October 25, 2014 (updated March 14, 2017)


Whether you are looking to improve your listening skills, want to keep up to date with the news in the Spanish speaking world or just need something interesting to listen to, there are some really good Spanish podcasts to keep you satisfied. Here I have listed the best free Spanish podcasts. These are my favourite podcasts that have helped me improve my Spanish skills and learn about Spanish and Latin culture.


Here are the best free Spanish podcasts:

Radio Ambulante is my favourite podcast. The podcast is professionally done and tells the stories of interesting people from Mexico to Argentina.  From Central American orphans trying to cross the US border, to Carlos Caszely, a Chilean soccer player who refused to shake hands with Augusto Pinochet, the stories cover a wide range of topics and are always engaging. I find them perfect to listen to when going to work. In my opinion this is the best Spanish podcast for advanced Spanish speakers. They are not designed for learners.

Radio y Televisión Española RTVE is the Spanish public broadcaster. They have a long history of offering quality programming. You can listen to many different radio shows including local and international news, sports, cultural programs, and music. If you are into music check out the Radio 3 site, they have a great selection of musical radio shows including dub and rock shows. It’s also worth mentioning here the show Around the World in 80 Books.

Argentina Podcastera is a guide to the many different podcasts from Argentina. Here you can find Spanish podcasts about video games, books, movies, feminism, Game of Thrones and a lot more.

Etcétera is run by two funny Argentine guys who talk about whatever comes to mind.

Pochoclo Extremo is a new Argentine podcast where they review and critique new and popular movies.

SBS News is a world news website based in Australia. Here you can find news in Spanish mostly from Latin America and Australia. Not sure how interested you are in Australian news, but especially for Australians it’s a good way to hear the news and listen to Spanish.

Alba Learning not a podcast exactly, although mp3 files can be downloaded from their website. They offer a wide range of audiobooks free to download. This is the best site I have found for audiobooks in Spanish. Make sure you download the ones read by a real person (the robot read ones are terrible), the lady who reads them has Spanish accent so be prepared for that.


Spanish Podcasts Designed for Learners:

Españolistos is a new podcast by a couple from the USA and Colombia. Their podcast is designed to take intermediate Spanish learners and get them across the plateau to become fluent.

Notes in Spanish has a ton of podcasts for beginner to advanced learners. They are based in Spain and tell us about the issues and news mostly in Spain, but they also talk about issues in other Spanish speaking countries and the UK.

News in Slow Spanish is exactly what it sounds like. They produce a weekly podcast that contains the news and some grammar and vocabulary content. Unfortunately the premium content is not free.

Spanish Obsessed a website and Spanish podcast run by a couple. The dude is from London and the girl from Colombia. They have beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish podcasts. I have been listening to the advanced podcasts and though they do speak a lot about Colombia, it is interesting to hear their accents and you can learn about Colombian culture.

Audiria produces a daily podcast about a wide variety of issues. Usually the podcasts are a dialogue between two people. After listening to the podcast and reading the transcript you can test yourself on what you heard. They also have a lot of tests as well as idiom, phrase and vocabulary podcasts.

Coffee Break Spanish is a listening course and offers free podcasts up to the intermediate level. These podcasts are designed to teach you vocabulary and improve your listening skills. If you are looking for a course to listen to designed to improve your listening skills you should check it out. This is one of the best Spanish podcasts for beginners.

SpanishPod101 is part of the Language Pod 101 websites. It is more than just a podcast, with video and audio lessons, flashcards, notes and a community forum it is a full language learning platform.


That’s all for now, please feel free to recommend other good podcasts or audiolibro websites.

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