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Teaching English online is a great way to earn money from home. If you are qualified you shouldn’t have any troubles getting a job and by qualified I mean that you have a university degree, a CELTA or TESL certificate and some teaching experience. It’s a perfect job for those who have taught English overseas and are now looking for work back home. It is also great for current teachers who are looking for more hours. Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon. This is a list of online English teaching companies. I have had interviews with several of the companies on this list and I am currently working for one of them.

There are many companies that teach online. They mostly teach business English, but most of them offer test preparation, group and individual classes too. This is a list that I will be updating, please leave a comment if you have any experiences with these companies or know of any others that should be added to the list.

Beware that some of these companies have a bad reputation! Check out the comments at the bottom of the page for more info about a specific company.


Click here for more information about How to Become an Online English Teacher.


Recently Added:

Golden Voice EnglishBreak Into English, Ginseng EnglishRypeEnglish EverywhereHiOfferChatchatEnglish, LearnEng.euLinguaplex, Global Mate New York (GMNY)Aloju Online Teaching RecruitmentNew Vision Learning Services, Woogi GlobalHujiang and The Online Teacher.


North American Companies 

Rype is based in the US and is designed for students on the go. Students get to choose their teacher, but it is unclear how much money teachers make.

Global Mate New York (GMNY) teaches mostly South Korean professionals and students ages 19-50. Only Americans should apply.

Ginseng English is based in Boston. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. Masters degrees are looked on favourably. They teach both general and business English.

Western Wise  is a small American company that teaches Chinese children aged 5-14. They are only looking for native speakers with a North American accent. Applicant must be available from 5am – 8am (US Central Standard Time) or on the weekends. They also want a committment of 1 year and someone with either a language degree, TEFL/Celta certificate or 3 years experience. They pay $15-22 USD per hour.

Redwood Language (Skilled Business English) is a new company based in Texas. They have their own platform and they are looking to hire business English teachers.

Golden Voice English (GVEOE) is based in Toronto, Canada and teaches English to students in China in grades 1 to 9. They offer a wide variety of curriculum and they do both group and 1 to 1 classes. They are currently hiring and looking for North American teachers. They pay $20 CAD per hour. You can find out more here.

Voxy is based in New York, they want native speakers with a degree or TESL certificate. They pay up to $18 an hour.

Lingo Live is based in New York too. They teach English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and some other languages to adults.

WayUp is a New York company that teaches English to Chinese students through their platform. They are looking for university graduates and students, they pay $10 – $13 an hour.

Speak! Language Center (link removed as they no longer need teachers) is in Virginia and they teach more languages than just English. They offer group and 1 to 1 classes.

EnglishKey is based in New Hampshire and is looking to hire native speakers. They want someone who can work 10 hours a week in the evenings. Their pay is unknown.

Cambly is based in San Francisco. It looks like they target Arab and Korean students. They are looking for native speakers. Cambly pays $0.17 cents per minute or $10.20 USD per hour.

TalktoCanada is a great company for Canadians (such as myself) to work for. It’s not big, however, and when I applied they were only hiring teachers to start in a few months from when I was looking for a job. I believe the teachers have to use Skype to talk to the students. The starting pay was $14 an hour a year ago.

OpenEnglish is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really stupid commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America. They want native speakers with a “North American accent”. Sorry Aussies. OpenEnglish salary starts at around $10 per hour.

Pearson / GlobalEnglish is based in San Francisco, they have just updated their platform and it looks great. They specialize in business English and have both group and individual classes. They pay around $14 for individuals and $17 for group classes.

Duolingo was recently looking for experts in teaching languages and language assessment experts. They want “world-class language experts”.  To help with their platform, not to teach languages but to act as a sort of consultant. I imagine it would be interesting working for Duolingo, probably a great job. Check the link to see if Duolingo is hiring again.

LOI English is based in Montana and requires teachers to be available for at least 25 hours a month. All their material is online and they give classes with Skype. The pay starts at $10 but goes up to $11 after 30 days. They will consider a higher wage for teachers experienced with TOEFL and for those who speak Portuguese.

Rosetta Stone / Livemocha Livemocha has a similar platform to that of Duolingo, but it is owned by the famous Rosetta Stone. Both of these companies offer online classes in many languages. You can teach from anywhere with them but they are looking specifically for teachers near one of the following American ‘hubs’: Chicago, Miami, New York, Seattle, Washington DC or Harrisonburg. I couldn’t find out how much they pay.

eBerlitz if you have taught ESL abroad you have probably heard of Berlitz. This American company has offices in more that 70 countries (their European website). From what I could find wages are around $14 or $15 an hour.

Elinet is based in Vancouver, Canada. They offer French and English classes.

goFLUENT is looking for business English teachers to teach a minimum of 4 hours per day 5 days a week. They have a specific time range when they need teachers so check the website. Gofluent salary: I didn’t find out exactly how much they pay, but I have read that it is comparable to ispeakuspeak, which is about €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes.

International Language Connection is a small company based in Toronto, Canada.

EnglishTutorsOnline is based in the US, they provide proofreading, editing and more specific English services as well as classes.

EnglishTutorOnline apparently there is another company with a slightly different name to the one above it.

Live Lingua is a smaller American company with less than 20 teachers. They offer a wide variety of specialty courses and charge students at least $20 an hour. Teachers are required to speak two languages.

LearningU is based in Utah, USA. They offer business and exam preparation courses.

SkypeEnglishClassNow is a smaller company, based in the US, they only offer 1-1 classes.

Say Yes to Success Online Tutoring is based in St. Louis. Looks like a small company with demanding requirements for teachers (10 years experience with a Masters or PHD). Not sure if they are hiring.


British Companies

Linguacircle teaches individuals and groups. TEFL or equivalent certificate required, non-native English speakers are welcome to apply.

Barons English is looking for UK teachers only, gives 1 to 1 classes via Skype to students in China, Japan and Korea. (alternate site)

Tute has a new tutoring program for UK students it looks like they teach more than just English.

Fleet Tutors is not an ESL company but one that teaches all UK curriculum to UK students. They are obviously looking for UK qualified teachers only.

TwoSigmas is based in the UK and teach Chinese children 1 to 1. They are looking for native North Americans and they pay up to $20 USD an hour plus bonuses.

One Tutor is based in the UK they teach across Europe and Asia.

OnlineSchoolEnglish is based in Sussex, England. They offer classes for groups, individuals, businesses and exam preparations.

PanGlosses (Rainbow – Language in Business) is based in London and teaches business English.

PhoneBoxLanguage / English Skype Lesson are two closely related companies based in England.

Yu Me Us has offices in the UK, Poland and the Philippines, they offer exam preparation, business and conversation classes.

Brown Cow English looks like a small company but you have to like the name. They offer pretty much every type of English class including lessons for kids.

Avatar Languages just does 1 to 1 classes, but they teach English and Spanish.

EnglishDom offers all types of ESL classes. According to a user here EnglishDom pays teachers $10 USD per hour.

SkyLearn is a UK based company, they offer business, group, individual and exam preparation classes to mostly Brazilians.

Online Teachers UK  is a small UK based company targeting mostly Russian students.

English Skype Classroom is a really small company, not sure if they are even hiring.

Bespoke Language Tuition teach English, Spanish, German and French as well as exam preparation.

Legal English Plus is a small company based in the Isle of Man. They have just a few teachers so I am unsure if they hire regularly.

OpenLanguages is the newest British English teaching company. OpenLanguages salary is unknown.


Russian Companies

skyeng is a new ESL teaching company that uses the “Vimbox” platform. You will have to translate their website from Russian to English.

English-Natali is based in Russia, could be a good option for those in the Eastern Europe time zone or with Russian citizenship.

EnglishLive/ EnglishTown/ EnglishFirst is a large company that has been around since 1965. According to the website they are looking for people in the US and China. EnglishTown salary: Pay starts at $12 per hour and $14 if you are bilingual in Russian or Portuguese.

Ile-School (ILES) is a Russian company with some connections to Los Angeles.

New Way English is another Russian company, they charge students about $580 rubles per hour.

English Den is another online ESL teaching company based in Russia.

English and Skype is hiring qualified teachers to teach Russian students. They want teachers who can work at least 15 hours per week. They pay from $10 – $20 USD per class.

Form a really small company (4 teachers?!) based in St. Petersburg.


Spanish Companies

Break Into English  has over 100 teachers and 1500 students they are looking for native speakers to teach mostly European students. They are currently branching out into Asia. They pay between 12€ and 14€ per hour.

Training Express is looking for native speakers. I believe they are associated with other Spanish ESL companies.

Blazaar is a new company from Barcelona with their own platform. They are looking not only for English teachers, but also German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. The pay varies but it roughly starts at $12 USD per 45 minute class and there is no minimum amount of hours required.

EnglishOnlineTV another Spanish company that a fellow teacher works for. I know they hire non-native speakers to teach English.

Learnlight (formerly called Ispeakuspeak or ISUS) is based in Barcelona. They not only teach English, but 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Their online platform is new and sleek. They mostly teach business English to employees of multi-national companies based in Europe. Working part-time is possible, you choose your hours and they find the students for you. Learnlight salary: The pay (in Euros) is competitive at €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes.

The SpeakCenter is based in Spain and offer classes to businesses and individuals.

IE-Academy is based in Spain, they offer business, individual and exam preparation classes.

Inglesissimo is another company based in Spain offering business lessons and lessons for individuals and travelers.

OS Connect is based in Seville. Their website looks good and they offer a wide range of courses. They pay $7 to $9 USD per hour for individual and group classes. They also pay for writing correction, marking, answering questions on the platform and developing teaching materials.


Other European Companies

Novo English  is in France. It looks like they teach both kids and adults. Classes are only 15 minutes long.

Educastream is based in France, I don’t know much about them yet but they have some good reviews on the glassdoor website.

1to1Progress  is based in France, they are looking for bilingual teachers. 1to1Progress Salary is unknown.

FluentBe (homepage link) is based in Poland and are currently hiring. It looks like they only teach group classes the FluentBe salary is around $10 USD per hour (possibly negotiable).

Learnship is based in Germany. They specialize in business English, but they also teach many other languages. They pay around €15 per hour. I had an interview, but I never worked with them. Apparently many people have had problems with this company. I am interested to hear from someone who has worked for them.

Woospeak based in France and they would like their teachers to be able to speak French. Woospeak salary: Starting pay is good from $16 to $18 per hour. Sounds like a good company if you are bilingual.

GoForLanguages is an international company with offices in the USA, Spain, France and Belgium.  They teach and do translations.

Gymglish is a small company of about 20 people based in France.

Tandem is a new company based in Germany. They offer language tutoring services but only through an app with iOS and Android. That means you have to use an i-phone to teach. Teachers set their own rate. It is an interesting approach and it will be interesting to see how this works out in the long term.


Chinese Companies

Woogi Global is based in Hong Kong. I don’t know much about this company it looks like the teach kids and have some sort of partnership with WealthBoss.

New Vision Learning Services teaches English learners from children to adults. They have different curriculum (history, science, etc.) and they teach groups of 2-5 students.  They are looking for teachers who have a bachelors degree and a TEFL certificate.

Hujiang is one of the largest ESL companies in China. They are looking for experienced teachers who are able to teach at specific times in Beijing to a wide variety of students. The website is in Chinese so good luck!

The Online Teacher is a new company that matches online ESL companies to employees and vice versa. You must create a profile on their website. The-Online-Teacher works with mainly Chinese ESL companies but they also work with other international companies. Teachers can choose their salary and the company they want to work with. They are currently hiring only native English speakers but they expect to need non-native teachers soon. Click here to find out more.

DMA1on1 is looking for native English speakers, they are based in Taiwan and teach only 1 on 1 50 minute classes. Teachers use the provided material, training is provided for new online teachers. Pay depends on experience and is paid in New Taiwan Dollars. If you want to apply send an email to:

USAsishu or Meiguosishu this company doesn’t appear to have the best reputation, so be wary. They teach Chinese primary school children and pay $15 per hour. You can email: or

ALO7  tutors English to kids and prefers native English speaking tutors. Pay ranges between $15 to $22 an hour. ALO7’s student base comes from large educational institutions in China. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab.

Face Talk is a Chinese English teaching app. Not much else is known at the moment.

FastSchool another company that teaches children, teachers must be available from 7-9pm Beijing time. It is not necessary to be a native speaker but you must have a bachelors degree. They apparently pay at least 40$ an hour, which seems to good to be true.

I Use English teaches children through 1to1 and group classes. They are looking for native speakers and they pay 4$-6$ per half hour.

GoGoTalk teaches children in China. Not much else is known at this point.

Hugo Online Education teaches English to children in China. They pay between 14$ to 20$ per hour. They don’t have a website yet as they are new. You can email Zoe at

Disney English teach English with Disney… yes Disney.

DeerKid  teaches North American curriculum to kindergarten and elementary students in China. Teachers must be from North America, have a bachelors degree, 1 year experience and a TESOL certificate or equivalent. They pay $14 – $22 per hour.

Pudtree (Hiknow) is looking for British, American or Canadian teachers with a bachelors degree and at least 1 year of experience teaching to kids. They pay $17 – $22 an hour.

eHailuo is based in the Nanjing province, I don’t know much about them other than they teach 1 to 1 classes.

Dada ABC  teaches mostly children. The pay is decent at around $20 per hour.

ABC5 is based Guangzhou. I couldn’t find their website but they are apparently hiring now, looking for native speakers to teach students aged 4 -18. They pay $13 – $16 per hour. Email:, Wechat: 137865455, Skype: vickylee291

A Top Class teaches kids and adults. They require you to teach one free class per student. They pay $10-$11 per hour with chances for bonuses.

Swoosh English is based in Hong Kong and it looks like they only hire UK teachers.

Boxfish is looking for native English speakers to teachChinese children and teenagers conversational English with their app. They pay $20 an hour. Job link from ESLteachersboard.

Meisi Consulting (no website) they have a good review from a commenter, no webcam needed, they have a poor platform and low hours, maximum of 8 per week, but they apparently pay $22 or $32 USD per hour. Email:

51FreeTalk (not the same as 51talk?!) related to Top Online Teachers, tough website to navigate, but a commenter has provided this info: materials are downloaded books, they teach kids 1-1, no lessons are planned for the teacher, They pay $12 USD per hour. Skype: ilovefreetalk

Enlai Education Solutions has a good reputation (which is a little bit rare for a Chinese ESL company). They don’t teach themselves but are a third party that finds jobs for teachers in China. Enlai pays a minimum of $16 an hour with chances to earn more.

USTALK (ESLcafe link) (company website) I got an emailing from this company saying that they pay $8-12 USD per 25 minutes. They also offer some incentives and bonuses. Classes are 1-on-1 with young Chinese learners. Teachers are not obligated to prepare any of their own materials. They are launching their English website soon. Teachers set their own schedules, but must be available for at least 4 hours during peak Chinese hours (Weekday evenings, all day weekends).

Le Waijiao (ESLcafe job application link… not in Chinese) is looking for native speakers. They apparently pay $13 to $15 USD per hour.

QuQuABC (link is to the application) is based in Hong Kong. According to one of our commenters QuQuABC pays $14 USD an hour. They say they pay for your training but it seems like some teachers have not been paid.

Talk915 (ZTE) a new company that only wants native speakers with a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate. Talk915 salary: They pay £3 per 25 minute class or £6 for a 50 minute class.

NiceTalk is an app that allows Chinese students to reach English speakers. The NiceTalk salary is $10 an hour with $10 bonus for signing up. They also have a referral bonus system.

VIPKid a new Chinese company that looks very promising. The VIPKid salary is $14 -$22 an hour or $2000 – $2500 monthly. From the comments at the bottom: “You teach for 25 mins at an average rate of 7.50 USD but they ALWAYS have competitions and other incentive programs” – Georgia L

Best10n1  I think many of their teachers are ex-pats living in China (and speak Chinese). The Best10n1 salary is unknown.

Kukuspeak  I had an interview with this company that underwhelmed me, but it is legit. It might be a good option for teachers living in Asia as their schedules would match. Kukuspeak salary: Kukuspeak pays $10 an hour to start.

LumiEnglish a Chinese company with offices in Beijing and San Diego, it was hard to find a lot of information about them, but if you are in China or looking to teaching Chinese people, check it out.

Hiknow English not much information on the website, but there is an email address for teachers to contact them

KaiBell is a Chinese company…good luck understanding their website.

I Use English is hiring English teachers to teach Chinese children.

Meten is based in Shenzhen, it looks like they are currently looking for people in China or willing to move there.

ABC360 is a new company that is currently hiring. They want full-time teachers to work sometime between 4 -10 am Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Sunday. Email your resume and a photo to ABC360 salary is about $14 an hour initially and $16 an hour after 6 months.

Buke8 another Chinese company with a difficult website for English speakers to navigate. Buke8 salary is unknown at this point.


Japanese Companies 

English Everywhere is a company that allows their students to pick their teachers. The still require you to apply though. They pay 800 YEN per 30-minute class for the first 10 classes, after 10 classes they will pay you 900 YEN per 30 minute class.

OKpanda is an English learning platform using instant messaging, live voice and other digital methods. Not much else is known at this point.

Mainichi eikaiwa offers business and conversational classes to Japanese students. They are currently hiring according to the website. They pay $11.5 per hour.

Ecom (eCommunication inc.) I don’t know anything about this company.

BestTeacher (homepage) looking for teacher to not only teach Skype classes but to reply to and edit and listen to and record voice memos. They say the job is “well-paid”.

Lyngo is another company with Japanese students. We don’t know much about them yet but they are hiring English teachers as of now (May 2016)

EnglishCentral another new company from Japan. They have their own platform with videos and it looks like a lot of students use it. How much EnglishCentral pays is unknown.

Eigox a new company from Japan.  Eigox pays 600 yen or about $5 for every 25 minute class. Payment is made with Paypal.

Cena Academy looks like a good company, they say they are currently looking for American teachers. They pay $9 US for a 25 minute class and $18 US for a 50 minute class.

English Everywhere is looking for qualified teachers to teach English with Skype. They don’t say how much they pay, but they pay teachers with Paypal.

Hello English is based in Japan, it’s a medium sized company with 38 teachers.

E-Communication ( is another Japanese company, the website is hard to navigate if you don’t speak Japanese.

Eigooo is an interesting new company offering “chat type English learning” service. They don’t appear to be a large company so Eigooo’s salary is unknown.


Other Locations 

Aloju Online Teaching Recruitment is based in South Africa. I believe that most of their students are in China. They are looking for teachers from around the world. They want teachers who have a TEFL certificate and are able to teach 15 hours per week.

Boktutors in South Korea is looking for native speakers with a university degree.

