December 9th, 2017

The List of Non-Native Online English Teaching Companies

This is a list of ESL jobs for non native English teachers. If you are a non native English speaker who wants to teach English, get qualified and try one of these companies. I will be adding and removing companies from this list if they don’t fit the non-native requirements. Please leave a comment if you have information about these companies.


Ginseng English is based in Boston. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. Masters degrees are looked on favourably. They teach both general and business English.

Topica is based in Vietnam. Could be a good option for those teaching in Vietnam. The salary is unknown. Their homepage is here.

Tutor Supply is focused on teaching Chinese students. They pay well depending on your education and experience. If you have “Qualified Teacher Status” you can earn even more.  You must also have a British background check done (aDBS). You can earn from £20 – 30per hour with a £5 bonus for every extra student in your class.

Tutoring 360 is a new company that has Korean students. They are looking for both native and non-native teachers but your pay might be dependent on this. A certificate is not required, but they would like teachers with some teaching experience. They pay between $4-14 per hour.

Acadsoc teaches mostly Chinese students and it looks like most of their teachers are from the Philippines. They would like teachers with a BA and a TESL/CELTA certificate. They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but I think the salary is low. (click here for more information)

HiTutor is based in Taiwan and they are looking for experienced teachers with a bachelors degree. A TEFL/TESL/CELTA certificate is also preferred.

TutorABC (iTutorGroup) is based in Taiwan. They offer individual and group classes. They have a rating system and a teacher can be penalized for having a bad rating. You must teach 15 sessions per week of 45 minutes or more. The pay usually starts at around $8 -$9 per 45 minutes. Click here for the discussion and comments page.

ABC360 is a new company that is currently hiring. They want full-time teachers to work sometime between 4 -10 am Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Sunday. Email your resume and a photo to ABC360 pays about $14 an hour initially and $16 an hour after 6 months. Click here for the comments and discussion page.

Best Teacher (Areyoubt) has an interesting method. they pay you for replying to student messages, editing conversations and doing voice recordings. The also pay you for Skype lessons 340YEN per 25 minute class, 50YEN for recordings and 10YEN for replying to messages and editing conversations.

USAsishu or Meiguosishu this company doesn’t appear to have the best reputation, so be wary. They teach Chinese primary school children and pay $15 per hour. You can email: or

NiceTalk is an app that allows Chinese students to reach English speakers. The NiceTalk salary is $10 an hour with $10 bonus for signing up. They also have a referral bonus system.

Kukuspeak  I had an interview with this company that underwhelmed me, but it is legit. It might be a good option for teachers living in Asia as their schedules would match. Kukuspeak salary: Kukuspeak pays $10 an hour to start.

QuQuABC (link is to the application) is based in Hong Kong. According to one of our commenters QuQuABC pays $14 USD an hour. They say they pay for your training but it seems like some teachers have not been paid.

Pearson / GlobalEnglish is based in San Francisco, they have just updated their platform and it looks great. They specialize in business English and have both group and individual classes. They pay around $14 for individuals and $17 for group classes.

Learnlight (formerly called Ispeakuspeak or ISUS) is based in Barcelona. They not only teach English, but 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Their online platform is new and sleek. They mostly teach business English to employees of multi-national companies based in Europe. Working part-time is possible, you choose your hours and they find the students for you. Learnlight salary: The pay (in Euros) is competitive at €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes. Click here for the comments and discussion page.

Blazaar is a new company from Barcelona with their own platform. They are looking not only for English teachers, but also German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Spanish. The pay varies but it roughly starts at $12 USD per 45 minute class and there is no minimum amount of hours required.

51Talk is another company from the China they teach kids and adults and the material is provided. According to their website, 51talk’s salary is a maximum of $35,000 PHP per month which is about $750 USD, but according to a commenter here pay depends on experience and nationality. An American teacher can earn $11 per 25 minute class. Click here for the comments and discussion page.

Talk915 (ZTE) a new company that only wants native speakers with a TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate. Talk915 salary: They pay £3 per 25 minute class or £6 for a 50 minute class.

