. Hi Ana
      I did the interview recently. I turned down the job because they only pay 6 UK pounds per 25 min lesson ( about 7 euros ), they only have students in China, work hrs are only between 12 noon to 3 pm EU time ( M – F ), more hrs during the weekends. A very strict contract where they penalize you for bad comments, pay is by paypal ( no bank transfers possible ). You have to sign a contract for 1 yr, if you break the contract, they keep your last pay check. The contract is very poorly written, incentives are not stipulated. Students are from 6 yrs to 18 yrs.
      Basically, they sent me some materials & I had to create a lesson for a kid. Not very hard. You explain what you see in the images, ask the pretend young learner what they see, ask them if they have any questions. Correct any mispronunciations positively, be animated, be patient, etc.
      If the contract wasnt so poorly written, the pay was better & they had more students, I would have joined them.
      I hope this helps.

      1. I forgot to mention that they use Skype & QQ. It wasnt clear if I had to use my own personal Skype account or they created 1 for me. They take ages to reply to you, the web page is badly designed & still in Chinese even when translated to English. Too many things I didnt like about how they ran the company.

  169. Hi! Does anyone knows about Facetalk and Boxfish? Would appreciate if you could give me some information. 🙂

    1. Boxfish are a joke. Honestly, don’t waste your time. It takes forever to get on board, for some reason even after you pass the demo class they then take a few weeks to send you your log in details. (and that’s their stated procedure, it wasn’t an anomaly). And in 4 weeks since I got accepted, with my schedule fully open in peak hours, I have not received one booking, not one. I know other teachers with them and they’re getting no bookings too. See their facebook page, lots of complaints about this. It’s a lot of effort for nothing, I got sucked in by the promised high pay, hopefully I can stop others making the same mistake.

      I’m also not getting many students at all on facetalk.

  170. Hi! I’ve tried to apply to Bibo today (I’m from Serbia), but I couldn’t finish the application process. After I’ve tried to submit my application, they redirected me to the link for the ‘non-Philipinos’ – which was the same page and it happened again… and again… Does anyone know what’s happening? Do they hire Phillipinoes only right now?

    1. Hi Jelena
      If I was you, I wouldnt even consider Bibo / Engoo. I quit Bibo / Engoo after being with them about a yr, roughly 2 months ago. They starved us native teachers out, rather than firing us. They erased our profiles ( so students couldnt find us ), erased all the positive comments that students left about us, raised the prices for the students to do lessons with a native teacher in a very unethical & unprofessional way, among some other things. Engoo used to have students from all over the world, now they only have very few students from Japan & China. Apparently, they want only non native teachers in the company. But, the problem with that is, students want native teachers.
      You will spend hrs waiting to get a booked lesson & not make any money. When you complain, Bibo / Engoo will blame you. If your English is very good, you might want to consider towards the top of the page, in the – create a profile section. You upload a description of yourself, photo, video, etc to a companies web page & the student will contact you directly. If your a good teacher, you will build a following of students.
      They also treat the non native teachers like crap. Bibo / Engoo has a very bad reputation in general & how they treat their employees. Its an online business not an online English Language School. Bibo / Engoo doesnt care about quality, they only care about how much money they can steal from their students & teachers. A food for thought – If their hiring web page doesnt work properly, how do you think the company is run in general?¿? Save yourself time, grief & aggravation, look somewhere else for a job.
      Best of luck.

  171. Had a dig around and found that English Everywhere pay 800 – 900 Yen (appx 7-8 USD) for 30 minutes but there seem to be many ways that you can incur penalties. ThinkI’ll give them a miss!

      1. Good job bringing this info to the board, Bob.

        The pay is pretty good for this type of company; usually they offer half that, or less. Whether it’s good pay in general…..

        I had a bit of a look and there are a few concerning things, in addition to the usual that these places usually bring along for the ride.

        Unpaid trial classes; you will get them ‘from time to time’. They offer students free trials.
        So they want you to get them students…for free?

        You must prepare a curriculum tailored to the student and send it to them in a word doc.

        They appear to not guarantee any lessons. They don’t guarantee your pay.
        They don’t provide materials.

        So…why do teachers need them exactly?

        Just post for lessons on the numerous sites out there.

        This seems like a “take 50% plus cut” introduction service with rules, a demand you respond within 36 hours, stick to their rules, do all the work…and offer no benefits.

        Maybe I’m missing something but it appears it’s another place that just exploits teachers and effectively students.
        It’s depressingly common. They seems no upside to these places; if you aren’t getting steady students for a fair wage with pay that is commensurate with your effort don’t do it.
        You may as well go it alone ; not sit around waiting for these companies to throw a little work your way.
        Especially if it’s adults; you can get them from any number of sites a just as easily as these teacher battery farms.

        1. Oh, and you have to…..refuse a lesson request if you can’t do it/ don’t wish to within 36 hours or…they CHARGE you. What?
          If you decline 3 lessons…they CHARGE you.

          If you accept and then cancel, don’t show up…are late..I get it.
          But…you have to check constantly for possible lessons and take what they give you, basically, or you could end up OWING THEM money, effectively.

          Of course, students can book, cancel 24 hours before and you don;t get paid.
          However you can’t turn down a lesson well in advance?

          DON’T DO IT KIDS.

          The more we accept these terms, the more they’ll screw us all over.