HiTutor  is based in Taiwan. They teach many languages including Spanish and French. They want native speakers with 1 year of experience and a university degree.

Global VCC in South Korea is apparently hiring. Must be a native speaker with bachelors degree. you can send your resume with a photo and Skype ID to:

Winglish is based in South Korea. Their website is difficult to navigate so I don’t know much about this company.

Easy Talk is based in Taiwan. I cant find their website but this linked survey says they pay $12 -$14 per hour. More information about this company would be great.

Storivers (now is looking for GYOPO (that is a new word for me… Korean-American, Korean-Canadian, etc) English teachers to give 1 to 1 classes. They prefer female teachers from the US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Langland Language Institute is based in good old Uruguay. It looks to be a smaller company and they use Skype to teach a variety of classes.

Learntalk is based in the Philippines.  Learntalk pays their teachers around $4 USD per hour.

EOstudy is an American company but most of the students are in Saudi Arabia. They would like native speakers with a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate. EOstudy salary: EOstudy pays between $12 and $15 per hour depending on experience.

Bizmates is based in the Philippines but they teach business English to Japanese students. Bizmates salary: they pay $3 – $4.60 per hour (140 – 220 PHP) up to $1200 per month. (Non native speakers welcome)

Skybel is a Filipino company that teaches Korean students. Skybel salary: Skybel pays $15 an hour (to native speakers). Their webpage is hard to navigate even with Google translator.

Enkulu is a Vietnamese company. According to their website Enkulu pays $0.117 per minute or $7 per hour.

LingualBox is another company from the Philippines. Apparently it doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not, classes last 25 minutes. The LingualBox salary is unknown.

Topica is based in Vietnam. Could be a good option for those teaching in Vietnam. The salary is unknown. Their homepage is here.

EnglishHunt is based in South Korea and pays $15USD per hour.  They train teachers and have American managers. They schedule the students and have their own teaching platform and curriculum. The amount of students fluctuates as contracts expire and renew.

Bibo is based in the Philippines and (as of February 2015) is hiring. Bibo salary: Bibo pays $6 an hour ($1.40 – US$3 per 25 min lesson). Their website says you can earn up to $1500 per month.

51Talk is another company from the Philipines they teach kids and adults and the material is provided. According to their website, 51talk’s salary is a maximum of $35,000 PHP per month which is about $750 USD, but according to a commenter here pay depends on experience and nationality. An American teacher can earn $11 per 25 minute class.

English Aloud is based in South Korea, it looks like you have to make your own profile with this company. They do group and 1 to 1 classes.

CarrotEnglish is based in South Korea, it doesn’t have the best online reputation, but maybe a good option for those in South Korea or who want to teach Korean students.

Pagoda Talkool is a South Korean company, the pay starts at $9 an hour but there are opportunities for bonuses.

Spicus is another South Korean company that pays $2 for each 10 minute session with some incentives.

EnglishLeap is based in India, I am not sure how much they pay.

I-rikai is based in New Delhi, India. It looks like Irikai is only looking for Indians or at least only people in India.

eTeacher Group or eTeacher English is based in Israel (I think). Besides English, they teach Hebrew, Yiddish and Mandarin.

TutorABC (iTutorGroup) is based in Taiwan. They offer individual and group classes. They have a rating system and a teacher can be penalized for having a bad rating. You must teach 15 sessions per week of 45 minutes or more. The pay usually starts at around $8 -$9 per 45 minutes.

SameSpeak is based in New Zealand, they pay $US10 for every 30mins taught.

AmBrits is a small international company, I didn’t find much information about it.

OnTopEnglish I didn’t find much info on this company but they charge students over $20 a lesson.

English-Mania has offices in the US and the Philippines and they teach through Skype. I am not sure what they pay their teachers, but they charge students $10 for a 45 minute class.

Kampus World offers business group and individual classes.

Salamzaban is a English teaching company based in Iran, at least I think it’s Iran as their website is in Persian.

English Talk based in Taiwan, not much info on their website besides charging 230NTD per hour.

On Top English I’m not sure where they are based, but they it looks like they target Latin America they charge students around $20 US per hour.

Talk Bean  is based in South Korea. You can sign up to teach by yourself on their website, but there is an application process.

Turks Learn English is exactly what it sounds like. They only hire teachers that have experience living and working in Turkey.



Create-a-Profile Companies

There is another type of language teaching company, where teachers have to create a profile and attract students based on their profile, price and ratings:

Linguaplex (writing) (in person or online)

ChatchatEnglish (China)

HiOffer (China)

ULessY (USA)

Yoli Chat (China)

S-Lessons (Japan)

Tandem (Germany)


Chegg (USA)

Palfish (China)

RealLang (South Korea)

Classo (South Korea)

LingoLoop (USA)


121elesson (China)

Globallingos (Australia)


Lang-land (Russia) Teachers pay a subscription to use the Lang-Land system and set their own prices.

First Tutors (UK)


Wyzant (USA)

Preply (Ukraine, Russia)

Fluentify (Italy)


italki (China)



CafeTalk (looking for teachers who have taught in Japan)

Myngle (Netherlands)


Learnissimo (France)

Lingueo (France)

Lingoda (Germany)

Tutor Agent

FindaTutor (New Zealand)

FindMyFavouriteTeacher (many languages)

Mobil English (USA / Japan)


eTutor School

T-Pad (Russia)

Verbling (USA)


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1,223 thoughts on “List of Online English Teaching Companies

        1. Twosigmas is just a recruiting partner for 51talk. All they do is basically pre-screen CVs, and they forward the ones they like on to 51talk for the rest of the recruitment process. I don’t know if you get a bit of an in by applying through Twosigmas rather than just applying directly to 51talk. Either way, Twosigmas basically just picks up the recruitment fee and have nothing to do with you beyond that. Once you set up the interview date, the rest is done purely through 51talk, including payment.

          1. Hi all, Eliot from twosigmas here – I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. Although 51Talk are currently our primary partner we do work with a number of language schools, and decide which applicant best suits which school on a cv-by-cv basis. More importantly, our main job is helping our tutors throughout their employment with any support or guidance that they may need! We’re always available at, and can also be reached Mon-Fri on Skype ( between 10:00-12:00 EDT until 06/11/2016, after which we’ll be available 09:00-11:00 EST. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions!

          2. I believe that is correct. I applied a job through a twosigmas job listing on Indeed and got an interview and orientation with 51 Talk

          3. Twosigmas provided the worst experience for me when applying through them for a role at 51Talk. Missed interviews, rude staff and poor grammar were just a few of the problems I had. I also know other online ESL tutors who faced the same problem – waste of time.

    1. ***ALO7 URGENT HIRING- STEADY TUTORING*** – We are in need of 600+ tutors (Native English speakers from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand)
      Hello! I’m Korina from ALO7. I work for the company as a recruiter/ mentor/ tutor. I do daily interviews and conduct mock classes of candidates. I also do tutoring for 1-1 and group classes. Pay is $15-$22 an hour (USD), depending on the number and type of classes you do in a given period. Alo7 is a start up by PhD graduate from MIT Media Lab. We are unique as Alo7 is a digital curriculum developer/provider for over 5,000 partner schools in 200+ cities in China. We offer flexible and steady-type classes, easy operation and little prep time for our tutors (we have our own interactive courseware and curriculum). All students are from educational institutions. The classes are 25 minutes, and you get paid even if the students don’t show up. For any questions regarding our company, you can directly email me —- or message me on WeChat: korinacruz ———– We are very accommodating with our candidates. If you don’t do too well on your first mock class/need further mentoring, we provide feedback and let you do your mock class again. You can use my referral link: ————- ————– for $45 new tutor experience fee (you’ll receive this fee on your first payment cycle once you start teaching for us). ^-^

      1. Hi there, how about Moroccan English teachers? Are not they allowed t apply ?

      2. How about a Filipino English teacher who had experience teaching for 5 years and had work in the call center industry for 5 years as well. I was able to acquire an American Accent. Can you give me a shot?

      3. Good day. I would like to find out whether a South African who has online English teaching Experience may apply ?

  1. I struggled learning the Russian language for many years due to my busy schedule and tight budget. My goal is to speak and comprehend Russian like a native, and to find the best Russian teacher on Skype. I am really pleased that a website like exists to help me find a Russian teacher online. I get to learn 1 to 1 Russian lessons and converse with a very good teacher. I don’t have to be physically present to go to a class. I learn whenever I wish to, most especially during my free time. All I need is internet access and get online through Skype (free!). I want you to experience this. Check it out and see for your self 🙂

    1. Companies like Preply take the lion’s share of private tutors’ efforts and time, as much as 100% (first lesson) of tutors’ wages. Most tutors are part-time, but the fewer hours a tutor works (and it’s very, very easy to work only a few hours), the MORE Preply takes, so that unless you’re in a very odd situation working 25+ hours a week, it’s almost like volunteer work. Just know that when you support these private tutoring companies, you’re making people who don’t know or care about your scholarship wealthy, while enabling the exploitation of your tutors who are the ones working hard on your behalf.

    2. Hi Jim,

      Are you an entrepreneur?

      Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Paul and Mary Mandelt, we are from Perth Australia. We came across you in the teaching English online forum. How are you? Are you open to an opportunity to earn US$?

      We promote an online, game based English learning program for primary children. They love it. It’s called Woogi English, maybe you have heard of us we have been around for over 10 years and have over 2 million students mainly in China and Russia.

      We are looking to expand and are looking for teachers and entrepreneurs who would like to get involved and earn an extra income by promoting the program with us. Is this you or do you know someone who might be interested? If so please make contact initially by email,

      Regards Paul and Mary
      Intro video

  2. I’ve worked at Bibo for more than a year. The pay $6 an hour, but I’ve heard that they are paying less to new teachers now. Not a chance in hell of getting an increase in pay, ever! They have serious communication issues in the management, in turn the management are rude and uncaring towards their teachers. The focus is all about quantity, not quality. On the plus side the students are friendly and fun, making the low pay and terrible employee support bearable…just..

    1. I find most of my students are quite friendly too, but 6$ an hour, ouch! There are greener pastures my friend.

      1. I’m starting to look for those greener pastures now mikedveenstra. The problem is that Bibo is flushed with eager students, and your guaranteed a booking if you open lessons. Any recommendations for another company with a high booking rate?

        1. Please excuse the typos, I shouldn’t be searching for a new job at 3 in the morning!

          1. Hi Jim, That is a good point about the high booking rate, also the classes just might be the right time zone for you. Right now I am working for a company on this list but the students don’t book the class the company does.

      1. For which? 51talk? They have different rates for their Regular and Premium…. depends on where you’re from. Kinda unfair but comes with the territory. I work for them too….but I work for the premium rate. I used o work for VIPkid. It paid better.

        1. How much is the premium rate?
          Can a non native Central European qualified (BA,MA, TEFL) English teacher get a premium rate?
          Thanks Susan

        2. Susan, I am looking to apply to a good company to start the process of teaching English online. I am a substitute teacher on summer break. What do you mean by regular and premium rates? Which company would you recommend I apply?

    2. Why are you still there. There are a thousand school online that pay $20 an hour or more and you never leave your house! Try New Vision Learning Services. I have worked for them for over a year and love the company and my students. I make almost $30 per hour and teach about 30 classes per week. Its a great job.

      1. Hi where can I apply do you have any link and what documents do they ask for?

      2. T.C. – re: NVLS – Do they provide you with material or do you have to build your own presentation?

      3. Do they have the lessons ready or do you have to prepare the lesson?
        I see also that they want 8Gb ram mine is 2GB.

  3. Anyone heard of in China? They are recruiting at the moment.

  4. Good information.I m pursuing tefl diploma course can I apply any where from these companies I m from India.

    1. Some companies ask for native English speakers, but it doesn’t hurt to to apply. They should give you an interview and then you can demonstrate your abilities.

  5. Hello Mike, I tried in Bibo but they were very rude and insensitive. I am a teacher of English language, from Serbia. Can you recommend me some sites with decent salary but where they treat their teachers with respect? Thanks

    1. Hi Xander. I have beed working for goFluent for over 6 months. You should try there, they’re great!

  6. Hello mikedveenstra 🙂 I am trying to find a job like this but I am not really sure which of these companies should I choose. Can you tell me where to apply? Thank you in advance

    1. I’d rather not say where I am working, but just apply to some of these that look the best. The more money they pay the better, usually the North American and European companies pay more and are more professional.

      1. Thank you very much 🙂 I think I’ll go for “Spicus” lol The only problem I have is “I can’t find their application form anywhere” 😀 Can you help me, Mikedveenstra? By the way, I am not a native English speaker so I hope that’s not a problem when applying for this company 🙂

        1. You can try that company – globalenglish super professional and the best content for business english in the market. They recruit a lot of different positions.
          The learners are adults who really want to learn, and it really have immense impact on their lives.

          This is a very global diverse company which value work life balance!

  7. i currently work for woospeak. they are legit. the company trains and prepares you well before your first day of teaching.

    you need to be sure your Internet connection is fast. you will not be able to start teaching if your connection is merely “passable.”

    i don’t speak french but they hired me anyway, but at a slightly lower rate

    1. Cool, was my range of $16-$18 per hour still accurate? Thanks for commenting!

    1. Sorry I haven’t heard of them before… anyone else? I will check them out and add them to the list.

    2. Yup. I’ am currently working for them as an English Teacher. I started last May 2015. So far so good. I really don’t have a problem with them until last month when they did some changes with their system. I’m getting a hard time login to their website and the use of their software AC. In result, I’m getting low evals from my students (not always, but occasionally) because of their poor system now. They said that they are improving it but then it seems that its getting worse than before. So, I’m currently upset of this issues but aside from it, I’m satisfied with the payment, environment, lesson materials and the rest. I hope this info gives you a bit of insight.

      1. i’m working for them too, but I can’t even get AC to work so I can’t finis some training sessions. All of my classes for over a month have been on QQ or Skype. And no one cares enough to do more than say “install this…” which doesn’t work. lol

  8. Englishunt in South Korea pays 15/hr USD . They train and have USA contact-managers. They schedule the students and have their own teaching platforms and curriculum. Work fluctuated by their contracts.

      1. I worked for Englishunt and they are really great to work with but I just noticed their pay has gone down to 14/hr. (As per indeed). And their peak times are 2am-6am EST

  9. Hi Mike,
    Have you ever heard of Enkulu in Vietnam? They have their own video call platform and currently looking for English tutor.
    Any comments would be very helpful.

    1. I haven’t heard of them. After a quick Google search I didn’t find their website. I did find the app download though. Could you link the website?

  10. Great article this Is. I’m currently working for one of these companies. The Average rate Is about 7.50 but I’d love to find those greener pastores as well

    1. 7,50 per hour? That’s “green” enough for me 😀 Can you tell me the name of that company, pls?

      1. Sure thing. Tutor ABC. The great thing about it Is that the schedule Is really flexible. Take a look at it

        1. Thank you so much! But can you tell me if they hire native English speakers only? :p I am not a native English speaker (and 7,5 / h is “wow” to me lol)

          1. I am not native either. They hire people from Many countries. The requirements and test they give you are pretty simple. Just look for tutor ABC and make contact with them after that everything Is easy

          2. Hi there. Talk915 pays 5£ per hour. They are really great. By the way I am not a native speaker but they hired me.

        2. Tutor ABC is great, They always pay on time, they have their own platform and provide a lesson plan ! I love working for them 🙂

          1. How much do they pay you?
            I have 4-Year B.Ed degree and 7 years ESL public school experience and they pay me $5.75 base rate!! been working for them for 7 months… not too pleased with them… but the students are great and the lesson plans not too bad mostly…

          2. Hi, sorry how can I connect with them. i passed the testing exam but later the site was closed

          1. Yeah…. Pay is bad… Only reason is if you want experience in business english or you are very very desperate…..

        3. Hi I recruit for TutorABC, and they only pay ‘ certain nationalities $7.5 the rate can be anything form $2 – $8.5.

          The only people who can benefit from this company are USA 7.5$, Australia $8.5, Europe $ 7 – $8.5, UK 6.92 GBP.

          Anyone outside of this is looking a a much lower rate and is not worth their time.

          1. Hey I work for tutorabc from Bangladesh, and get paid a measly base rate of 3.5. I was wondering whether they ever give their teachers any raises or not? My one year contract is about to end.

  11. Hey Mike great list!! I have a few more for you guys.

    1. Eigox – It’s a Japanese company. They only prepare the websites for the teachers to prepare their lesson. You use Skype as a Platform and teach for 25mins. They look for native speakers. I think the average salary is about 600 Yen or around 5. USD it fluctuates ( Yes, they pay in Yen to your Paypal but you get the full amount, no charges are taken from it). Unlike Tutorabc, rip off company that works people like a slaves and are only about quantity and have no care in the world for there teachers just pretend to.

    2. Lingualbox – It’s a Philipines company I think the pay is very low though because there rates are low. They also don’t seem to want native speak but your English must be good. The lessons are for 25 mins.

    3. Vipkid – A Chinese company ( The BEST I have ever seen!!), fantastic kids. They specialize only with working with kids, so if you are energetic, native speaker, loves to use the word “awesome!” HAHAHA! and has a degree in education then your GOOD TO GO!! Send me an email @ You teach for 25 mins at an average rate of 7.50 USD but they ALWAYS have competitions and other incentive programs for you to earn more money and give bonuses AWESOME!! The staff is very cheerful, kind and considerate and there is alot of booking… ALOT. They ask for you to fill 15 hours at least for the week during their peak hours which is between 5am to 8 30am EST weekdays and 8pm – 10pm.

    Anyway, hope this was helpful.

    1. Very helpful, thanks! I will be adding these and some others to the list soon.

    2. I have an interview with Vipkid and wanted more details…… Is it a scam, or legit? How are you paid? Do you like your job there? How do you schedule classroom times? Thanks!

      1. Vipkid is VERY legit. No not a scam at all. In fact, to my understanding from another teacher who also follows the wallstreet journal, they are getting some heavy backing from some very rich and influential people. I don’t know this as a fact but it would explain a lot if true. They pay through bank wire and they give you $12 extra on each salary to reduce the cost the bank charges. I love my job there so far and really hope it continues that way as they grow. As for sessions they ask that you book at least 15 slots (part time) and 30 slots (fulltime). Hope this was helpful 🙂 Goodluck with your interview! !

        1. As the saying goes if it’s too good to be true “it normally is”. It seems all these online schools have a problem when they begin to grow too much. Tutorabc and Vipkid are the biggest companies I have been with. In the beginning they start out great then they begin to have many clients and employ many teachers and they become dishonest or unfair, sigh. Tutorabc’s was unfair in their base rate to qualified teachers and their bonus systems which was based on clients and their terrible software at the time, that dropped some classes. Therefore if the client was biased or racist and decided to rate you bad that was it, you would get a low average or no bonus. In addition if the clients were annoyed about the connection of the software the teacher’s average would be affected by that too because client would rate you badly. One good thing I can say about Tutorabc is that you ALWAYS got your money even if you were leaving. Well that was my experience.