EigoBiz focuses on teaching business English to Japanese students. They prefer native English speaking teachers with TESL certificates. Teachers set their own schedule between the hours of 5am – 11pm (Japanese time). They pay 1600 YEN per 50 minute lesson (about $14.50 USD). They provide the material.

Hello Kid is a Chinese company and it apparently has a lot of students. They employ natives and non natives and they are paid the same $15 base rate per hour.  They typically teach 30 minute classes Monday – Friday from 6-9pm (Beijing Time) and 3-9pm on weekends.

EnglishDom offers all types of ESL classes. According to a user here EnglishDom pays teachers $10 USD per hour.

Hugo English teaches English to children in China. They pay between 14$ to 20$ per hour.

Rype is based in the US and is designed for students on the go. Students get to choose their teacher, but it is unclear how much money teachers make

1to1Progress  is based in France and they teach mostly business English to students in France. They are looking for bilingual teachers although it is not necessary to be bilingual. 1to1Progress pays up to €15 per hour. Click here for the comments and discussion page.

FluentBe (homepage link) is based in Poland and are currently hiring. It looks like they only teach group classes the FluentBe salary is around $10 USD per hour (possibly negotiable).

English Everywhere is a company that allows their students to pick their teachers. The still require you to apply though. They pay 800 YEN per 30-minute class for the first 10 classes, after 10 classes they will pay you 900 YEN per 30 minute class

eHailuo (eHello, eHailo) is based in the Nanjing province. They teach 1 to 1 classes to children and they pay  $10 – $15 per hour.

The Online Teacher is a new company that matches online ESL companies to employees and vice versa. You must create a profile on their website. The-Online-Teacher works with mainly Chinese ESL companies but they also work with other international companies. Teachers can choose their salary and the company they want to work with. They are currently hiring only native English speakers but they expect to need non-native teachers soon. Click here to find out more.

WonderKids is a new company with about 40 teachers so far. They are looking for teachers with at least 1 year of teaching experience (it looks like non-native speakers are welcome to apply). All of the students are Chinese and between the ages of 5 and 15. They pay $15 USD per hour for individual classes and $20 for group classes.

EnglishOnlineTV another Spanish company that a fellow teacher works for. I know they hire non-native speakers to teach English.

Linguacircle (website is down) teaches individuals and groups. TEFL or equivalent certificate required, non-native English speakers are welcome to apply.


Filipino Companies

UNHoop teaches English to both Filipino and Japanese students. They offer training and some bonuses. They only pay 110PHP per hour.

Learntalk is based in the Philippines.  Learntalk has 3 different teacher categories: Language Tutors, Experienced Instructors, and Professional Teachers; with basic rates per 25-minute class of $2, $4.50, and $6.50 respectively.

Bizmates is based in the Philippines but they teach business English to Japanese students. Bizmates salary: they pay $3 – $4.60 per hour (140 – 220 PHP) up to $1200 per month. (Non native speakers welcome)

Skybel is a Filipino company that teaches Korean students. Skybel salary: Skybel pays $15 an hour (to native speakers). Their webpage is hard to navigate even with Google translator.

LingualBox is another company from the Philippines. Apparently it doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not, classes last 25 minutes. The LingualBox salary is unknown.

Bibo is based in the Philippines and (as of February 2015) is hiring. Bibo salary: Bibo pays $6 an hour ($1.40 – US$3 per 25 min lesson). Their website says you can earn up to $1500 per month. Click here for the comments and discussion page.


Create-a-Profile Companies

Polly Lingual (Albania)

italki (China)

Verbling (USA)


Palfish (China)

Preply (Ukraine, Russia)





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5 thoughts on “List of Non-Native Online English Teaching Companies

  1. Hey! This is awesome, finally we got a list like the other one but this one just for us 🙂
    Good Job man

  2. EnglishUp hasn’t been operational since December 12th, 2016, when it was negotiated with EF EnglishLive. Their website is still online but no classes, content or hiring are taking place, as well as none of the professionals listed as EUp’s “staff” is currently working for them.

    1. Thanks for the info! It looks like the website is down now too.

  3. Eigox is strictly looking for native speakers. It says that in job description and application form.

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