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Online ESL Games

February 21, 2015DSC02166

It is important to have some online ESL games ready to play in case your students get bored, or you get bored or you just need to change the dynamic of class. They are also great for group classes. In group classes you can get your students to interact and use the language while you just monitor. These games can be played in face to face classes as well as online classes. Read more

What Does an Online English Teacher Teach?

December 19, 2014IMG_1602

A good teacher always has a plan. Many online teaching companies have lessons already prepared, you just need to assign them to your students. Other companies want you to prepare your own material. If you have private students they are probably going to want a plan (unless they just want conversation in which case your job is a lot easier).  So what plan do you have for your students? What plan do you have for the next lesson? Read more




Why Teach English Online?

November 20, 2014British Columbia, Canada

After teaching English for almost 5 years, I have made many friends that also teach English. However, I am the only one that teaches online. Many of them are happy with their jobs, working 20-30 hours per week and don’t want to teach online or they have private students on top of their regular job and don’t want to spend any more of their free time teaching. If you can find the right company one of the best things about teaching online is that you can do it between your classes. Right now I am only teaching online in the afternoon from 12-5pm. Of course the best thing about teaching online is the fact that you can work and travel. Read more


The Best Online English Teaching Companies

Updated: April 23, 2015IMG_0878

So, I have created a list of the top teaching English online companies with their websites. This list will be updated frequently, as I myself am an online teacher and I have an interest in knowing who are the best companies to work for. I know this list is not complete, but it is a good place to start for those looking for a job online. Please let me know if I have forgotten a company, also feel free to leave a comment especially if you have worked for any of these companies. The List

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14 thoughts on “Teaching English Online

  1. Hello, I’d like to teach English online and your list of companies will help.

    Thanks, j

  2. Thanks for sharing the list , but which among these companies hire non-native English teachers?

  3. Hi, Mike! Thanks for all the work you have put in compiling this list and bravo on the excellent and informative website.

    I’m an online English teacher living in South West France. I got started working for EF Englishtown where I learned the ins and outs internet teaching. I left Englishtown when they were re-structuring; getting rid of lots of senior teachers and lowering the hourly rate of newbies (like I was at the time), in favor of hiring teachers who worked in call center-like offices in countries like South Africa and The Philippines.

    While I have been able to build up my own list of private online students since then, I did a stint for a few years with a French company — 1 to 1 English: You could add them to your list. At the time I worked with them, they were a start-up (circa. 2013). I gave telephone lessons to French business people. The company seems to have grown considerably, offering other languages and advancing from the phone to internet technology. I enjoyed working with them.

    All the best,


    1. Hello Michele 🙂

      I trust this response finds you well. I am currently an online English facilitator at EF Englishtown. I am working for an Outsourcing company in South Africa and I am looking to broaden my horizons. What steps can I take to secure an online English position for another company?

      My best regards,

  4. We are an American-Taiwanese owned ESL online school and we are looking for experienced TEFL/ESL native English speaking teachers.

    The pay is $380NTD (about $12USD) per 50-minute (one-on-one) class for conversational English and $450NTD (about $14USD) for IELTS/TOEFL per 50-minute class (one-on-one). We pay via Paypal once per month and teach via Skype.

    We are specifically looking for teachers to teach during Taiwan evening hours (same time zone as China — currently 12 hours ahead of NYC time).

    If you’re interested, please complete this form:


    1. Good day Tim,

      I applied through the form you sent but I have not yet received a response. Should I apply again or is there a certain waiting period?
      Please advise.

    2. Hi there,

      How long should we wait for your response after applying?


  5. Hi. My name is Karriem Wiener. i am a native english speaker and are currently doing online teaching for cambly doing mostly the middle east countries. i am a Tefl teacher and i stay in South africa in a city called Cape town. i would like to change and to teach a different countries students. are to online teaching as a full time job

    Regards Karriem

  6. Good old Canucks, always helping out the rest of the world with their knowledge, eh?
    God I’m gonna miss this country when I relocate to Asia to teach english.
    Awesome work Pal, when I get more funds, I’m sending you a buen botella de vino, para los veranos calientes alli in Buenos Aires 😉
    Thanks again for the awesome compilation you’ve made.
    You should try and work out a commission system for when people click those links and end up signing up as teachers. I’m sure all the readers here would love to support you for having referred them! Check out each of those schools, maybe they offer affiliate commissions! :O
    I know it’s not about money… It shouldn’t. You help, to help, not to get something back… That’s the Canadian way, right? hehe
    Oh kay, you americans and brits are alright too, but you know… I hate to bust your bubble, but Canadians do have a higher incidence of being Amazingly Nice hehe!!! HEHE
    Jesus I think I’m going to create a whole thread of argument now… hehe
    Eh, before you start crashing down on Canadians, just thank this awesome fellow for doing the work he’s done, and shut the front up!
    BTW: Any remarks that attempt to inflate their own culture and denegrate Canada, you’re doing it for yourself my friend, because guess what? I’m not going to check any responses to this post!!
    Okay, good luck everyone, love ya (even if you’re not canadian 😉 ) – I just love you less, that’s all… hehehe – that was a joke, kay? Easy.

    1. This is the best comment on the whole site! I know you said you weren’t going to read any replies but hopefully you see this one… Thanks for the great comment, I look forward to the bottle of vino tinto!

  7. Goodday

    i am from South africa and looking to teach english online urgently. Your quick response would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. I have never met a Canadian, but I cannot agree more with you Michael!!! This Canadian guy is really awesome!!!!
    You must have taken hourssssss, daysssss, to pass on these tips to us! I reaaaaally apreciate that. You are gonna change people’s lives!!! …..for better!!!
    It’s not only vino poteno, but we can have vodka, tequila, pinga, wine. …well, I don’t like drinking this much, but I love the possibility of living everywhere in the world. And thanks to you, Mike, this can happen.
    Thank you very much. You really know how to make a difference in people’s lives!

    I just would like to know if we can get a job in two or more English Schools at the same time?

    1. Happy to help! You can definitely work two jobs at the same time, just don’t tell the companies. Best of luck!!

  9. I have travelled to Philippines, China, Hong Kong Fiji Vanuatu and have taught English as second Language for 30 years. I am passionate about improving all four macro skills of students from Non English Speaking background. I worked as a head of department for EALD studentds in two high schools in Australia. Now retired since 2015 but still passionate about teaching online.

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