          Vipkid however is just plain dishonest. My experience with vipkid had been great until October 2015 when errors were being made with all the changes they were doing with the payroll system. They had removed the payroll system on the teaching platform, which was easier for teachers to calculate payroll. Then they kept trying to find another way for teachers to monitor their payroll which turned out to be more and more complicated. There were constant complaints about the payroll from teachers to them via email including myself and the teachers shared how disgruntled they were via Skype. The company monitored the Skype teacher group and insisted that teachers did not share anything in the group unless it was pertaining to education because they were aware that teachers were complaining about their services. In Novemeber I had big problems as they calculated incorrectly my salary, leaving out important monies even though I tried to prepare them way in advance to avoid the problem. Also $20 was constantly removed and they kept sending me to my bank to query it and I did. This $20 continued to be missing in Dec. and Jan salary and still no explanation then when I kept querying it they decided to terminate my contract and not allow me to complete my bookings. Now I am waiting to be paid the last of my money for February though I know $20 will still be missing and unaccounted for but instead I only received the invoice and no money in my account. This money was to be paid from March 15th yet I only get the run around when I keep asking for my money. Bearing in mind that I am no longer apart of their system yet in an email, they are sending me to a system that needs login information saying this is where we will start communicating as they won’t be using emails anymore. VIPKID is a dishonest company beware!

          1. Your case was a reason I chose not to go with VIP Kid after I was accepted and supposed to move to the next phase. I also found other comments on Glassdoor that concerned me. Thank you Georgia L. You are right, they look like they were very organized and well set up and I was impressed. But my gut tells me and you the other comments I saw was right.

          2. Juna J though I am happy for you and continue to wish you great success with Vipkid, i really had to say something based on your post. I do agree with some things you mentioned as there are things that need to be questioned before applying to any company and of course if you choose to enter… Enter on a positive note. What struck a cord with me is that your comments seems very judgemental which is sad but ok. It seemed you were even insinuating that persons did not approach them nicely with whatever issue they had. Each individual has had a different experience for a multitude of reasons and I don’t think it is fair that in the defense of the school you are currently earning feom and enjoying you should be insinuating anything negative on the part of others who had bad experiences. Sure, you can give suggestions or advice but not in a judgemental way or it might come across as if you are trying to market for them and as a result disbelievable. This just my opinion anyway. I really do hope nothing goes wrong with you and them because it would really be unfortunate. Speaking as the person who had a problem with them and also initially the first who started out praising them too in this group. Goodluck to you all. All love here and honesty.

          3. Hello everyone. Stay away from Tutor ABC. Everything Georgia says about them is true. I will add that they are polite but they are also ignorant, clueless, stupid and dumb. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing and vice versa. They suspend your account for next to nothing(your ISP stops working or their software has problems and kicks you out of a class). Then you have to prove to them that it wasn’t your fault. My pay every month I worked for them(8 months) was late getting to me by a matter of 1-2 weeks. They kept asking me for banking information that I had already given to them multiple times(at least 7 or 8 times). And the pay is for s**t. I have been teaching ESL/TESOL for 10 years and they paid me $8.50 an hour. I took it because I wanted to keep teaching and I had just returned from teaching in Korea for 8 years. They say the classes are 45 minutes but that is not true. The class is 45 minutes But it can take up to 5 minutes to do an evaluation on all the students in the class. I quit working for them today (02/09/17).
            Work for them and you will lose your sanity.

          4. I currently work for a Chinese company but lived in Korea in 2015-16 teaching as a NET. I wonder if I could work for them as well. It’s not like it’s a competitor…. I better read my contract to make sure.

          5. TutorABC based in Taiwan -if that is the same crowd you were with – is SHOCKING!!

            Anybody reading this STAY AWAY, you do not need that kind of ***p in your life. They are uncommunicative, rude and don’t care about their teachers.
            Their base rate is set for life -depending on your country from $4 , no incentives etc. Even when I finished another degree they weren’t interested. If you have a doctorate and live in the USA – according to them, the highest cost of living WHAT A JOKE – you will earn $8.9

        2. VIPKID is, to the best of my knowledge, the market leader in online esl to children in China at the moment. There is tons of work, you can teach as many lessons as you want – no exaggeration. However, as it has gotten bigger, it has let its success go to its head and has started treating the teachers in a less and less fair way. The base pay ranges from $7 to $9/lesson (each lesson 25 minutes); the pay is determined by your initial demo class. Nearly everybody starts at $8/lesson. It’s possible to get up to $2/lesson bonus regularly, so realistically most teachers tend to get around $10/lesson. There are other bonus schemes from time to time, but VIPKID games those to their advantage so that very easily you can lose the extra bonus. They also do not like any sort of criticism, and they do keep tabs on who says what. If you keep your head down and don’t mind the negatives, then it’s a good place to work and make decent money. If you tend to be vocal about things that aren’t fair or right, then go elsewhere.

          1. Hello! Are you currenty employed with VIPKID? Thank you! I am planning to apply with them.

          2. vipkid is great, enthusiastic community with tons of teacher resources. Very transparent and listens to feedback of teachers.
            Elen M. you will NOT be disappointed.

          3. I’ve been with VIPKID for about a year and I totally dig working for them. Ask yourself honestly these questions before applying to this, or any other company for that matter. Are you okay with the company not being perfect? Because it’s not going to be. Are you able to be patient and differentiate between growing pains and dishonesty? The company is not here to rip you off, but sometimes mistakes can and will occur. Communicate (nicely) and give them a chance to rectify it. Do they have some protocols you won’t agree with? Probably, but do your part and read the contract before signing it and carefully consider the what if’s beforehand. Are you the kind of person who thinks you deserve to be paid more than your actually worth? If your only credential is that you just so happen to be a native English speaker who may or may not of taken some overpriced TEFL course and therefore find $10 A HALF HOUR lowly, well by all means go ahead and go out there and see if you can do better. I’m willing to bet you can’t. If you are an actual certified teacher then go and get a job at an actual online school. These are private language companies, not bonafide schools.
            This company is great. If you are they type who gets irked by every little nuisance or imperfection, then you will have a problem not just here but everywhere. But if your willing to just show up on time (out of your home I might reiterate) , do the easy job (everything is planned out for you) and sit back and wait for your check to be deposited and not sweat the small stuff, it’s a pretty fantastic gig for supplemental income. They are very fair with pay, bonuses and incentives. I tech full time at a live school and do this on the side and it nets me between an extra $800 – $1400 a month depending on how much you want to work. Plus I spent the summer traveling and had this job to provide extra income while doing so.
            It may take some people a few months to start filling up their schedules, but once you get there your golden!

          4. Great comment! How do you like teaching kids, do you enjoy it?

          5. Regarding VIPKID, does anyone know if you can re-apply within a certain time frame?
            I made it through my 2nd mock class, and had great feedback from my Evaluator during my class. I just received an email that it was Unsuccessful? No feedback whatsoever. I was told you can re-apply, but was not sure if that is correct.

          6. I think for the most part you are correct. Like any company, they try to protect their image. However, as far as voicing concerns, change comes in numbers. Vipkid is evolving very rapidly so, their platform and policies are constantly changing. They want teacher feedback that is constructive and if a nice majority of teachers feel the same way, they are eager to adapt.

            I have been with them for well over a year and have gone full time in 30 days. I personally believe this in itself is amazing. There aren’t too many online companies that provide enough students for you to be consistantly booked 40-50 Hours every week. Because of this I have been afforded the blessing of country hopping with my family the past year.

            The thing I have come to love the most about Vipkid is that they search for new talent from within. They currently give teachers the opportunity to earn extra $$$ by evaluating Practicums, being teacher mentors, creating lessons, and a list of other positions that continue to grow. If you are lucky enough to get one of these positions you can EASILY make $5,000 and upward and still have time for family.

            A few months ago they offered a couple hundred teachers the opportunity to get a FREE TESOL!! In my opinion this was the best thing yet! They gave us chosen teachers the opportunity to be great and acquire a certificate that will help us further our careers and it’s absolutely awesome.

            Now, I’m by no means saying that Vipkid is perfect. Lord knows I have had my own moments of struggling with them, BUT the set backs are nowhere compared to the triumphs.

            Furthermore, I have learned how to navigate Vipkid so well that I have absolutely no desire to leave.

            If anybody would like the details on the in’s and out’s of the company and how to get your resume passed thru email me a

            Lastly, if there is anybody who meets their qualifications but failed the interview or practicum please email me at so I can get you another go at it!

          7. D. Hall,

            Typically they only allow people to apply once BUT, I can set it up so you can get another chance to apply if you would like. Email me at Cheers!

    3. Hello All,

      I have been working with Vipkid for about 2 years now. I have experienced the growing pains and a lot of changes. Even though I had my own issues with them at first, I am so happy I chose to stick with them.

      For those of you who are interested in applying here are some changes you can look forward to. First, they no longer require minimum hours so, you can work as little or as much as you choose. I have gained enough students that I work with them fulltime while traveling the world with my family. I was able to go fulltime after only 30 days of working.

      Second, they offered a scholarship to teachers in their second contract or beyond to get their TESOL certification. I am happily a recipient of one myself!

      Third, Vipkid now offers teachers the opportunity to work within Corporate AND teach at the same time. Some of the new partnerships include lesson planning, teacher mentor, liason, practicum evaluators, recruitment partner, and a few other positions. What this means for teachers is you now have the opportunity to gain extra $$$ ON TOP OF your teaching salary. I have taken on an added position and consistantly make $5,000+ per month.

      Fourth, from what I have seen with all of the teachers I have brought into Vipkid they have all started off with $8/lesson ($20/hour with incintives). I am sure me being their reference has something to do with it because their credentials varied greatly. I have come to believe this as truth because I thoroughly prepare each teacher before their interview. So, Vipkid has come to know what to expect from the teachers I refer. Also, the rate I have heard a lot of other teachers start with was $7 or $7.50 per lesson.

      Lastly, I heard it thru the grapevine Vipkid is moving forward to expand their base to teaching Adults. Don’t quote me on this because it was an idea being kicked around in a meeting that is being looked further into. Just know if it is announced you heard it from me first. 🙂

      I am sure many people have many questions or simply want some guidence on how to pass the demo and practicum. Feel free to email me at

      Want To Apply?? Click The Link Below.

      ( ).

      Good Luck Guys!!

  12. I work online
    I do a lot with Kuku, also some with BrownCow and English-natalai.
    Bad experiences with CarrotEnglish and TutorABC. I signed up with Talkbean, but nothing happened

    At this stage I have built up a collection of personal contacts he refer people to me.

    Here are three other agencies I work with: (Filipino company teaching Koreans); (Ukranian teaching Russians and East Europeans); (Spanish recently started, hasn’t established a market yet).

    1. HI Art On I have been for working for Tutor ABC for about 6 months now and my experience has been pretty good. Could you tell me why your experience was bad? Thanks a lot

      1. I can’t remember exactly, it was six, seven years ago.
        problems about terms and conditions, payment dependent on student feedback.
        I remember that other students in online chat rooms complained about them.

        Maybe they have improved

      2. Yes, I worked for Tutor ABC. They were a horrible a company to work for. They are quite dishonest about the payment system, and it is setup to penalize the teacher at every level. Your pay is based on the rating the students give you, and there is always one in the group that has been oversold by the sales and marketing people, and thus unhappy. It doesn’t matter if you have a class of 5 and 4 of the students give you a high mark, if just one give you a low mark, you get no bonus. The bonus system is designed to upset and alienate the teacher. Then they take out Taiwan income taxes and paypal fees, you are left with nothing. It’s slave labour. Stay away from this company and all other mills that try to drive teacher wages below living wage levels.

        1. @Art hey, how to apply with Kuku? Their rates seem good but i could never find where to apply. I’m a native english speaker with CELTA.

    2. Hi Art! Do you know if SKYBEL accepts filipino working abroad to be a part-time teachers? Thanks

  13. Hi,
    I would like to ask could anybody recommend me some other websites for online English teaching like BIBO?
    I am from Serbia and here BIBO is quite popular, mainly because it doesn’t require for you to be native and have English teaching certificates, (fluency is well enough) so students like I can do the job.
    I would be very great full if someone could direct me to more sites like BIBO since I am fluent in English for many years now, but other than Cambridge ESOL I don’t have any other certificates.

    1. Hi! I can’t recommend other sites like BIBO but if you don’t mind I would like to know how much the pay is and how long the lessons last. Thank you.

  14. I am currently in the process of selection, didn’t get the job yet so I can’t say from personal experience, but I have heard that the lesson duration is 25 min and it is paid 2,5 dollars I think.

    1. Well if you are so smart AOL why don’t you share your profound knowledge on where else to get a job as easily as at BIBO?

      1. I listed the agencies above where I am working.
        The pay rates vary, from $10 to $25 per hour.
        The minimum wage here in Ireland is about $10 / hour. Qualified teachers get at least $20.

        1. Is there at least 1 agency which accepts teachers who are not native speakers? Can you please list those agencies? Thank you

          1. Hi S! If I may ask, how did you manage to get a Chinese bank account? Did you have to visit China for that?

  15. Hey guys!
    Very helpful list. I was hoping to have a couple questions answered.
    I’m an EFL teacher in Colombia heading to New Zealand and looking to make the jump to online EFL tutoring.
    Do people generally work for more than one company at a time?
    And on average, how many hours do teachers generally work, and at what rate does it increase etc.

    Basically any information for a newbie would be great.


    1. Hi Alastair, I can only speak for myself, but I just work for one company and I get plenty of hours (around 40 per week). However there are slow times in the year like around Christmas and in July. Combined with private students or working in an institute part-time you should be able to fill your schedule easily.

      Not a bad idea to try working for a couple companies and see how it goes though.

    2. Hello,
      Well I have to say that I work Tutor ABC and frankly it’s a really good placer to work at. I can have as many sessions as I want. I teach 53 a week (45min sessions) and they pay Is good enough for me. I Average 7.50 to 8.50 dlls per session. At ABC you can get so Many sessions you don’t need to work for another company to make more.
      I hope this Info Is useful and one more thing. They have so Many classes they are always expanding and looking for more teachers

        1. Yes, that’s right US dollars and yea, the sessions last 45 min. Also depending on hiw students rate you, you can get more.

          1. Do you have to be working full time for them (Tutor ABC) or is part time an option?

      1. I am from Serbia, and I am currently working for Tutor ABC. My base rate is only 2$ per 45min session, and average payment rate is about 2,8$, although my feedback rate is usually very good. I really don’t know how it is even possible to achieve 7$ per session.

          1. Not quite, I am a native English speaker, I got $4.9, Only Americans get above $5

        1. They have been decreasing their pay rate over the years. I confess, though, I had no idea they’re paying so low now…! I’ve recently heard they have a bonus scheme that can increase your pay, but I’m not in that system so I have no idea how it works.

  16. The minimum number of classes or sessions per week you have to work Is about 10 and from there you can work as much as you want

    1. I just checked their website. I don’t have TEFL at the moment, they say it is required for you to acquire it by the end of the probation period.
      How long is this probation period and do you get paid at all during this period.

      Also thank you for answering all this questions it is most helpful.

      1. I started working for them and I do have a TEFL diploma, but they will provide you with training and a TEFL diploma for free- at least that is what they were telling me before I told them that I have a TEFL diploma.

  17. I didn’t have it either before I began working here. It’s 3 months so you have all this time to take the TEFL certification. And yes you get paid for everything you teach during this time.

    1. That is a good news. I will be sure to check up on this company.
      Thank you very much for your insight it was most helpful.

    2. I work for iTutor ABC also and am at the 3 month time now. I am having trouble finding info on getting certified. Did you take a TESOL class through them? I want the least amount of hours/class for certification for lowest price so I can keep working for them.

      1. I don’t have TEFL (have masters in English tough, but didn’t upload any certificate yet). My probation was over long ago and they don’t ask for anything. They just need tutors, so it actually doesn’t matter…

  18. Update on Bibo: 2016 rates for qualified native speakers are US$1.40 – US$3 per 25 min lesson.

    1. I’m a native english speaker and I’m getting $1.40 per 25min session, talk about low.

    1. Thank you!! But their web is KOREAN and chrome can’t translate that language 😀 How/where did you apply? Sorry if torturing you

      1. Skybel started off with “How much do you want per hour?” and then when I told them how much I got paid previously they didn’t even want to meet. I asked them how much they paid Native Speakers and they never wanted to answer. I never prodded them for this information, they just wanted to settle on a pay before even talking about their company.

      1. I just had a skype interview today. After we went through everything they then said you must have previous experience teaching IELTS which I don’t. So that was the end of the interview.

  19. Just a quick update, Bibo salary is now 1.4$ per 25 minute class, that is 2.8$/hr.
    There are some incentives but they are quite vague when asked about them

  20. Kukuspeak pay minimum $10 per hour
    Skybel, Brown Cow pay more
    On Preply you set your own rate and they take 18%, + 1st lesson fee

    1. But that is if you are native speaker right?
      I found an add from Skybel for non native, the pay was like 3.6 dollars per 50 min.
      Thanks for all this great info.

        1. My point exactly. That is why we are all trying to figure out where can you find an English teaching job for non native speakers.
          The list above is really great but for us non native speakers it requires a lot more digging.

          1. Hi Petar, that is a good point, from now on I will put whether or not native speakers are required if the information is available.

  21. Update on Englishunt, USA. (Maybe the company forgetting the second “h” should have been a warning.) After making $16/hr. for Oct. and Nov., and picking up extra hours in Dec., my Dec. pay was for $14/hr. When I questioned this, I was told my pay had been re-evaluated through an internal audit and recalculated accordingly. (I have two years TESOL experience , CELTA certification and a strong work ethic, so it wasn’t performance based.) I would urge new hires to get their pay rate in writing, as my contract did not. It did however, include a clause that Englishunt could opt to change one’s contracted rate at will. Also, when hired I was led to believe there would be increasingly more hours available, some even at reasonable hours (post 5:00am), but these never materialized. It was a discouraging experience.

  22. Hi, We are currently looking for new companies to partner with us. We have are a small tutoring center here in the Philippines, we have been teaching for over 4 years now. We are under a company that you have mentioned here :D. The only problem is that they are only paying us $3.00 per session. It’s quite funny to know that we have put up with this for a long time. :DDD

    Great post! Thanks!

