January 26, 2015

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Making flashcards may seem like an old-school idea (and it is), but if you are studying with another person flashcards are really useful to help you remember vocabulary. Of course they can also be made digitally through a variety of free websites and apps.

I always encourage my English students to keep a notebook with them at all times, this way they can write down new words and phrases they see during their day and then study them at night or on the train or bus. You can take these words from your notebook and make your own digital flashcards. Here is how to make Spanish flashcards online.


Quizlet is a really popular website that can help you study many subjects including Spanish. You can make your own flashcards or you can use sets that have already been made, for example you can search “Advanced Spanish” and you will find a bunch of sets. You can then test yourself on the words. Quizlet will also pronounce the word for you and yes they have an app too.

Evernote has a flashcard type program call Evernote Peek. Basically you use Evernote to take notes and then using Peek you turn them into flashcards / study material. It is designed for i-Pad.

Readlang is an internet browser extension that translates words and phrases from Spanish to English (there are many language options). BUT it also saves the words you have translated and adds them to a flashcard section on their website. You can also import a book into Readlang and translate and save the words from your book. This is a great program for those who read a lot of Spanish online.

Cram is a really easy to use website and app for Spanish flashcards. You can create your own or use the flashcards that have already been made. One of the best parts about Cram is the game called Jewels of Wisdom, where you can take the words from your flashcards and play a game with them similar to Bejeweled.

StudyBlue is an app and website designed to help students study better with flashcards and quizzes. One of the big advantages of StudyBlue is that you can use the flashcards created by students as specific universities. So if you are a student at that university in that specific class of studying that specific book the flashcards come straight from your material and are therefore quite practical.

Anki is a program that lets you create or use the flashcards of other users. You can put audio, video or pictures on your cards. You can also sync Anki across all of your devices which is a useful feature.

Flashcard Machine is an older website (from 2000!) but it has hundreds of thousands of users and a lot of flashcards. They also have an app.

Study Stack is just a website but it allows users to create your own flashcards or to use those of other users. The best part about the website is that you can then use the words on your flashcards to play games, such as hangman and crosswords.

123 Teach Me has some pre-made Spanish flashcards combined with audio. They have a ton of different categories including adjectives, adverbs, verbs, plants, sports, fruit, etc.


The last website about flashcards that I wanted mention is a makeuseof website that shows you how to make flashcards in Google Docs. It could be useful if you use Google Docs a lot.


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4 thoughts on “How to Make Spanish Flashcards Online

  1. All this recurses are really great! Many solutions , quite hard to select one…
    On the other hand, since I’m an old-school dinosaur, i still prefer old-style paper flashcards!
    I don’t know why, maybe i still love the feel of the paper and help me to learn easier….

    1. It is hard to pick one, but they are similar sites. I prefer regular flashcards too, but some people are addicted to their smartphones and this is a good option for them.

  2. I think flashcards is a good means to study Spanish, especially for kids. I my practice I use http://flashcard.online/ tool to create colorful flashcards of various things and notions. it helps enlarge vocabulary and learn difficult terms in an easy manner

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