April 1st, 2017

How to Become an Online English Teacher


Many people have asked me about this so I have decided to make a post about it.  There are two things you can get that will increase your chances of finding a good online ESL job; a TESL/TEFL/TESOL or CELTA certificate and a bachelor’s degree.


The CELTA certificate is given by “Cambridge English Language Assessment” and it has a good reputation, I have heard that some companies require you to have this certificate and not the TESL. The course to get the Cambridge CELTA is more intensive and usually more expensive than a TESL course.  There are many options for getting these certificates. The CELTA course is a face-to-face class whereas you can take TESL course online. Click here to see where you can take the CELTA course.  The University of Toronto offers one of the best online TESL courses, click here to find out more about that program or click here to find out about other TESL programs.


A bachelors degree is also quite useful when finding a job. Many companies require that their teachers have this. I won’t say that it is mandatory but your chances of getting a good job are dramatically increased with a university degree.


The other factor that will determine what kind of job you can get is teaching experience. In fact if you have a lot of English teaching experience, a company might not require you to have a TESL or CELTA certificate. Online teaching experience is a big asset as well.



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