  23. I had an interview with English Dom recently and they told me that they only pay $10 USD per hour. Another Chinese site is Talk915 (ZTE). They pay £3 per 25 minute class / £6 for 50 minutes. EOstudy is a site that teaches Saudi Arabian students and they pay between $12-$15 USD per hour depending on experience.

      1. You’re welcome! I just need to add a correction – EOStudy mostly teaches Saudi students but they also have students from Egypt, Qatar and the UAE. They’re also an American company (not Saudi) but are looking for any native English speakers, not just Americans. Sorry for the mistake!

        1. Hi Hena,

          do you have a contact for EOStudy? checked out their website and couldn’t find anything


          1. I just did a google search EOstudy and applied at their site.

  24. Thank you! you have compiled an unusually helpful list not often found on the web and peoples feedback is also extremely useful. I’m looking to go back to teaching and on the lookout for some of the better companies. experience:

    – I loved that it was teaching conversational English to European Business students- made a change from teaching Chinese and Taiwanese students with Tutorabc.
    If I remember correctly there was a trial class and once accepted you have to do a 3 day course with a demo class at the end. Pay was pretty good 11 euros for 45 mins and 15 euros for an hour.

    The cons: Took ages to build up classes to approx 10 hours per week, the big issue is that you need a landline and an international calling card (you pay for the local call as well as whatever the international calling card you choose charges per minute) I was not clear about this when I first started and was left with a £300 phone bill. In all fairness to them once I understood the deal and kept on track of my phone bill plus receipts for purchased phone cards I was reimbursed. (If I remember correctly you are reimbursed 100%) this may of changed – not sure.

    Overall- Learnship offer a better rate of pay than most companies but the hassle of buying phone cards (risky until you find a calling card you trust), uploading phone bills and documenting all receipts is a pain in the ass and leaves you vulnerable to loss in income. The interview process is long and tedious and pay goes into a bank account not paypal. Lastly.. you get sent a pack that allows you to use your phone as a headset and a telephone (when you decide to leave- I think you can return the pack or have a 100 euros deducted from your salary when you exit)

    * I worked for them back in 2013/14

    I’ve found a few more for your list (probably very new or very small companies)
    intexcel Australia

    1. Please someone confirm whether or not talk915 is legitimate or not? I applied and haven’t heard back and now I’m freaking out.

      1. I would recommend to message them during the working hours they reply faster. I just had an interview with them they are legit.. Interview really friendly

        1. Hi Thandeka
          I just sent my CV to them. Did you get the job? all the best. Will email you 🙂

  25. Anyone worked for BestTeacher? Just want to know are they legit and what to expect, I have an interview in a few weeks there (over the skype).

  26. I see BestTeacher has a lot of Serbian, and other non-native teachers.
    Do you know how much they pay native-speakers ?

    1. According to the info on their website they pay native and non-native speakers the same.

      10 Japanese yen (0.09$) per a reply in the Writing lesson room
      10 Japanese yen (0.09$) per a turn of Voice Recording
      340 Japanese yen (3$) per a Skype Lesson(25-minute-lesson)
      10 Japanese yen (0.09$) per a Skype Lesson offer(to the first five arrivals)
      35 Japanese yen (0.31$) per a turn of Correction (only special teachers)

      If, at the end of the trial lesson, your student decides to sign up with Best Teacher, you will receive an additional 100 yen (0.89$).

      1. Uh, sorry, it seems the info is not on their website. Anyway, I applied for Best Teacher recently and received this info in the e-mail.

  27. I just id an interview with BiBo, and the contract says I can´t teach with other companies even 1 year after my contract finishes with them, otherwise I’d have to pay a 3,000 $ fee…I’m going to try another option…Besides 1.4 $ is too low for a native qualified teacher

  28. I just did an interview with BiBo, and the contract says I can´t teach with other companies even 1 year after my contract finishes with them, otherwise I’d have to pay a 3,000 $ fee…I’m going to try another option…Besides 1.4 $ is too low for a native qualified teacher

  29. Working for TutorABC but through a middle man center in South Africa only found out TutorABC hires directly after signing my contract with the middleman, do you think TutorABC would accept my application if I apply directly?

    Also Thank you for this list. However I must say as an African people assume we do not speak English and has been difficult to get online jobs.

    1. Hi Tee. I am South African too. Can you tell me more. English is my first language but I am not qualified to teach.
      Kind regards

      1. Hi Brandy If you’re interested in teaching in tutor ABC you can email me( I have been teaching with them for over a year now.

        1. Hey Brandy

          How much are you being paid at Tutor ABC? from probation until PRO?
          Please e-mail me (, I have been with them for 3 months.

        2. Hi English tutor, I am interested in teaching at ABC, I have a Degree in Computer Science and Management. I have no online teaching experience but I teach locally at home helping student with academic assignment and home work.

      2. Hi Brandy, I worked for TutorABC through a middle man, who actually took most of the pay but now I am working directly for a another company called ZTE Talk 915, they great , the interview process was very easy, you teach a mock class and they pay in British pounds not dollars like TutorABC, and you know with our exchange rate what that means. When you have set up an interview with ZTE, let me know I can give you points on how they want you to conduct a class. Good luck

        1. Yip, same. I was with the “middle man” too but left. I’m now with ZTE. The classes are so much better. They are short and simple. Students are also much more relaxed and engage in conversation easier. Plus, ZTE really takes care of their teachers, unlike TutorABC.

          When I did my interview with ZTE, the interviewer said they are looking for more tutors. So if anyone is looking for a good online tutoring company to apply to, then give ZTE a try.

          1. Hi I have an interview with ZTE any good points for the mock lesson a bit nervous

        2. Hi Tee

          Thank you for the information. I am South African too and native english speaking. I just bought a TEFL course which i will still need to complete online. Will be great to get your email address as I am looking at Teaching english part time. Will love to know more and some points on the interview. Will have a look on the website tonight. How long have you been with this company?

        3. Hello, do you know how long it takes for ZTE talk925 to reply? I’ve applied a couple of days ago and have not received any reply? I’m not a native speaker, and I haven’t yet received my TESOL certificate, although I am in the process of doing so. Could these be the reason they haven’t responded?

        4. Hello! I have an interview with Talk 915, any tips for the interview and mock class?
          Thank you!

      3. Hi, Brandy. I would definitely take Tee’s advice. Try ZTE talk915. You don’t need a qualification. If you do well in your mock class then they will most probably hire you. Of course, if you are looking to do this long term, then get started with TEFL.

        1. Hello, do you know how long it takes for ZTE talk925 to reply? I’ve applied a couple of days ago and have not received any reply? I’m not a native speaker, and I haven’t yet received my TESOL certificate, although I am in the process of doing so. Could these be the reason they haven’t responded?

          1. They took about 2 weeks to reply to me. I had to keep contacting them until they gave me an interview date. During the interview, if you do well in the mock class, then I’m sure they’ll take you on. But if I were you I would also try other places too. Although ZTE is a really a great platform for tutoring, there just are not enough classes for me to make a living.

        2. Hey, thanks for the info. I have applied to other places as well. I am currently working for TutorABC, but they are only paying me 3.5 base rate. This is why I’m looking for other jobs. What do you mean there aren’t enough classes to make a living? Could you give me an estimate or example? How many classes could I expect to take in week? There is a huge difference between the pound and Bangladeshi taka, so I wouldn’t need to take too many classes. I’m only a student and I don’t have any expenses. Could you estimate how many classes I could expect to take in a month?

        3. Hello, thanks for the info. I have applied to other places too. I am currently working for TutorABC but they are only paying me a base rate of 3.5. This is why I’m looking for a new job. What do you mean they don’t have enough classes for you to take? Could you give me an estimate or example? How many classes can I expect to take in a day or week? I am only a student and i don’t have any expenses to cover so I won’t need to take too many classes. Plus, there is a huge difference between the pound and the Bangladeshi taka. Can you tell how much I could earn in a month , in pounds? Thank you!

          1. Firstly, classes are only 25 mins as opposed to TutorABC’s 45 mins and you only teach one student at a time. Classes take place over Skype. You and the student both get sent the material beforehand. It’s usually just scanned pages from a kid’s educational book. It’s really simple, which I like.
            You get 3 pounds per class which isn’t bad. If you could do 3 hours a day, you will basically be getting 18 pounds for only 3 hours. The thing though is you can open your schedule and classes get booked according to your availability but unlike TutorABC, you don’t ask to be scheduled at certain times; you have to wait for them to schedule you. Most days I only have about 3 classes (an hour and a half). If I’m lucky I get 6 lessons. For me that is way too little. My schedule is open from 9am to 5pm and I usually only get classes at about 1-3pm. I’ve asked for more classes but they can only give me a class when a student decides to book a class with me.
            So all in all, it’s difficult to say how much you could earn in a month. If you work it out at roughly 3 hours a day for a month, I guess that’s what you can expect to get paid.

        4. HI kittykitty_blue

          Thank you for all the information. What other companies do you suggest to try? I am from Cape town and working full time job but would like to teach English part time in the evenings for extra cash. I am going to apply with ZTE talk 915 any tips on the interview process? I have a TEFL course which i will still need to complete online. Does ZTE give you good enough training before you start working? Would you suggest applying to TutorABC as well to have more classes in the evenings?

    1. Hi Tee

      Thank you for the information. I am South African too and native english speaking. I just bought a TEFL course which i will still need to complete online. Will be great to get your email address( as I am looking at Teaching english part time. Will love to know more and some points on the interview. Will have a look on the website tonight. How long have you been with this company?

  30. Its very help for poor English people. Your service is very nice. I appreciate your efforts. . .

    Krametinstitute | online spoken english

  31. Native English speakers…
    VIPKID (China)- failed interview lol.
    Eigox (Japan)- got job, gut feeling, didn’t take it. Took a good while to make a profile page though. $6?
    SkimaTalk(Waste)- make another profile page….gut feeling, no go. $?
    51FreeTalk(China)- Materials are downloaded books, kids 1-1, no lessons are planned for the teacher. $12…..Skype:ilovefreetalk
    Meisi Consulting (China)- $22hr or $32hr. Wechat based chat teaching, no webcam needed, low hours max out at 8 a week perhaps. Taught awhile though platform is prehistoric with no functionality for classroom management. They paid so here I am, a positive review:

    I may not be the brightest tool in the tool shed but I aim to work smarter. The higher paying jobs pay so for a reason. We are all different in temprament, style, experience, and skin tone. One of these which did not work for me, may work for you.

    1. Hi what are the requirements for teaching on Wechat ? Would like to give it a try.

    2. Hi Teacher Game,

      you mind telling me how long you worked for Meisi Consulting and how do they pay. Also do they give you those hours or we have to create a profile on our own.

      1. Paypal. They already have groups of students, you teach a demo first for 30 min. After they will set you up with classes. They also teach Chinese and are quite a big organization. You can set your photo as Brad Pitt, it makes no difference, no webcam.

        1. How can I apply for Meisi Consulting? Is there any website I can go to apply for them? Thanks

    3. Hi Teacher Game- So sorry you did not pass the interview with Vipkid BUT, If you would like another go at It I can set it up. I will also guide you thru the demo and parcticum stages to get you teaching asap. Email me at if you want to give it a go.

      Good Luck!

  32. Hello, I have applied for several companies, but no answer. What is the matter? I am not a native speaker,but I have master’s degree and Tesol certificate. Would you please tell me which company hire immediately.

    1. tutor abc, they tell you right away if you are hired or not! Plus if you do good when being interview you get demo classes !

      1. Hello, I recently applied to Tutor ABC. They gave me base rate of $3.5. Is there any chance of a raise when become more experienced? What was your base rate?

        1. No raise on TutorABC ever. I worked for them for 2 years and made $8.50 base per hour. Are you a native speaker?

    2. Try sending your CV to EfL CV Sender. They are free and send your CV to hundreds of Schools that teach online and recruit teachers all over the world. So it doesn’t matter where you are. You’l be shocked at the number of responses you get. Good luck!!

      1. I tried but the Online academies CV sender service is still “Coming Soon”. Have you got any idea how soon that is?

      2. Just ordered the free sender…nothings happened, is it supposed to be in an email??

  33. Hello there you if you are looking for a company that will hire you fast try Tutor ABC they have their own platform and the pay is good. Plus you can them teach demos and get great bonuses.

    1. Hello, I recently applied to Tutor ABC. They gave me base rate of $3.5. Will they increase this when i become more experienced?

      1. Where are you from? I am from México and they gave me a $6 base rate, Plus bonuses so the Average Is around $7.50

        1. I’m from Bangladesh. It maybe because I’m still in university? I have also not yet completed TESOL or anything similar? If you don’t mind, can I check whether you and I have same bonus rates? I want to know whether it’s different for everyone. Here’s mine: 10 rating = $1 into # of students that rated me. 9 rating = 0.75 into # of students, 8= 0.5 into # of students. Is this the same as yours?

          1. Yes, that Is the same for me too. I didn’t have the TESOL either, they gave 3 months to complete ir. I have a friend who Is American and his base rate Is $7.50. $1.50 more than me

          2. Oh my god! Tutorabc offering you only $3.5 base rate? That is disgusting! I am from a latin american country, raised in the U.S and I have a tefl certificate but I have bot completed university(yet) and my base rate was 7.50 plus bonuses I was earning $9 an hour. I am working for zet talk915 now, which is SO much better. Tutorabc is the worst company to work for.
            And so much information in this website is wrong! In the zet website it clearly says you do not have to be a native speaker and you don’t a tefl or tesol. Don’t believe everything that is on this list.
            My base rate at zet is $8.50

          3. My base rate is 2$. Now that is terrifying. I suppose it is only because I am from Serbia which is a poor country.

        2. I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll get a raise when I become more experienced. Hopefully. Thanks, though.

          1. Hi they won’t raise it. I get 5.50 an hour and my recruiter told me they won’t raise ur pay

    2. I’m located in Mexico. Am a native English speaker. I have a degree in engineering from Stanford University. I applied to TutorABC and was offered the job on the spot. Here’s the kicker though…because I am in Mexico, my base pay rate was 32.95 pesos. Now it seems that your base pay rate depends on where you are located. Has anyone else experienced this? 32.95 pesos is $1.78 USD.

      1. I can’t believe they offered you so low. They offered me $6 Plus bonuses. My friends and I are still working for tutor abc but I have heard of one teacher you was offered the as you 32.95. I don’t if he took the job. Did you? So Is 32.95 for the whole 45 minute session Plus bonuses?

        1. Where do you live? I didn’t take the job. I just can’t. $1.78 is just so low.

          1. I am from México and live in México as well as all my friends. One of whom Is American. He got $7.50 base rate in 2015 all the others and I got $6. The guy I just heard of got the same you said 32 pesos but I think he did take job. I wouldn’t have taken either. Did they tell you why it’s so low now?

          2. It looks like I can’t reply to your message. But they told me that they have a new policy as of one month ago and that was all they could disclose. They said that there is no more 18% Taiwanese tax and there’s no minimum number of hours. But if you earn earn fewer than 8000 pesos in the month, you’ll be assessed a fee of 550mxn…ridiculous!

          3. That Is ridiculous! I’m pretty sure there are other better options. Maybe abc Is not the best place at the moment. Have you checked other online schools? I just hope they don’t want to lower our base rate with thia new policy Tutor ABC now has

      2. It’s not based on location. I taught with them while I lived in Mexico and got $8.50 base per hour. I know other American teachers who live in Mexico and also teach for them at the same rate.

        1. I was told that they have a new policy. This new policy is that they pay you based on where you live. I’m not sure when you lived in Mexico, but I’m guessing it was before they put this new policy in place. I know Americans in Mexico who work for TutorABC. They also make the $8.50 rate. But they started working for TutorABC before this new policy was implemented.

    1. hi,

      Thanx for your info.
      i do not have a degree and i have no TEFL experience.

      However, I’m a native English speaker born in the U.S. with sales and customer service training experience.
      I also completed a short video TEFL course and have a certificate from 2013.

      Is the no degree a deal breaker?

      thank you in advance for your input

  34. Hello, I am from Serbia. I have applied to Tutor ABC and my interview is over. It took place on March 10th this year. The recruiter told me that I will receive the reply within two days. Now, almost two weeks have passed, and I sent them an e-mail asking about my status and they haven’t replied me till now. I don’t have any certificate mentioned and also didn’t study English language, but the friend of mine who already works for them told me I don’t need to have that immediately. I could after some time at the beginning take TESOL or whatever it takes and that is it…did somebody have even similar experience and could help me with some advice, I would be thankful. Also, I need to know whether there is another of above mentioned companies that hire people without such certificates or something, cause I could apply only on their websites. Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Serbia here, too. Companies that offered to hire me (as in i passed the interview and was in final stages of job acceptance) are (BestTutor), Bibo and NiceTalk (android/iphone app tutoring system). Out of those, Nice Talk is the highest paying (10$/h). On the other hand, Bibo (2.8$/h) has the most students and nearly guaranteed bookings for all the classes you open, which, depending on your time and willingness to work may be more profitable in the long run.
      BestTutor salary is about 5$/h with some “side cash” earning opportunities I listed in a comment above (somewhere xD) but I never actually worked for them so I cannot comment on their workload (I did work for Bibo and am working for NiceTalk).

      1. Hey Zewa 🙂 Can you please tell how much can you earn working for NiceTalk? Can you actually earn 40$ per 4 hours, or that’s just a promised “story”? hehe And do you need a paypal for salary or..? Thank you

      2. Hello, do you recommend some other companies apart from Bibo, Tutor Abc and Nicetalk. The thing is, I am undergraduate, but experienced in giving instructions via Preply. But this is come and go job, I am looking for something more secure in the long run.

        1. Hm, not sure what kind of secure are you looking for. If you mean steady, unfortunatelly, the steadiest is Bibo but they pay peanuts. That being sad I’ve always had 80+% of my classes booked. With most othercompanies the student/teacher ratio is far far worse and as a new teacher youll be lucky to see steady 1-2 bookings a day. For me it was more like 3-4 a week.

      3. Hi Zewa

        how did you apply for Nice talk.i am trying but am failing.I really want to work for Nice Talk.May you pliz tell me how to go about it.

    2. One TutorAbc tells u they gonna contact u afterwards u not getting the job

  35. EF- Pay to start , $10. Many technical problems and many non communicative (writing or speaking ) Arab students. The more you work the more technical problems which will be deemed your fault. Inevitably you have to work less to have less problems. There is not much open communication to address these issues by management or teachers. No camera needed for the most part until you do private lessons. You can’t always look at the pay as some places are easier and more organized to work at.

  36. I am an English speaking South African, but don’t have any teaching experience but am confident and good with people. Any advice about finding remote teaching work?

  37. Hi. I’m an American English native speaker and an ESL teacher since 2007. In the past, my students have been Korean children to Russian professionals as well as Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and a student from Belguim. I would like to apply. How can I get started? I also have a resume ready.