          1. Hey folks,
            It seems that the Asian companies & especially the Chinese companies, really show their true colors in regards on how they treat their teachers / employees. They dont seem to understand how the western mentality works, its obvious these people want to treat westerners like slaves / peasants, who are grateful for a bread crumb thrown their way.
            Us teachers have to stand together & make it known to them that they cant treat us in this manner. I understand that people are having a hard time to make ends meet, there are advantages from making a paycheck from home, etc. But, if we cave into the rubbish they pay us & how they treat us, it is just making it worse for ourselves further down the road. Pay will go down, as well as the quality of teachers / lessons given.
            With some of the wages I have been offered by these companies, I cant even pay my bills. So, I prefer not to even work for them. I make more money working from home with students that come to my house. I hear the same old jive from these companies; we have many students, pay bonuses, incentives, etc. But, when you read the contract, you realize that they are full of it. A good indication of a well run company is how well their web page is designed / functions, also more importantly, how fast they get back to you in emails or skype msgs.
            Once again, my 2 cents.
            PS – SDaily has made some good points in his post.

        2. You are right, a lot of companies are exploiting teachers, and students.
          But that is the world we live in. I have been doing this for nearly ten years now, and when I started I was getting well paid, $20 per hour from private business students.
          But with the spread of skype and other online learning software, it has got very competitive. We are competing against people in low cost economies.
          And the well-paying business clients are going to the better established language schools.

          Can you tell me any of these “any number of sites” where I can find adult students.

  172. Is this job announcement legit? ***ALO7 URGENT HIRING- STEADY TUTORING*** – We are in need of 600+ tutors (Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand) appears on your site on May 7, 2017.


    1. Why…is this post under my name? I did not post it.
      Remember kids, if it’s not overly verbose and long winded, it CERTAINLY isn’t me.

      ALO7 is a very big company. They have been around for a while. Whether that announcement is legitimate is something I can’t attest to. The poster provides a non-company email for advice and clearly states that; there is no misrepresentation going on like I sometimes call out with folks,
      It does appear that they are working, and advocating, for the company. No referral link style shenanigans going on.

      1. Hi S

        Just a friendly thing I want to mention about referral links: they lead to bonuses which are helpful at the end of the month and it is great that teachers get the opportunity to earn from them…as apposed to other schools that do not give this opportunity, hence me posting my referral links all over the internet. 🙂

  173. Hello Mr. ?,

    I am also Canadian moving to Cambodia. Taught live in Asia for the last 1-1/2 years. I am seeking Teaching positions in Cambodia but am entertaining the idea of teaching online also. What do you think would be my best bet from Asia?

    Thanks & take off eh
    Tony P

    1. Hi Teacher Tony,

      There is a number of good companies you could work for, such as VIPkid, ALO7 or DaDaABC. They all pay well and are very solid.
      Usually your salary is be based on your Mock class and your location so I would advise you to apply before moving to Cambodia.
      Here is my DaDaABC recommendation link:
      They average pay is $20/h. The minimum hrs a week is 4. They are looking for Natives with BA degree, same as VIPkid.
      Note that online teaching companies would expect you start working for them immediately (within two weeks or so).
      Good Luck

      Teacher Mizel

  174. I’m surprised TeleLangue isn’t on here. I’ve worked for them for 5 years and love them! Based in France, the students are professional adults, AUDIO lessons (which I love). The company is very professional and provides periodical paid training. Scheduling is SUPER flexible, as the students are literally from all over the world. You can cancel literally within 1 minute of your class with no penalties. (they have so many teachers, that classes are easily picked up by subs). They require 12 available hours/week min, not sure if there is a max. My schedule is usually pretty booked. Lessons are typically 15, 30, or 60 minutes. If you have a 15 min lesson and the second 15 minutes are not booked, you still get paid for those other 15. You can also pick up classes outside of your regular available schedule (up to 20 hours a week), or substitute classes whenever you wish. They pay consistently and on time through wire transfer. I did not have my TESOL when I got hired (although I was in the process, so this may have helped). I am a native speaker (pretty sure this is a requirement), but I do not have a Bachelors Degree. Here is the link (I do not get paid for referrals):

    The ONLY thing I don’t like about this job, which is why I’m on here looking for something new, is that they pay $9/10 per hour, with no opportunity of raises. I am in California, and need to make more to live.

    Sidenote: I have also worked for Learnlight (when it was ISUS), and really liked them as well. Very professional. Paid ontime by PayPal. 10 Euro/hour. Professional Adults as students. Audio lessons.
    Canceling lessons was a bit more of a pain (required rescheduling with the student at a mutually agreed upon time, and emailing superiors). And lesson report prep time took extra time that was unpaid. That’s why I chose to stay with TeleLangue. (lesson report prep time with TeleLangue is also unpaid, but if you are working on them throughout the lesson, it can take 2 min tops)

    Check them out!

    (I am a native speaker with a TESOL certification, and experience teaching both professional adults and children, both in person and online. I am fluent in Spanish as well, if that helps any.)

    1. Thanks for the info Jade.
      Really nice detail on a few places. I hear you on the needing more than $9-10 an hour.
      Your need for audio only is going to severely limit your options.

      I’m a very private person (no facebook or social media, will not post photos of myself anywhere) but I overcame the preference to not use a webcam as I love teaching, and frankly having taught sometimes where there has been an issue and the student is barely visible I find it actually makes it much harder when you can’t see them.

      IF you can open the webcam option up you should find a lot more options. The only company I can think of that does audio only is Spicus but that;s..$12 an hour, possibly less as it;s in chunks.