This new organization is based in China but is run by a team from the UK and USA. They have built a website with the purpose of making it easier and faster to get an online teaching job. It matches you with companies and matches companies with you and then lets you see if you like each other’s profile.

They currently recruit for some Chinese companies as well as a number of international companies and they claim to have thousands of vacancies.

The advantage they provide to online teachers is that they can guarantee a certain level of working conditions, hours and salary before a potential employee begins the interview and training process. The other advantage is that the profile that you make on their website forms a sort of one-click-application that lets teachers apply to companies faster and manage job offers easier. The advantage for ESL companies is that they can find the exact candidate that they are looking for and have their applicant’s information in one organized place so that they can make employment decisions faster.

In order to find a job through The Online Teacher you must create a profile on their website: https://www.the-online-teacher.com. They will then begin to match you with the employers in their database. Employers have a profile too and when you are matched you can check each other out, take a look at their salary, peak hours, website and even some information that they don’t share on their website. You can then choose to reject the company’s offer if you want to. They expect that you will receive your first job offer within 24 hours.

The owner has said, “it’s about making online teaching more popular by letting teachers know just how many good companies are out there. Online teaching is important for remote areas and it brings down the cost of an education, it’s also good for teachers who want to get experience or work from home or while traveling but it gets a bad rep because for every good online company there are 10 bad ones. By putting more power in the teacher’s hand and by putting the good companies in one place maybe we can restore peoples trust in online teaching and give new online teachers a positive segue into the world of online education”.

The company is currently only looking for native English speaking teachers, but they expect to be needing non-native teachers in the near future, as the company is just starting to grow. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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