  38. Guys. I just started working for Talk915. The true is, they are not very organized, but they are kind. On contrary, they don’t answer your questions immediately. Sometimes It takes 2 days, even on Skype 🙂

    They pay 3 GBP per 25m. But the thing I would like to know is: Is the payment regular? They said they pay in the middle of the following month. Is that true?

    1. Hello, I’ve applied to Talk915 but they have not responded yet. It’s been 3 days. How long did it take them to respond to you ? Also, have you started taking classes? Do get students, and classes everyday?

      1. It took 2 weeks before they got back to me with an interview date. I had to keep pestering them. I have classes everyday. Though my schedule is open for 7 hours every day, sometimes I only get to teach 1 or 2 hours a day. However recently I’ve started getting more classes. So I think as time goes on you get more. There is another place I’ve applied to. They seem organized. I applied yesterday and had my interview today, though still waiting to find out if I got the job and how much a lesson is. You can email me if you want a link:

        1. Hi Kitty
          I am from South Africa..I emailed you. Please can you check your email and advise. Your help will be much appreciated.

        2. Hi Kitty
          I have just been interviewed and offered a job with Talk915.
          Should I accept ?
          What age are most of your students ?
          Did they ask you to commit to a long schedule ?

          1. My students are from the age of 3 to 16, although I’ve been told there are some adult students. The younger kids have a parent with them which makes it easier for both student and teacher. The parents can explain difficult terms in Chinese and keep the children focused.
            They don’t ask for a long schedule. You open your schedule based on when you want. So you can teach 2 hours or even 1hour a day if you want.
            I think accept the job offer. Try it out for a little while and see how it goes 🙂

          2. Hello, could you advise me on how to do well during the interview with Talk915?

          3. Can you please tell us something about your interview?
            Any tips?
            Thank you.

  39. TOPICA Native (in Vietnam) is a good company to work for. They hire non-natives as well ( well, they say so on their website – “natives and Europeans”, but I heard they hire Philippine teachers as well and possibly teachers from other countries). The pay is good – around 10$/h which can rise to 15$ if you’re excellent teacher and do more than teaching for their company (like promos and workshops, etc.). Although it takes time to get promoted… However, they guarantee you 20h a month and if you are available all week they give you roughly 20h/a week (sometimes more). Some teachers complained that they get very little hours but it doesn’t happen very often unless your students don’t like you 🙂 or it’s TET holiday… Natives usually get more hours. Overall, there’s a chance of earning a decent salary at TOPICA.

    1. Topica’s website isn’t in English, and google can’t translate the language. How did you navigate it?

      1. I didn’t 🙂 got info at first from other people and then if you apply they tend to reply within two weeks.

      2. There is one in English -

    2. I strongly disagree with this. TOPICA now offers a maximum $8.50 starting, a MAXIMUM booking rate (only company I know of that has this) of 70% and a claimed average of 50% booking rate. They require that you undergo a month of probation wherein you can only work 20 hours in total, meaning you’ll have to waste the first month only earning $170 before you can even see if working there more regularly is worth it. They also DO NOT PAY if your booked student doesn’t show up, only company I know of that does that.

  40. Hi. I have been an ESL teacher for 9 years in total. I taught in English schools owned by Koreans, Japanese, and Russians. I’ve been teaching online for 2 years. I applied to 5 schools on the list above. Only 3 out of the 5 got back to me in a week’s time. Here’s my experience with talk915, Eigox, and fluentify.
    I will start from the worst application process. Fluentify is looking only for English native speakers and who have a background in Business English. They will ask you to record a video on and attach it to their online application. Here’s the confusing part. They want you to upload another video of your travels and experiences. But on the other video they want you to sound professional and use professional words. It was multiple emails back and forth all before getting an interview. So I politely “cease my application process” with them. It got too complicated and slow.
    About talk915. Their application process took too many “steps” for me to follow before an interview. As an applicant I prefer that the next step after I apply will be an interview as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste anytime to go through so many “steps” before an interview. And you’re not even sure if they will accept you. It’s a waste of my time.
    The best of the 3 as an applicant is Eigox. After a week I applied using their quick application, I got an email requesting an interview. So we set up an interview date and time. During the beginning of the interview, I was very nervous. But in the middle of the interview I managed to make the interviewer laugh because she seemed so serious even though I’m the one that was nervous (and sweating). There was a brief 10 minute demo (class demonstration) before the interview ended. All in all, the interview went pretty well. Eigox sent me a message about 2 hours ago stating I’ve been accepted. So, I will start next week. Yeah!!! This application was the fastest and easiest I’ve experienced.
    Does anyone know or can recommend other English online schools?
    I also currently work for Langland which is a language app for training and learning multiple languages. They are based in China. Their app is similar to Facebook and Messanger, but we the trainers get paid in US Dollars and we have funds in our “Wallet”(aka balance). We can transfer the funds in our balance anytime and sent to our individual PayPal accounts. I’ve been there since September. It’s one of those online schools where you have to set up a profile and “sell” your topics or lessons. You can have your own schedule and set your own rate.
    Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you are happy with Eigox. Well I am not. I applied and I pointed in my application that I wasn’t a native speaker, they scanned my application and they said it was fine and I had one interview with a native speaker from USA, then I got an e-mail I was great and they set another interview with a Japanese woman, I had to give demo and answer several questions (which was still fine). The next day I got an e-mail that I was not a native speaker of English so they could not hire me. Seriously? Why did you put me through 3 steps and wasting your and my time just to tell me I was not a native speaker of English. They knew it from the very beginning. Anyway I work for apps like palfish, nicetalk, reaLlang but not many students there.

      1. Hey Nathalie, I’m curious about how much RealLang pays their tutors and how their platform works?

      2. Hey Nathalie, I am also interested in working for app companies during my unscheduled hours. I would really love to hear more about your experiences with these ‘app companies’ … Would you be interested in starting a private conversation via Email? Mine is Robert.jk.finnegan@gmail. Thanks Nathalie, and I hope to hear from you.

        -Robbie F.

  41. Don’t be nervous… You just teach a mock class to the interviewer and she’s really friendly and gives you tips during the interview

  42. Well, I was just rejected by Enlai total education solutions. I have 9 years of teaching experience, a B.A Degree with English and Drama majors and have published 2 books. In addition, I studied part time towards an incomplete Masters Degree in Linguistics. I have a slight Durban, South African indian accent. I don’t know on what basis I was rejected but does anyone know of a company that I could teach from via Skype and who wouldnt mind my accent? Looking to earn pounds or top US dollar. Kindly assist. Thanks, Karen Moaes Trosky.

    1. Hi Karen

      Have you tried ZTE Talk915 or TutorABC? check the post from Tee on the top and from kittykitty blue we all are from South Africa. I just sent my CV to ZTE talk915. Formally from Durban now in CT. I would suggest you read all the post above and see what others say about the different company as from their experience.

      1. You should try tutor ABC. I’ve been working for this company for almost a year. I from México and the base rate for us is $6 but you can get bonuses and Average about $8 so in my personal opinion it’s a great place to work at. You can get as Many classes as you want, there Is no limit. You make as much as you are willing go work

        1. Hi is it true that they take taxes out of your pay?

        2. Hello, I have scheduled an interview with ZTE TALK915, could you provide me with some info on how to behave and what to pay attention to during demo lesson?

      2. My sister works at tutor abc. Money is little. Enlai pays R140 – R160 per hour. New recruits at tutor abc get $5 per hour. I have not tried ZTE yet. For me, teaching is vocational. I want to love my job and get paid well. I deserve to be treated with respect. In other words – I seek job satisfaction. I want to teach through Skype. Any suggestions? Or am I asking the impossible?

  43. Hi, I am the founder of a new provider of one-on-one online English lessons based in the Philippines called Learntalk ( which has its site translated into Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Russian, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Learntalk uses the Direct & Communicative approaches to teaching English, much the same as Berlitz, but without the price tag; lessons begin at around USD 3 per 25 minute session. All teachers are fluent and undergo a rigorous training program which includes 4 weeks of training by the British Council (3 hours per week while they are teaching). Learntalk pays their teachers around USD4 per hour, a premium to most online English schools in the Philippines. Please kindly add Learntalk to your list. Thank you!

  44. Hi everyone

    Does anybody knows where can I find information for EOstudy recruintment ?

    Thanks for the info

    best regards

  45. Hi, has anybody worked for vimbox (skyeng)? I can’t seem to find any information about working for them except that of the advertisement.

  46. Im a native speaker with a TEFL certification.
    I have been working fot TutorABC for 7 months now and I m fine with it but I just hate the fact that they deduct 6% or 18% of my paycheck.

    What I like about TutorAbc is that they automatically choose the students for you.
    Pretty much you can work anytime you wish without worrying that you won’t be booked.

    Is there another company out there that you can select your hours and student are provided for you?

    I hear of Lyngo, I sent them my resume and they sent me an availability form, I sent it back and I have heard nothing from them, yet 🙁

    1. I had the same experience well over a year ago. Also, the Lyngo website shut down at some point. Seems kind of scammy to me, and the pay isn’t that great anyway.

    2. Of course there are so many . And pay 10-12 $ an hour
      Try ALO7 OR Open English Excellent all lessons ready for you and you get paid even when the students don’t show up
      And sick leave

  47. Just a tip for anyone applying for VIPKid who lives in Latin America — At the start of my interview, upon asking and finding out that I’m currently residing in Latin America, my interviewer told me that they don’t hire teachers living in Latin America because the “server connection is too slow.” I would have appreciated knowing that before preparing for my interview! Thought it might be useful info for someone. Good luck out there!

    1. That’s weird because there are a lot of teachers working for VIPKID who live in Latin America. That being said, lately many of the Latin America-based teachers have been being let go for “teacher IT issues”

    2. I was offered a job with them last year and I live in Latin America. I turned it down anyways though. Not sure if they have changed the rules since then.

  48. Thank you for the tip. Where is this school based in? I live in the Philippines so I guess they wouldn’t hire me because my server/internet speed is slow too compared to America, Korea, and other countries. What’s really good is Eigox. It’s based in Okinawa, Japan. It doesn’t matter where you are living, but they’re looking for tutors with an English native speaker accent or also a neutral accent.

    1. Went to Eigox’ website and saw that for Filipinos, the rate is only $1.56 (160 Yen)/25 mins. Is this true?

  49. If you are qualified it is a way to ear money – but not a lot.
    It is badly paid. employ a lot of Phillipinoes to teach Koreans.

    Thanks for the tip about Eigox

  50. I started this week to work for Best Teacher. I had only one time skype classes. Can anyone please tell me when is usually the best time for booking classes? And what are your experiences working with BT


    1. Hello Tammy,
      May I ask you a question. Did you get a message when you applied for a job ? I mean auto-generated email. Or should I wait?
      Thank you!

  51. Is it normal for a Chinese online teaching company to ask for your passport number and then also ask for all banking info since they pay by wire? I just want to make sure that’s a common practice of hiring and not a scam since they’ll also have my photo and info. Thanks!

  52. So, I’ve noticed (just now, shame on me) that NiceTalk has introduced a scheduling feature, enabling you to set your schedule (like most other online schools) and be booked by students in advance. Does anyone have experience using it? They still have the old system of “Go online and wait” and I’ve been wondering how does scheduling compare to it? Any info is appreciated.

    1. Be careful because I sometimes do some hours on Nicetalk and I have a lot of tutor friends there too. According to what one of the guys told me, in case a student reserves a slot with you and you miss the class, they will charge you. I am not sure what is the exact amount, but it can happen to anyone. As we are all in different places around the world and some students may be awake at weird times; I suggest you to stick to the old manual scheduling or Go online button.

      Hope this helps!

  53. Hi. Eigox has that scheduling feature. You can set your own days and times. My settings are set up for a student to book a lesson 2 hours prior to the current time. It’s great because you have time to prepare. I would rather have that instead of waiting in line for students. I also work for Langland, based in China. There you have to wait for students and 6 out of 10 times they will schedule a class in advance.

    1. Yeah, I know. I worked for Eigox. I’m not asking about general scheduling, I’m asking about scheduling/waiting ratio in NiceTalk. Thanks anyway.

      1. My friend works for NiceTalk and NiceTalkJunior. She’s more productive on NiceTalkKids. I’m not sure if the real name for the latter. She told me she’s making a lot of money and it keeps her busy. I didn’t know you worked for Eigix. Why did you quit?

        1. I really dislike working with kids -.-
          Ill see how it goes, tho.
          Stopped working with Eigox when they canceled the international teacher program. Stupidly told them I was from Bosnia instead of just lie like 90% of other Bosnia/Serbia teachers xD

          1. I’m sorry yo hear that. I honestly don’t like young kids. Teenagers are ok. You can try Langland. No kids there.

          2. Zewa, I might sound silly, but I have no online ELT experience. I’m just considering the idea. What do you mean by “just lie like 90%…” How can they lie? Don’t you send them (I mean any online school) copies of documents, certificates or something? I’m a non-native speaker myself.

          3. @milica – So far noone has requested any sort of official info, copies, documents or anything of the sort. In fact the only company that has required me to sign anything was Bibo.

        2. Is that friend me? Haha Miss you Karen! I might end up following your footsteps to Eigox. Langland just seems so empty lately I don’t even dare to try.

          1. Hey Inly you here too?? Langland has been going ok. I hardly see you there. You work on nice talk? I applied but they didn’t accept me. Do you work for any other apps?

  54. I’m sorry for that. Honestly, I don’t like teaching young kids. Teenagers are ok.

    1. Could you give me some more info about Langland? Is it a Skype company? Or is it phone based like NiceTalk? And whats the usual pay/workload?

      1. It’s an app that you have to download. Is that ok? You can set your own price because you have to advertise yourself.
        I have noticed some trainers there are from Bosnia.

  55. When you say “advertise yourself” do you mean I have to pay them to list me on their website or?

    1. No. You advertise your services on a newsfeed similar to Facebook. But you will get paid. You can transfer your earnings anytime. Download the app and you’ll see more about it.

        1. Zewo bre, odgovori mi vec jednom na pitanje 😀 Kako ti je u NiceTalk-u, koliko sati mozes da odrzis dnevno u proseku i preko cega te placaju? Pls odg <3

          1. Oh, sorry, I thought I had replied. NiceTalk pays trough PayPal and they pay every week if you have at least 20$ on your balance. If not, your balance is rolled over into next week. I usualy have 1-1.5 hours a day but I had much much less when I started out. Most of the students just want to text chat and you don’t get paid for that. You only get paid for voice chat/call.
            Samo lagano xD

  56. Does anyone know anything about Fluentbe? I know they’re Polish based and classes are comprised of up to 4 adult learners. And from what I can find, it seems that as the teacher, you create your own lesson plan. But more than that, I don’t know. Any info?

    1. I had an interview with Fluentbe. I had to do a 10min demo, they were very friendly and asked what I would like to be paid. They want you to make your own lesson plans and it sounds as though each lesson is 90min, which sounds a bit long? Maybe it’s two 45min sessions.

      Anyway so the demo went well and I said I would like $12 an hour at least if I have to make lesson plans. They got back to me immediately and offered me $10. I’m still considering the offer. They need you at for at least two 90min sessions.

      Since then I applied and interviewed at NiceTalk junior (aka HelloKid) They were very cool and offer a great rate and they provide materials and lesson plans. They offer $12 an hour plus incentives. You need to work at least 6 hours a week during their peak hours and after about one month they offer you a permanent position with an even higher base rate. You don’t need any experience but having been around children is a bonus. I’m starting training with them on Monday

      1. Hi Terri! I’ve been working with hellokid for 2 weeks now , and in those 2 weeks I have only taught 2 classes! I’ve been waking up at 4:00am for 2 weeks and none of my classes get booked which is really frustrating. I think their staff is very friendly and I like their teaching platform, but I think they don’t have enough students. How are things going for you with hellokid, are your classes getting booked?

  57. Trying to find a part time job that pays at least $14 an hour, as I live in California and need to pay high cost of living. I am native, and am researching getting my TESOL cert. Any ideas who will hire me without it? Or who will once I have it? No other education besides speaking other languages and experience teaching those, as well as in classrooms with kids. I’ve been through some long application processes and don’t want to waste my time either. Teaching comes easy to me though, especially English using various creative mnemonic teaching methods. Any ideas?

  58. Im just getting into teaching online. I had originally planned to try for VIP kids but i don’t hold a bachelors degree so i don’t qualify which is true for most companies. Tutor ABC hires people without any experiance which is a good opportunity to get started. Now I have a lot of friends that teach online and many had worked for Tutor ABC for like a year. But they found that recently their teaching platform was having connection issues. Tutor ABC blamed these issues on the teachers even though it was their own program not the teachers internet connection. Many have been fired recently due to this issue and Tutor ABC has been very strict as of late. You can get around the connection issue ussing a VPN located in China or Taiwan. Also although their salary says $8-9 per 45 min you actually only make about $7.50 due to high Taiwan taxes. I haven’t personally taught for them but I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about them lately. WORK FOR TUTOR ABC AS A LAST RESORT.

  59. I’ve been going down the list and looking at every company i might qualify for. I found some info on wages you didn’t have. Lyngo pays 900-1300 yen per hour class (about $8-12 USD/hr). Everywhere English pays 900 yen per half hour class (about $16 USD/hr).

    1. Hello Avery. Have you worked for lyngo? If yes how long did it take from the application date till you got a response and also what’s the experience like working with them?

      1. Nope. You have to do it yourself.. Just read through.. If you click ‘apply” on their website you will be able to see all of their rules, policies, and pay..

  60. Hello…I am from Serbia..Is there anyone from Serbia who works for TUTOR ABC?I am interested to work for that company and I want to know everything about that company? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Aleksandar, I am a fellow Serbian who recently resigned from TutorABC. I am extremely dissatisfied with the company. Just google “TutorABC reviews” and find more info on GlassDoor. If you consider yourself a good and qualified tutor, you won’t be happy with TutorABC.

      1. Where are you from? When did you start working for them? How much do they pay you?

  61. I have ONE student in California who pays me $25 per hour.
    But for most of my online students I am getting $8.50 to 10.00
    (The minimum wage here in Ireland is $10.25)

      1. She found me on website, and selected me because I have a masters degree.
        But there are not many wiilling to pay so much.

  62. In response to your comment on Learnship – I have been working for them for almost 15 months for them and have found them to be a very professional company. They have a very unique platform which enables you teach virtually with all resources at your finger-tips. They provide me with the classes and trust me I am always busy. The pay is well above average for the industry and I would highly recommend them as a potential employer. If you are interested let me know – it would be helpful if you have a Business Background as you will hit the ground running.

    1. HI Deborah,

      I’m from South Africa and recently trained online English tutors. Can you give me more information about Learnership. I had a look at their website and there is no information about careers. I would like to work from home full time and have strong business management background. Thank you

    2. Hi Deborah,
      I am very interested in Learnship. I have more than 25 years experience in business and corporate education, and I’m currently teaching face-to-face classes to adults at a local college. I’m a native speaker (American). I would love to find out more about working for them. You can contact me directly at


      1. Hi Deborah,
        I am interested in Learnship.
        I have 30 years experience in management and have been teaching Business English to Company Executives in Thailand for 18 years.
        I’m a native speaker ( American) I’m interested in teaching online.
        I would appreciate any help you could give me. You can contact me at

        Thank you.

        Alan Burgess

        1. Hi,

          I’m not Deborah but, I’ve been working with Learnship part-time for just over a year and I have no plans on leaving!

          They are exceptionally professional and give ample opportunities for further development. All the curriculum is available to you to plan your classes accordingly and their platform is extremely simple to use in comparison to other platforms I’ve experienced with online teaching.

          The hiring process can seem overwhelming, including the training but, it’s definitely worth it. It seems as though they are particular about who they hire to make sure academically (and technologically) your skills are up to their standards. I’ve referred a few fellow teacher friends to them and, although not all were considered by Learnship, the ones that were hired have been very pleased! It certainly helps if you have a business background of some sort.

          There was an earlier comment about their connection and needing a landline to connect, this is no longer the case. They have developed their platform and a landline is no longer required. They are currently testing a VOIP system in North America and, it works great! Until it is 100% launched (in the next couple of months) you can use a mobile phone. Just make sure you have free calls nationally since you will be provided with a local number to connect through. It’s very simple!

          To be honest, these days, it seems as though they are only hiring teachers based on referrals – I haven’t been able to find a link to apply through their website.
          The email I’ve provided to others to apply is Hope this helps.

          In other news, I also work for GVEOE at their head office. We are always in need of English language tutors for our Grade 1-Grade 9 Chinese students. The classes are 100% created for you, including lesson plans – you just have to teach them! Check us out –

          Happy Teaching!

          1. Thanks, Hadeel! I worked for GVEOE for almost a year and had a great experience, but the hours no longer suit. Do you know what the hours are with Learnship? I’m just looking to work 2-5 hours/week, between 5 and 10 PM EST.

          2. Hi Hadeel, i’ve applied to learnship using your referral, they want me to give them a name of the referral person, can I have your full name please

    3. Hi Deborah,
      I’m from Turkey. I’m an English teacher and also a freelance book translator. I’d like to have a look at their website and see if they’d want to work with me too. Could you give me info abut this job?

  63. You might want to add Cambly, out of Korea:

    Is anyone willing to share their comparative experiences on the “Create a Profile” sites such as VerbalPlanet (where I am now signed up), Verbling, Buddy School, Preply, and italki? I see that on VerbalPlanet, there are a huge number of English teachers who have never taught a single lesson (43 pages worth). I don’t want to wind up in that category, but how do you get noticed if you are new, I wonder?

    1. Thanks for the new company! I agree that we need some more info about these types of sites as it is hard to know which ones work well and which do not. How is VerbalPlanet working for you?

      1. Cambly is almost 100% Arab Students. If you have ever taught them then you know what that entails. Create a Profile companies are a joke in my opinion. The time you spend creating a profile you could be teaching already. Having private students equally isn’t that great either. The time you spend doing administrative tasks you could be teaching and making money. The problem with create a profile companies are the booking rates. You end up just creating marketing material for them, like a pyramid scheme.

        1. I haven’t had any luck with the “Create a Profile” companies either. I have built a profile on a couple sites and I have had no replies from students, but my price isn’t $1 an hour like some other “teachers”. I think private students can be good, private groups would be much better, but it would be ideal to have your own company and have teachers working for you.

      2. Mike, seems many are getting ripped off teaching online, there’s no reason for people to earn such low salaries. I teach online for Chinese schools and the lowest I get paid is 20 euro per hour. Time for everyone to take a stand together and refuse to work for peanuts

        1. I agree, there are definitely some sketchy companies out there. Part of the reason I created this list was to try to show people the large differences in pay between companies. The more information we have the better.

        2. Hello S. You mentioned a company called taoboa. I’ve looked online and it seems to be a shopping website. Could you please give more details about working for them and possibly for other reputable companies. True a lot of us are getting ripped off but teachers live in different parts of the world with various costs of living and these companies pretty much take advantage of that fact.

        3. Hello S. You mentioned working with a company called taobao. I’ve looked online and it appears to be a shopping website. Could you please give more details about working with them and possibly recommend other reputable companies that are willing to pay teachers decent money for their work. Thank you.

          1. Amy, you can search on taobao to find online schools and contact them yourself, it will help if you can speak chinese and have chinese bank account

  64. Has anyone ever hear of tutor ABC not making the payment for a month of work. I have two friends who didn’t get their payment for the month of May. They written and the reply was that they have already made the deposit but my friends have called the bank and they have told them there Is no récord of a deposit. This deposit was three or four days ago. The funny thing Is that of my other friends who also work there did get their money in the same bank

    1. I worked for TutorABC for base rate of US$2 per session. I had done some 80 sessions and quit because of miserable conditions: not only payment but the software they use is terrible and useless. I was not able to hear my clients, they were unable to hear me most of the time. They didn’t even pay me at all for the sessions I had done! Shameless company!

  65. Hi interested i have a degree in sales and marketing and degree in business management. i would like to teach online.please could you provide more information.thanks

  66. Anyone work for QuquABC Tutor? I think they are affiliated with NiceTalk and use the same app but for children. Some seemingly higher paying places don’t seem to have ‘actual’ students or classes.

  67. Le waijiao- $13 group lesson…not even sure you have to be a native speaker.
    QuquABC-$14 plus promises of bonuses if kids sign up for classes after demo lessons (extra $35 a kid or so)
    USTALK- (something like $14-15)- I did all the hoops then they wanted me to download a QQ program which I didn’t want. Didn’t feel any classes are actually being taught.

    Any native speakers out there that actively find these ads and apply and work for these companies? I can’t find any info about teachers working for these companies but their owners are big corporations. I guess I will have to see. I’ll keep you all posted.

    1. QuquABC? Would that be Nicetalk Jr. or/Hello Kid? If so, it is my current job. At first you don’t have many classes but if you stay loyal then you will eventually start getting booked more often.

      They are currently over-staffed so there are barely any assessments which are the classes that they give the new teachers. I have a good set of regular students, but I still need more to complete a decent amount of hours for me to feel fine about my money.

      1. Yes QuQuABC is Nicetalk Jr. ……after getting the contract this becomes clear. And your mention of “assessments” also makes it clear that we are both talking about QuQuABC. I decided not to go with them. If your happy with them that’s fine. Thanks for responding. It seems they are working out for you okay.

        1. I see now that QuQuABC is Nicetalk Jr which is also HelloKid. They are all the same company perhaps under different brands.

        2. Hey guys! No, QuQuABC is a different project to Nicetalk Jr. NTJ is on an app, and QuQuABC is on another app, Hello Kid is on Class In. It was working out for me but for some reason it’s as if management was handling three different projects at the same time. Hello Kid has tons of classes, QuQuAbc I barely have any info on it. You say the contract specifies that they are all the same but mine has nothing about QuQuABC, there’s probably different job offers. It’s probably the same for Inly. She may have her contract but it doesn’t specify for everyone.

          1. Hi there, I applied both for Ququ ABC (Kuku Speak) and Hello Kid (Nice talk), and I passed both interviews, demo classes, trainings, I got both contracts, now I can not decide which one to settle with. Please help, both are great companies.

    2. Hi Lis, can you pass the link along for USTALK? I can’t seem to find the website.

    3. USTalk has three pay-tiers: tier 3: $8/lesson; tier 2: $10/lesson; tier 3: $12/lesson (each lesson is 25 minutes). You get placed into a tier based upon your performance in a post-training demo class. There are some minors bonuses offered as well. It’s a new company still, so there is some work at the moment but not a lot.

      1. USTalk lowered the pay. As of a couple months ago new teachers in the Tier 3 range receive $7.50 per class.
        HALF PAY occurs FREQUENTLY, such as when students cancel within 24 hours, when technical issues (student or school side) cause class cancellation mid-way through class, and if the kid is a no-show.

        1. Hi Shever,

          UStalk actually increased the pay for Trial Teachers, which is $8-10 per class. Tier 3 is $8 and you also get 5$ conversion bonus.

  68. TutorABC offered me 2$ fixed pay for 45mins plus bonuses (and penalties). So…yeah. I have a BA in English and a TESOL certificate. I’m a caucasian non-native english speaker. If you guys have some recommendations for something better…I’m all ears.

    1. Forget about Chinese companies! I’m a non-native English speaker, but my spoken English is as good as that of a native person.
      I “was working” for an online Chinese company. I had nothing but trial classes. I didn’t earn a dollar. It was a total waste of time.
      I have applied for several online companies for the last couple of months. Nothing worked out.
      I had an interview with TutorABC probably in March. They didn’t even contact me after the interview.

      When you hear about Chinese companies, whether for teaching in China or online, run away!
      I was thinking about going to teach in China this year, but I changed my mind.
      In my opinion, Chinese people are disorganized and I’ve noticed lack of creativity. They just need people to earn them money and to make a profit. They are not creative.

      1. Hello, I am really surprised to hear that. I’ve been working for tutor ABC for a little over a year and it has been very good so far.I am from México, what about you, where are you from? In fact I have several friends who also work for tutor ABC and we are all very happy here beacuse Is good. In our case the base rate Is $6 Plus bonuses, besides if you teach demos which are level placement we can make up to $11.40 in 45minutes. If it’s just a regular session the Average is between 7.50 and 8.00. so what nationality are you?

        1. I’m from Serbia and my colleagues (who started working for Tutor in January) were offered 6.5$ base pay plus bonuses. My friend (MA in English) and I applied a week ago and were offered 2$. It’s their new policy…or something like that.

          1. Syes. Maybe that’s a new policy. I have some friends who have just joined ABC and they’re still getting $6 Plus bonuses

        2. Did they apply for the job on their website(itutor…)? Or were they recruited through some other channels?

          1. In México we all applied through their website. We took the tests and then the interview. Right after the interview was over they asked us when we could start and they told us what they pay Is, and that’s it.

        3. When did you apply? My friends from Serbia who applied in Jan and Feb got the 6.5$. However, all of us who applied in June were offered 2$ plus bonuses and no minimum hours a week. Which is ridiculous. And they just said it’s their new policy. Do you have your recruiter’s email or contact link? Thanks

    2. for me they offered $1.70 lol and the recruiter was super RUDE JACKIE WATSON YOH

      1. Hi Trish, where are you from? I am from México and just a couple of months ago they were still offering $6 Plus bonuses but now I have heard of teachers being offered 1.70 or so. I guess it’s all about supply and demand. Just a few months ago they had an ad on the teachers portal about referring friend English teachers but they don’t have it anymore. So my idea Is that they already have enough teachers for now.

        1. Their rate is dependent on which country you live. I am a native speaker BA/ TEFL and the pay is $5 b/c I live in South America

  69. Hello, I’m working for Hiknow English. Now Hiknow website is still all in Chinese, anyway please leave me a comment if you have any particular questions on Hiknow you’d like me to cover.

    1. Do you accept non-native but proficient speakers? How much does Hiknow pay?

    2. Tell us more how much is the rate? And your experiences with payments platforms and students,

  70. Hi,
    Im working for TutorABC everything was fine until 2 days ago.

    I check my payroll every week to know how much I will be paied at the end of the month. But my bonus is gone !

    It was more than 100 dlls does anyone else work at tutorabc ?? Please check your pay roll !

    1. That’s really strange. That has never happened to me or any of my colleagues I check my payroll all the time and I just did akd everything Is fine. BTW Karen where are you from?

        1. Have you gotten a positive answer from payroll? I’m from Morelos, México

          1. Hi, well my bonus is back perhaps there was a glitch in the system.

  71. Hello. Does anyone have names of companies that I can join, where you don’t need a webcam / video chat to teach English? I am in South Africa.
    Thank you

  72. Hi everybody!

    Someone already asked this but there was no answer.

    Did anybody had experience with Lyngo? How long does it take them to answer your application.
    I applied but only got automated confirmation e-mail.

    1. Yeah I received the same email but no answer. I dunno what’s happening!! I applied for Lyngo as well. Maybe they are not hiring.

  73. I applied at Lyngo.

    I got back a form to fill in with a schedule in which I would like to work but then nobody got back in touch with me 🙁

  74. It’s a nice online tutoring list for teachers looking for jobs but still incomplete. Actually, most of these companies are finding native English teachers, but non-native teachers may have a disadvantage. Cause they may not be given a chance to teach in many platforms. As for create tutor profiles companies, how does those teachers find new students. I’ve tried some of them, but seemed difficult. New students hard to find.

  75. Hi everyone!
    I just found this and it’s been super useful!

    I was working for EduMe LatAm who unexpectedly shut down operations and fired everyone two weeks ago. Do you know of any companies who would hire tutors from Latin America, I’ve taken a quick look at your comments and it seems to me that not many schools hire non native speakers who don’t have a Pay Pal account.

    Am I right? If so, any advice?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello I’m currently working for tutor ABC. They hire non-native speakers. You should check it out.

        1. Where are you from? A few months ago new teachers got 6 or 7.50 dollars in México now it’s like 1.65 which is ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s probably because they don’t need teachers at this moment and that’s why thay are paying less

      1. The staff is very nice and try to be helpful. There are a lot of technological issues for some us of, but for others, none. I’m in the US and often have difficulties with the connection. We get mostly students from Saudi Arabia, but students from all over the world call. I love the conversations I have with most students. Cambly pays .17/minute. It can add up if you’re diligent. It has been worth it to me despite the tech issues.

      2. I don’t think Cambly is that great. I’m in the FB group and people are complaining all the time. You basically have to win over students and convince them to sign up for packages. It’s hard enough teaching, but you have to sell your services too. Not worth it.

  76. Looking at the various salaries, I could not help but feel sad that there are Filipino companies that are undercutting all of the other ones, offering their teachers around $3-4 dollars —- per hour!!!! In fact, hiring a non-native speaker to teach English is a bit like hiring a plumber to fix your car. I understand that there are different standards of living from country to country, but since I am a qualified teacher who spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get my degrees, I think the differential in salaries is too much. Teaching companies need to start to value good NES teachers and stop hiring quasi-English teachers who learned English as a second language – the whole thing devalues all of us. Shame.

    1. Your comment is a complete bullsh*t! People who are learning English via Skype MUST get a chance to speak with other foreigners who were previously in their position, and they can definitely encourage them to keep practicing! Your goal is obviously NOT to teach but to earn money, so that’s why you’re talking like that. These online companies KNOW that the main reason for their existence is: Profit + Happy students who have improved their English. So, before using your brain, turn it on! 😉

      1. It is one thing to know “teaching” and another to understand “the business”. Ira has touched more on “the business” perhaps without even intending too– Profit + Happy. If I wanted to learn Tagalog I most certainly would pick a college educated Filipino who grew up in PI. If I wanted to learn Chinese, I would pick the Chinese dialect I desire and then find a teacher who is college educated and grew up in mainland China. This logic unfortunately does not carry over in other parts of the world. (I pay a native speaker of a foreign language to teach me said language at a rate higher than I get paid.) Crazy, but I would not progress if I didn’t do so.

        A Filipino may also have a cultural advantage as they understand Asian culture , education styles and expectations. As a native speaker, I was never educated like an Asian student is or forced to learn anything my entire life. I am like an alien from outer space. A Filipino is a neighbor, more understandable.

        I happen to work for a online company where Filipinos are actually preferred and more popular among families. As one online school’s contract put it: “In some parts of the world entertainment is more valued than education, even to the extent to where it seems no education is taking place”. There is the “ideal” and there is “reality”. I’m a native speaker and I’m not saying to hate another but to examine what is reality, what really takes place in this industry. In reality we adjust more to the comfortable learning style of the student then do we influence the learning styles we grew up with. Add K-Pop and J-Pop music and Western culture is boring. Not to mention none of my students are learning Korean or Japanese.

    2. It is very racist and judgemental to say that English skills depend on where you live. We are talking as if this career is a hall of fame, a sign of elitism that should be available only for the pure bloods, when in fact what we are all trying to do is just make money. These companies are there simply because there is money to be made out there. If there is no need for non-native speaker educators, these companies wouldn’t be existing or it will cease operation eventually because there will be no demand. But the truth is, there is demand for them–a very high demand, must I say? A funny story–I talked to many Australians living in Australia and westerner educators who visit the Philippines; they always have something good to say about the English skills of the locals, especially intellectuals. They say that sometimes the accent is so good and neutral that the only way for them to identify that it is a Filipino speaking is because they are puristic, politically correct and grammar Nazis. Sometimes it makes me think what I should be teaching in speaking classes, the proper English that adheres to all the rules or the common spoken English that is full of slangs and errors.

    3. I’m sorry but your comment is just insulting to me as a person who has spent 15 years studying English, 5 of those earning my MA in English Linguistics and Lit . And like you, I’ve also spent thousands of dollars and on getting my degree. Are you saying that a random native speaker without a proper degree is a more qualified ESL teacher than I am? I guess people majoring in English all over the world didn’t get the memo. Being a native speaker doesn’t magically make one a good teacher. If anything, a native speaker without a proper training is the worst possible option for an ESL student.

      1. I wasn’t trying to be racist. Just imagine a non native speaker teaching Tagalog? Then a native speaking Tagalog teacher would NOT be preferred. Companies would actually promote, GOOD LOOKING, ATTRACTIVE, non native Tagalog speakers. That’s all I am saying. That is what is happening. Degrees don’t matter. There also are white looking Filipinos , there are white Russians etc. The ability to teach is secondary. The fact that you can teach may only be interesting to parents of children who themselves are teachers. Teaching online if your a native speaker should only be supplemental, otherwise your wasting your time and resources. Work another job, do this on the side and don’t depend on this income.

  77. I am a native English speaker in Ireland where the minimum wage is $10 /hour. I am a qualified EFL teacher with a Masters degree, and teachers here get $25 +.
    Unfortunately there is not enough work. But it is quite depressing to have to compete with people working for $3-4 /hour.
    But many non-native speakers deserve to be as well paid as native speakers.
    I have spoken to many Asian students who have better spoken English – more understandable- than some native speakers with strong local accents.

    1. @AOL Hey, could you share with me the companies you deal with that pay as such? I’m a native english teacher from UK also with CELTA, 3 years experience, cheers.

  78. Hi I am a South African with English as my native language. I am currently teaching online, but the pay is ridiculously low. I wanted to know if the North American companies only hire tutors with a North American accent? I would like to apply. Thanks in advance

  79. There is a new one called Pratify. You just need to be a native speaker to qualify as a tutor and they have +10 languages. They pay $10.20 per hour. They use their own system so no skype etc. There is also a mobile app of it so it easily accessible and you can select your working hours so you won’t get calls in the middle of the night. Currently there aren’t much students signed up but apparently they are about to put out some adverts and expecting a lot of students soon.

  80. I’ve worked for English-Natali: THEY SUCK, low pay I believe it was 9USD for 45 mins and you had to make your own lesson plans. Not professional or nice either.
    I’ve also worked for ABC360: I loved it, great company to start with. The only thing I didn’t like is that they have a max amount of hours you can work for so you can’t exceed that. But then I got an interview with 51Talk and they’re the bet. Pay is very good with lots of incentives and raises! And you can work as many hours as you’d like so you can make however much money you need 🙂

  81. Hi sennafl, I’m currently looking for a new company to work for as my pay is ridiculously low.
    Do they provide you with lesson plans or do you create your own?

    Thanks in advance


    I have been working here for about a month and it is positive. They are looking for teachers from (England, Canada, America, Ireland, New Zealand). At this time no non-native speakers. Also I am not sure why other English speaking countries are not included. Platform is Zoom, pay starts at $5 USD every 25 min class and goes up .50c after a student resigns for a new course (20 classes). So that is basically $10 an hour with step increases for when the student renews. It is a Chinese company but the owner doesn’t live in China (overseas Chinese). There is Western management to talk to also.

    Peak Chinese times are 6pm-10pm their times. Young Learners 4-12 give or take. After a month I’m getting 10 hours but also declined some students due to scheduling conflicts so it would have been more.

    The best part is the chance to have reoccurring students. / Paypal pay each Monday/Tuesday / Step increases if student renews / Interactive materials as well as course books ready made/ You will be expected to do one free trial lesson but if the student signs up, then you have a permanent student.

  83. Please help l was accepted at englishkey but l dont understand them they dont state hourly rate ,you pay for the number of students you want to teach and in turn they will pay you anyone here who has worked for them to advice me

    1. So Mercy how much do they pay per session or hour? How does booking classes with them work?

  84. Hello Everybody I’m a little worried because I have been working for tutor ABC for a little over a year. I have 6 other friends who are working for ABC too. We are all in México. One one my friends just a mail from tutor ABC saying his base rate will be changed from $6 US dollars to MX32.95 pesos which Is like $2 US dollars. Has anyone heard of any other people going through the same? Also I would like to ask you which other companies hire teacher from México that care more about their teachers?

    1. You can apply for ATOPCLASS. My hours are full and I have a Chilean Chinese student in Chile. She can speak Chinese and Spanish and there is a big community of Chinese there. I forgot what they are called in Spanish? (slang term) I get paid weekly plus some type of bonus which seems to help pay the paypal fee. You will get personal attention to fill up your hour bank but you must teach 1 class free for each student. Judging from your writing you sound like a native speaker. At this time that is all they are looking for but it doesn’t hurt to apply. Peak time is usually the peak Chinese times of 6-10pm- Young Learners 6-12yrs old. Pay $10-$11 an hour with step increases when students renew for a new course. At times I’ve worked for 4 companies. So, you gotta supplement with this one.

      1. Hi Lis I’m not a native speakers. I was born in México but raised in the U.S. my English Is as good as a native’s. So does STOPCLASS hire teachers like that? I am TEFl certified.

      2. Has anyone been working for ABC been affected? I mean ABC reducing your base rate?

    2. Hi Fields I have also been working with Tutor Abc for a year now. I have not been sent anything reducing my salary. I suggest you watch out with student feed back and manage possitive comments and good scores 😉
      Take as many trainings as you possibly can from the learning center. You know to avoid any problems 😉
      Good luck !

  85. Hi Joe! I applied through the Best Teacher website ( However, after confirming the account I still can’t log in. The website says “You have to confirm your email address before continuing.” Any thoughts about this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  86. I can’t remember how I did it, but here is the skype contact for their HR: kukuspeakhr

  87. Guys, can someone tell some schools that are currently hiring non- native speakers? 😀

    1. Talk915. The most popular are non natives, just see their website.

  88. Hi, guys! First of all – great list, thanks for posting it 🙂 I’ve been working for BIBO for a year and a half and I’ve had it with them. Has anyone here ever worked for Woospeak (, Blazaar (, Pratify ( and ( Someone already mentioned that they were offered 10$/h at, but no one mentioned if the booking is good. Could someone share the average booking rate for any of the companies?

    1. I have been working for Woospeak since January. I cannot speak French, so I get paid 12 euros an hour. I work between 20 to 25 hours a week. Although, right now it is slow due to vacations in France. You have to provide your own business lesson plans and they find the students for you. You can accept as many students as you like.

      1. Thanks for the reply, sorry for the late response 🙂 I have a few more questions for you if you don’t mind: Do they accept non-native non-French English teachers? (I’m from Serbia.) Do I have to have a BA to get the job? I have the CPE certificate, which is usually highly regarded in Europe but I still haven’t graduated. My English is also impeccable and I also know a lot about finance (a hobby of mine). I also saw that some of the classes are conducted using landline – is this necessary and if not, do they use Skype or some other platform?
        Thanks in advance, you’ve been of great help!

  89. hi . pay structure for NES please at 51 talk. I live in Bangkok, native english speaker.

    thanks guys

  90. Englishkey says your earns are negotiable but they dont give a figure lets say you book 11 students for the month you the teacher pay $4 per student

  91. Aceish Edu/ Brigle Edu

    North American accent primarily, 1 year online teaching experience, Living in Asia, Mainly weekend daytime hours

    Pay between $12-15-20 I suppose depending on the type of course (ie IELTS , group lessons).

    1st paycheck after 6 weeks, then monthly through Paypal, no contract just a charismatic Western director. Average 6-8 hours a week, with the majority on the weekend–Young Learners attending a small language center on weekends.

    This is a positive review. In fact I think it may be better for the teacher if they don’t live in Asia as they won’t sacrifice peak earning times. Be sure to be entertaining. Be inclined to entertainment more than anything else. If you need materials they can be supplied. Don’t forget entertainment.

  92. 51Talk only wants Americans or Canadians. I did the interview with the recruiter and though she wasn’t rude she said they wouldn’t hire me because I’m not American. I live in the States and have been here the past several years but was born South African. She didn’t even know where Cape Town was. Not the best experience, wasted a bit of my time.

  93. There is quite a bit negative feeback on 51talk all over the internet, even if it seems one of the most stable. They seem also to want all your time and dont want you working for others. This can be easily done by giving you classes at all peak times, then you cant work for others. And why does there need to be multiple companies directing applicants to them?

    1. 51talk is not a good company. They don’t care about their teachers they only care about their customers (Chinese students). The support and the admins are not helpful. A lot of penalties. They don’t have consideration for your VALID /REASONABLE absences like (power outage, internet problem). Don’t apply in 51Talk .

  94. 51talk pays $7 per 25 minute class. You control your own schedule. You can work anytime from 6 AM to 12 AM. (This is natives, of course. Filipinas make around 68 PHP per class, after leveling up.)
    I made 80-120k PHP per month on average. Sometimes more. Depends on how often you work.

    ABC360 pays a basic salary of $1100 for full time tutors. 900? for part time. There are incentives, for booking % and student comment rates, etc.. (If you have many years of experience you can receive higher salary)

    Recently, I stumbled across “BOXFiSH” – iPhone/iPad teaching, 25 minute lessons… $20 USD per hour. I have applied and I will see what this entails…

      1. Hello sriracha. How long after your application did you get a reply from boxfish? And what did the interview entail? Is it something to stress about? Thanks for your help.

        1. Hi Amy. No, it was really simple. I had a Skype interview where they asked me about my teaching experience and explained more about the app and the job. Then they arranged a demo class with me a few days later and they told me I’ll get paid for it since I passed. Just waiting for the classes to start later this month. They also have a YouTube channel which is pretty helpful:

          1. Thank you for your reply. I already checked out their YouTube channel a few days ago. Thanks again and goodluck with the job😊

          2. Hi, I have an interview with them next week but I’m not sure about how legit this is. The few reviews I have found are not so good.

            Do you know anybody that is already working for them?

          3. You got the job? Did you download their “second” app? And are you currently working for them?

      1. I applied for BOXFISH too and the process has been very confusing. I passed the pre-interview and managed to get the app downloaded and installed, but instructions were confusing and came from a couple of different sources. Did the demo class but had terrible connectivity problems which my bf who is a techy assures me were not on my end. It’s all down through their app which uses a lot of video which can be pretty problematic when talking to China over a mobile device. The fact that they’re even still talking to me suggests that these problems must be pretty common for them even though they’ve been around for a few years already and yes the pay seems very good. Anyhow, I (supposedly) passed the demo class but then they sent me another invitation to teach another demo class. This was after saying I’m accepted and was trained over wechat (also problematic due to connectivity issues). I’m waiting to hear back as to whether I have to do the demo class again, or what. They did tell me I’ll be paid for the demo class which is nice.

        1. Indeed, very strange process.

          I had a Skype interview, which turned into a demo class. This went very well and I even received $20 in my paypal account.
          So, I proceeded to training and this is where things got really “ugh.” – It was NOT a training and I was asked to basically do another demo class on their ios/android platform. There were no instructions on how to begin the training – I had to ask them. The expectation that I could conduct a lesson without any knowledge of the tools or the lesson material is rather strange, I think. Next, when I attempted to elicit some samples from the student or teach, they just told me to move on. It’s really more of a chat than a lesson. Also, the learning curve of the application itself is very difficult. Not user-friendly and the videos and stuff play automatically, so if you don’t know the next slide is a video – lol.

          After all of this – they told me that they would let me know in 3 days. (Which I was already “accepted” after the initial demo class and I was under the impression that this would be a TRAINING)

          No response for 5 days now. Probably need to nudge them..

          1. Same exact thing happened to me. They seemed legit enough as I received the $20 for the demo class. I think they just have way more teachers than students so they just pull your chain until they have a class for you. Most of the other teachers will have moved on. It’s just a way to always have a teacher available for their clients. They’ll never run out of people applying to work there but I’d say 1/100 get a class… yes, a class. I’ve heard a few stories of someone getting one class and that was it. Check out their facebook page. They have been deleting the negative but true comments about them. They’re super racist too. Got my $20 and bounced! I used to work for a company called “iusenglish”. Unfortunately I am no longer with them due to scheduling conflicts but they paid $6 for each 25 min class. (terrible) Pre made lessons. 1 on 1. Pay every week through PayPal. Nothing like the new one I’m with but they are a diamond in the rough compared to some of these I’m hearing about. I even saw several non-native speakers during my training. As long as the kids like you and you have a great level of English they don’t seem to care where you are from. A couple of downsides… A student gets like 3 free cancellations each month or package or whatever (no shows are paid). But a student’s internet could go out and you won’t be paid. This was kinda rare but happened enough to annoy the piss out of me when I had to wake up at 6am and having to prepare something the night before. Also, the manager lady was quite difficult to get in contact with, lots of “blue checked” messages, no response. But on a scale of 1-10 with I’d give them a 7.5.

    1. Where did you get that information regarding ABC360 salary? I have an interview with them in a few hours, and they told me $500USD -$600USD basic salary for full time.

    2. Where did you get that information regarding ABC360 salary? I have an interview with them in a few hours, and they told me $500USD -$600USD basic salary for full time.

  95. Thanks so much for this list!! I worked for openenglish for over a year and made good money when I wanted. The one downside is as some point they started axxing the teachers that weren’t as good and some people left because of platform changes so it became harder to trade classes if you wanted to change your schedule around. It got to the point that I didn’t have enough flexibility so I had to stop but otherwise I really liked working for them.

    Now that I’m looking to teach again I may go back to them!

  96. Hey, thanks for making this list! I’m “job hunting” for an online side gig, and this resource is amazing. Thanks so much!

    1. No problem! I hope you find something you want!

      Also if you click on an AD now and then you will help to keep the site going. 😀

  97. I have been teaching for 20 years and have a teaching credential (Multiple Subject) from California. Definitely a native speaker. I have taught in person ESL classes to both adults and kids. I do not hold any TESOL certifications. I am considering taking the the TESOL online course from Intesol which is based in England. Here is their website. i There prices seem really good. They offer 100 to 220 hour courses. Has anyone been certified from this company. If so, what did you think of it? How many course hours do you actually need to have once you get out there online? Can anyone else recommend any good TESOL online courses. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Gail,

      Since you have been teaching for so long I think you will find most TESOL courses quite boring. But if you need the certificate, I wouldn’t think the 220 hour would teach you anything new, so it might not be useful for you, but they again I don’t know this company.

    2. Check They currently have TESOL certification course going on with Arizona State University

  98. It is true, Preply do exploit teachers and charge a large commission – I’ve been with them a few years- but it is very difficult to find clients/students independently

    1. I went through their training and decided to sign up for the question and answer part of the program. I’ve been waiting since October and haven’t been asked one question yet. They did pay me for training though.

  99. Bellicose Aries

    I would just like to like you reading this know of a scam running by BoxFish. An online ESL tutor business. Once they “hire” you they request that you download their app to your phone, as this is how they tutor. The app is from a phishing website. Once the unsuspecting prospective employee clicks it it begins downloading the app. Now luckily I know what to look for and examined the app. When you agree to install the app you are giving it complete access to your entire phone. Everything. Your personal info. adding or removing whatever they want, your passwords, bank info. access to your apps and contacts. Literally everything. As if it was them that now owned the phone. The access their app grants is equal to you holding and operating your own phone. This is dangers malware that can jump to any connected devices. Thank you and have a great day.
    Show less

    1. Thanks for the info. Can anyone else confirm if Boxfish is a scam?

    2. That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard Bellicose Aries,when I downloaded the software on to my phone never did it ask me permission to share my contact list or anything of the sort. i have done my interview with them and I went through to the second round for training. I was told to expect my training salary in two weeks time and i got paid $20, for 25 minutes

  100. I haven’t worked for them, I just saw that comment added to one of their YouTube videos.
    Their stuff on YouTube is impressive, it looks legit.
    I would love to hear more comments about them.

    1. Me too, I have my interview tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. I was supposed to have an interview for ABC360 but my recruiter hasn’t even accepted on Skype yet. I don’t know what is up with that. I will wait and see.

  101. kukuspeaks just sent me a recruiting email and they said they would pay me $12/hour to start… but also I would “make more” if I taught during peak beijing hours, so overall a little unclear on their payment structure

  102. Downloading QQ Chinese can also rape your computer. Here is a way to download it without it killing your computer , at least visibly. I don’t work for 51Talk but they have an excellent guide to download it:

    Being a foreigner in a foreign country can also get your Paypal account locked (Paypal jail). You can do it for about 3 months but then you will get locked out. This goes for all employers. Canadian with a Canadian Pay Pal account in China, your gonna get locked out in time. There are ways around it, but be cautious. It happens to lots of people, just google “paypal jail”.

  103. A little update on the Japanese company – BestTeacher. I just went through their application process and at the end I learned their rate of pay – under $3 for a 25 minute lesson. They also want you to sign an agreement that you will not work for any other online English Teaching company when you work with them. I clicked disagree for both those things so didn’t go any further with the application process.

    1. Thanks – now we know where not to waste our time.

      I had an interview with Boxfish today. They say they are not operating yet.
      They will start in September when the schools re-open. But they already have a lot of students signed up.

      1. I did interview with them and about 2 days after they told me that they cannot proceed with me etc..probably they not using black people…

  104. Nicetalk is arguably the best out of all of these – if you can make it past the 1min video introduction. This is coming from a Serb who doesn’t want to work for the pittance that is 1.40$/25min on Bibo. Would not recommend Bibo AT ALL!

    I’ve been working with them for about 4 months now, and the pay is regular, they even pay the PayPal fees themselves.
    Android app is a bit iffy but it works just fine most of the time, since the servers are in china there’s a latency issue from time to time if you have 1-2mbps upload (works fine on a 10/5 network just fine, tested it at a friends’ house), and the kids are regulars, they leave reviews and you don’t really have a strict lesson to follow, it really is just:

    1) Put up your pictures/descriptions
    2) Set yourself as online in the app
    3) Wait for someone to call, put headset in, and then talk

    If the call lasts 20mins, you get paid 3.33$, if it lasts 1min, you get paid like 20 cents or something, point is – you get paid, and they cash out as soon as you’re above $20.
    If you are a Serbian (or Croatian, Bosnian, anything really) like me and looking for some work on the side, and have a decent smartphone with a 1.3mpx camera, a headset, and a good UK/USA accent – you can make a decent living. I made about $160 during March (alltime record for me since I don’t dabble in the app that much), and half of it was just talking about what I had for dinner, what the country I’m in is like, etc.
    They even have a referal thing going on where if you sign up with a ref, and get accepted, you get $10 starting so in just an hour of tutoring you can cash out $20 basically, if anyone wants to use it while signing up, here it is: HR39KQ86


    1. The referral is no longer available as far as I know. I work for NT too and it can get tiring just being there all the time waiting for a call. Regulars don’t last as much as a month or two maybe, and you must get online same time everyday to possible “find” them. If you do try to set up a schedule, there is not much assurance the students will be there for your study date. You must amass a list of students on your wechat in order for you to be able to keep yourself busy on Nicetalk. Ever since they don’t give out the free 10 min bonuses and their call-packs, things have been slow.

    2. Marko 😀 Is it possible to work as much as 3/4 hours per day with this app? 160$ per month is still way lower then tiny(bigger) salary we can have in Bibo 😀

    3. hi marko, thank you for the information that you share about nice talk. I just want to ask, is there a one on one interview over the cam that you need to take in order to be accepted?……

  105. What part-time company do you recommend? I have applied to many and done interviews, but none have been satisfactory offers.

    I would like to earn at least 10$ per hour. I’d prefer to work for a place where material is supplied but I don’t mind.
    I have almost 2 years of teaching experience at a company called Tutorabc. It’s great, but I’m leaving because the hours don’t suit me.
    I also have a TEFL course. I am a 19-year-old girl, college student.

    1. Hello Peggy I also work for tutor abc and I also think it’s great. I suppose the hours don’t suit you because you need to have a fixed schedule(fixed sessions), right? Btw I have only been working for them for a little over a year. Where are you from?

      1. I am still looking for an online teaching company similar to tutorabc. I want to earn 10usd an hour and I want gayeanteed classes, none of this “put your schedule up and hope students book you” nonsense. I had a bad experience working for abc360. Tutorabc was great but I can’t work their part time.

    2. Your best bet is 51Talk. They recently joined the NYSE and are legit.

      You can work for 25 minutes a day, or you can work for 16 hours a day at $14/hr +. You could theoretically make over $6000 a month if you work all day every day. lol

      1. Someone mentioned that 51 talk wants only Americans or Canadians. How true is this? Also on their website they say they want only teachers from the Philippines. Is this true as well? If no,how can people outside the Philippines apply? Thank you.

  106. I work for VIPkid and it’s great. I earn exactly 20$ an hour (which includes the bonus rate) The company is always offering other incentives and there is virtually no lesson planning or preparation. I am on Eastern Standard time so the hours are kind of tough since I am balancing my B&M high school ESL teaching job as well. But I would recommend VIPkid to anyone who likes working with children K-5.

    1. Hi. Do they accept non native speakers with a Education degree and teaching experience?

  107. Hi everyone!

    Okay first of all, this is an amazing resource! Thank you so much! 🙂

    Just to provide more information to everyone… I basically applied for about 20 companies from this list and other places I found (ESL job boards and upwork etc). FYI, I’m a native English speaker, have a TEFL (120-hour online) and have had experience teaching in-class and online (I used to work for Englishtown/English Live) From the companies I’ve heard back from this is the info I have:

    VIP Kid rejected me straight away – I’m pretty sure they only want N. American accented teachers (which is ridiculous, but that’s an argument for another day).

    I got an interview with Bugoo, I had to do an 8 minute demo class with a woman who acted like a child in their classroom platform that I had no access to before. They rejected me after this because I think I wasn’t ‘fun’ enough.

    Enlaiedu don’t seem to be accepting online teachers at the moment.

    I had an ‘interview’ with a recruiter at Boxfish… who then referred me to book a demo class through the Chinese website. I’m pretty sure it’s legit and one person just said it’s a scam and now everyone is freaking out. (FYI most apps you download these days pretty much have access to your entire phone… remember when everyone freaked out about the Facebook messenger app?). I think they’ve just hired westerners to do the recruiting to make it easier (and I guess the recruiters get commission for every successful teacher). I’m waiting to hear back from the Chinese side about arranging my demo.

    I’ve been offered a position with Kukuspeak (after an interview and 2 demo classes), I just need to upgrade my internet because it’s not good enough at the moment. Everyone I have spoken with there seems really nice and professional. Their pay is $12/hour pro rata. I think kids 25 minute classes are most common, so they want you to be ‘fun’ and interactive. I think their peak times are 6-10pm weekdays, and day time Sat and Sun (China time).

    Hope this helps!

    p.s. I’m also thinking about just completely doing it myself (i.e. setting up my own website and marketing it heavily). If anyone else is thinking like that please comment because I’d love to discuss ideas.

    1. Hello Rose. How did you apply to kukuspeak? My computer doesn’t allow me to access their website. Also what was the interview like? Thank you.

      1. Hi Amy, for some reason their website gets flagged as ‘unsafe’. I’m using Chrome and when it comes up with the screen that blocks the site you can click ‘details’ and then scroll down to ‘visit this unsafe site’ (I didn’t get any viruses or anything from the site). There might be something similar on your browser.

        1. is pretty decent. You get paid more as students sign up for another course. Best of all is the students are your students. You see THE SAME student everyday for the most part. I would not recommend setting up your own school online. There will be so many issues mainly cultural that will make the extra dollar or two your making seem meaningless. Oh yeah you can make what Chinese schools are charging private students but…..they also know Chinese, Chinese culture, business. I also worked for Englishtown before, I think you will find atopclass much better. Just my 2cents. Oh yeah, the people you work with may not be very friendly, the schedulers, but hey….they are Chinese.

          1. Hi Lis,

            I understand what you’re saying but I think in the long run it might pay off. I’ve been following a few online teachers build their web presence and most of them are charging in the region of $30/hour (therefore earning a LOT more than all of these companies listed here) and again most of them are selling some sort of online course which is similar to passive income (once you’ve made/designed the thing you just need to sell it).

            Anyway for now, I’m going the company route until I figure out more about building my own website. I have already applied to A top class and haven’t heard back from them, but thanks anyway – might be useful for somebody else.

          2. Hi Liz!How much does atopclass pay and how long do the classes last? Also what’s the recruitment process like? Is there a fixed schedule that you need to commit to and are students automatically assigned to the teachers? Thanks.

  108. I’m currently in the process of completing a demonstration lesson with USTalk (I was recruited through a company called learnerlane) and also got an e-mail for an interview with Enlai. I cannot seem to find much about these companies online and they aren’t discussed much here. I’m a bit worried because they both do direct transfers, whereas I feel much safe using paypal. Does anyone have experience with these companies and are direct transfers typical?

    I’m actually new to the TEFL world. I’m a native speaker with a BA and a TEFL certificate, but my actual experience is nil. I’m currently living in Serbia and was hoping to find a live job; I’ve gotten some e-mails back from Belgrade schools that seem interested, but when I respond they quit speaking to me. Since there are a lot of Serbs on here… is that typical? Are they queuing me for an interview or are they just testing the waters?

    1. Hi Ama. I wouldn’t let the direct transfer thing scare you off, to me it seems more legit if a company is willing to pay you this way instead of with Paypal. I am payed by my company in this way and I haven’t had any issues. Also Paypal takes 3% of the money tranferred to you, whereas most banks take about $15. So if you are making more that $500 a month the direct transfer is better… I can’t help you with the Serbia question though.

    2. I don’t recommend working for US Talk, you will waste your precious time. To waste the least amount of time (money) apply here. You will still deal with cultural differences etc but you will have ACTUAL students meeting you and they will be stable students. For example, I will teach Joe 5 times a week every week for 20 lessons, 25 minutes everyday.

      The least time wasted by far has been with this single company which is why I can whole heartedly recommend them time after time again for new or experienced teachers (NATIVE) wanting to teach Chinese students. You will have differences dealing with Chinese coworkers but the cultural differences are severe. When you have issues, you can chat with Western and Westernized management.

      That’s where you send your CV. Good luck with the path you choose.

      1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely apply to them! I was a bit thrown off by how many trial lessons I have to do with USTalk; I’ve applied to other ESL jobs before that only want one, not many. It doesn’t seem like I will ever actually get to teach. Moreover, I asked them some questions about the interview and they stopped responding to me, which is rather frustrating.

  109. Kukuspeak Skype contacts:
    Jeanie: kukuspeakcd;
    Ivy: kukuspeakhr
    Ella: ellakukuspeak

  110. Lots of teachers are asking for $30 / hour. But i don’t believe they are getting that. They are not very busy. . . .
    I have had dealings with three different people/groups here in Ireland who tried to start online schools/agencies but gave up

  111. Enlai Education Solutions corrected info according to their email:
    we pay a salary of 12 USD ($) for every hour taught by you online. There are 2 lessons per hour each one lasting 25 minutes. You will be paid exclusively by transfer to your bank account, so you will need a bank account to be employed. If you need to pay tax on your incoming funds you should prove that you have paid the tax and Enlai will reimburse you in your next month’s salary. All teachers are paid on the 15 of each month for the previous month’s work.

  112. Rose, is a small organization and the recruiter/ hiring person is also an actual teacher/business owner. If you have the skills , I am sure you will get a response in time. It is only that he is busy working. I also tried to do this on my own and it was more of a pain in the neck than anything else. Most of those are selling products for teachers to start their own businesses. I know, I pay for some and I use them for private students but running a business just isn’t worth it for me.

    I’m not a recruiter although it might seem that I am. I’ve answered most of those questions above. The teacher who hires you upon seeing you can actually teach is just gonna give you classes. Yes, you will actually start teaching like any place in the normal world (Westernized/Western management). You will teach 1 free demo (25 m) for every student. If they sign up, which they usually do, you will have a permanent student. They have a sales staff I am sure, they are selling you(using the Chinese language) I am sure. Also the materials used are decent. You will also use other books that all Chinese schools use too. Just show up on time, teach and be helpful as you normally would be. Pay is like $10-$11 an hour and goes up when students sign up for a second or third course. That might not be worth it for you but most reliable places seem to pay this for native experienced teachers. You can work as little or as much as you want. Weekend time does not seem to offer hours in my opinion with this school. 6pm-10pm Chinese time is peak time for all China. Most of their students are in China but not all.

  113. Update for Enlai Education Solutions: Pay starts at $12 USD per hour (not $21-$23 as previously reported), and that is for a certified teacher with 3-5+ years of experience. Teachers will mostly do one-to-one lessons with kindergarten students.

  114. Update for Best Teacher (Japan) – pay is terrible! Do not waste your time!!!
    Once you pass their initial grammar and correction test, this is what you’re offered that you must agree to before you can proceed to a live interview:

    – 10 Japanese yen per a reply in the Writing lesson room (that’s $0.10 USD….yep, 10 cents!)
    – 10 Japanese yen per a turn of Voice Recording
    – 340 Japanese yen per a 25-minute Skype Lesson (only $3.29 USD)
    – 10 Japanese yen per a Skype Lesson offer (up to the first five arrivals)
    – 35 Japanese yen per a turn of Correction (only applies to selected teachers) ($0.34 USD)

  115. Has anyone heard of 51 Learns before?
    NOT 51 Talk. I don’t think the two companies are even linked. I found them on upwork… the woman I spoke to seems very friendly and a bit excitable. She has really good English which was a plus, but I don’t know how legit it all is?
    Any info would be appreciated 🙂
    p.s. I started working already at Kukuspeak and everything seems good so far.

  116. I have been working for TutorABC, and they have made some improvements, but the company has constant technical issues. I applied for ABC360 and received and invitation for an interview. I am confused as to the salary for ABC360. Can someone help me understand this clearly?

  117. What companies offer guaranteed hours?
    TutorABC does, but the paycent is low. Pay is higher at places like abc360, but I’m only booked like 50percent of the time.
    I hear Bibo is good? I am uct+2 though. Spain or Russia would be better than Chinese companies.

    HELP?? 🙂 saving for college and love teaching

    1. Hello Peggy, TutorABC does have guaranteed hours, but you can be penalized because of a bad rating. You have to dot all you ‘i’s’ and cross all your t’s’ with TutorABC. What is the pay in USD like for abc360, also can you share any other details. Thx.

    2. Hello Peggy, TutorABC does have guaranteed hours, but you can be penalized because of a bad rating. Try Learnlight, they are headquartered out of Barcelona.You have to dot all you ‘i’s’ and cross all your t’s’ with TutorABC. What is the pay in USD like for abc360, also can you share any other details. Thx.

  118. Hi, I applied to work with Boxfish, I had an interview, they said yes, no problem, then I had an appointment to go through the procedures and everything. They told me to ask my friends (not even fellow teachers/instructors) to apply with them. I asked a good friend of mine. The company seems to be fine, they were pleasant, I do not fully trust them though.

    1. Same for me. They paid me for my demo. They are really nice, just don’t really keep tutors updated about when they are going to actually launch.

  119. A friend of mine works for DaDaABC. She’s a non-native with a pretty thick Russian accent and a poor command of the language. They pay 120 RMB per hour, 25 hour classes. They turned me down for a ridiculous reason. I said I like teaching kids but prefer adults. Would’ve never thought such an unimportant detail would be significant. I have 2 years of experience working in China, speak perfect English with no foreign accent, but they would rather hire someone who doesn’t even speak proper English but “prefers kids to adults”, typical. Chinese company hence no common sense. One of the reason I was going mad in that country. So tell them what they want to hear. Thought I would be better off, but it turns out that would’ve been a good deal, given how much the pay may vary.

      1. Did you have a demo class ? Were you rejected after the demo class or before?

    1. I’ve been working for DaDaABC for about a year now and have friends who work for them as well. Pay is good and students are usually stable since you have permanent students, although it can get a little rocky during mid to end summer because children are vacationing. You still get paid 50% for that 30 minutes when you are not booked and 100% percent when student is a no-show (If I remember correctly). I get paid 140 rmb an hour which is about $21usd (but currency keeps decreasing (I make $1 less than when I started. Their contract can cause issues sometimes though. If you take off more than once in a month, 10% of your pay is deducted. You are stuck with the same hours for 6 months and even after your contract is up, its a bit hard to change your schedule when renewing. You can only work a maximum of 21 hours per week (3 hours a day 3am to 6am PST (6pm to 9pm Beijing Time)). But the people are pretty nice. Lesson plans are already made, so no need to prepare ahead of time. They use British vocabulary, however, so prepare to say things like ‘ice lollies’ and ‘trousers’. (Not complaining) The company itself is pretty nice. I think it was a bit of a mistake to say you like teaching adults more when having an interview for a company that only teaches children. But I can see why it was a bit harsh, shouldn’t of affected your chances that much.

      1. hello Lauren thank you for your information, are they hiring outside china? could you please tell me more about their application process? thanks…..

        1. Yes, I live in the US and so do my friends. The interview is quite traditional. They ask you about your education, previous experience and then you have a demo to determine if they will hire you and if so how much they will pay you. I think the lowest pay is 120 rmb which is about $18 but a raise is possible after working for them and doing well.

          1. Is it only 6-9 pm beijing time? Other hours are not available?

          2. Can you tell me if they are asking for some of your documents like for your ID card when signing a contract?

        2. Hi Nin! I’m paid through direct deposit but I believe there’s the option to be paid through paypal.

          1. Hi Lauren, I have an interview set up with DaDaABC. Is it true they penalize you for every minute that you are late double the class price and also if you are sick? Is this a copy of the contract that you signed? It seems like they penalize for everything and you have only 2 minutes break between classes. Also now they say they are starting teachers at 90 RMB up to 150. I would appreciate it if you could share your experience with this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Nick, I applied and was interviewed by them…to be honest, a bit of a weird company all round. First of all I did a demo with them, which was supposed to be a group class via WeChat but you just sent audio messages to the group and waited for students to send you a message in response. They then told me they’d like to arrange some classes and would be in touch once they’d contacted the students. A few days later they asked if I spoke Mandarin (which unfortunately I don’t) and if I have a WeChat wallet to receive payment. As I don’t have one they said they would pay me through PayPal. Then a week later they messaged me to say that they only hire English teachers who speak Mandarin, and are living in China with a Chinese bank account, as they can’t send international payments.

      1. Same experience here as well. Also, they use WeChat to teach. It is a horrific way to teach. I did a demo with their students and the way it works is you listen to their individual audio and then you hit record to reply back with corrections. You have to do this on a phone or iPad since the Windows and Mac versions of WeChat do not have the ability to record your voice. There were 29 students in the WeChat as well and fortunately there were only 5-6 participating at anytime. Still much harder than dealing with group sessions in Skype or Google Hangouts. I cannot imagine teaching like that for two hours or more and I am rather fast at replying and keeping up with multiple chats. I do not believe they are a scam but their method of teaching is rather backwards. Nearly all online teachers will agree as well that speaking in only English is the best method since it forces the students to use English. I do speak basic Mandarin but I do not like banging away on WeChat.

    1. Hi AOL, are you referring to Mesi Consulting? If so what was the interview process like, requirements, hours and contract?

  120. Hello everyone. So I need some help here. I’m a native English speaker with a good accent but no teaching certificates. I already work with bibo but I’m looking to spread my wings. I’ve applied to several companies that supposedly don’t require a teaching certificate and I’ve either not heard back from them or been rejected. At this point the only thing I can pin point may be the fact that I’m dark skinned. Maybe these companies want only white faces which may be the case but okay.I’d like to know if there are there any companies that will hire me without minding my complexion and lack of certificate. I’d be glad if I heard from other teachers who fit in my category. Please where do you work and what is it like? Thanks in advance.

  121. Hi.Just to inform the teachers.The company called 51 Free Talk is a scam.Don’t waste your precious time.

      1. Maybe if you and your colleague, Shirley, answered questions on here and responded to e-mails, it might help your reputation. Just a thought……

    1. Yes I agree about Eigox – it’s hard to get students. I’m turning to my other schools.

  122. Lucy Geng
    Meten Online ( 美联在线VIP )
    STAY AWAY from these people, complete scam, arrogant, rude and the usual little rich Chinese girl that opens a school to hide her dads money that he stole. I’ve been an teacher and online teach er for 12 years, I’ve worked in many countries and if I find more scam I’ll post them here.
    Mike, great job with the page so far, keep it up.


    TopOnlineTeachers is China’s leading company in online English language teaching. ( Former Name: 51FreeTalk)

    We are looking for enthusiastic and committed part-time English teachers from native English speaking countries, between the ages of 22-45 to join us. The teachers just will teach the students in front of their computers at their own home.

    The students range in age from 6-18 years old. The curriculum is already completely established. So once familiar with the system, teachers don’t need to worry about lesson planning.

    Working Time: Up to your available calendar and students’ needs (4 PM-10 PM Beijing time) Monday to Sunday. Teachers must be flexible to accommodate the needs of our students.

    1. 12-15 USD per hour
    2. Monthly pocket money
    3. Convenient teaching place
    4. Highly efficient working time
    5. Spending holidays with your family
    6. Strong teaching plan/support
    7. Long term job

    The ideal candidate will:
    – be enthusiastic to teach students
    – have good IT and communication skills
    – be professional and accountable, must be VERY RELIABLE
    – have excellent/neutral English accent

    The responsibilities will include:
    – prepare classes with lesson plans provided
    – give online interactive classes
    – give feedback on students’ performance in class
    – correct students’ homework

    If you are native speakers or freelance foreign students, and think you are fully qualified, please sincerely send us your resume in confidence.

    GM: Andy Skype:ilovefreetalk

    1. Hi, Andy.
      Thanks for the information.
      I tick all your boxes apart from the upper age limit. I am 57 ! Can you tell me if this age limit is a strict requirement or are you flexible on that ?

  124. I am not trying to defend Tutor ABC, I have heard a lot of complaints.
    But your audio problems are more likely to do with internet connection and/or speed

    1. I agree with this, often it is the result of poor teacher connections, and/or the mobile platform for students.The quality has improved with in the past year, administrative changes, and and updated website. It would be nice is the renumeration was greater.

    2. I used to get sessions now I sit for like 6 hours with no class. I have been working for them since February 2016 and my base rate is 4.9 USD and I have a TESOL certificate. Tutor ABC sucks!

        1. Hey Robert, can you please tell me how did those 3 interviews look like? And did you pass them? 🙂

  125. in response to s:

    In my research so far i have found most of the Asian company’s Do not have Good business manners in the way they ignore potential workforce and give shady reasons for not hiring. i have applied to a large portion of this list and only 3 job offers the rest just stopped communications all together. that is unprofessional and I for one will not chat with them again. Funny they want us to be professional teachers for them but they can not be professional administrators to us.