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Top 12 Spanish Comic Strips and Web Comics

March 16, 2015Mafalda_cover_10

Reading Spanish comic strips is a fun way to practice your Spanish.  Here are my top 12 Spanish comic strips and some websites that show the comic strip for free. I must admit that I know Argentinian comic strips much better than those from other Spanish speaking countries. Please feel free to leave a comment and suggest any others that are missing from the list. I have also list here some Spanish web comics. Web comics are great because they are free and easy to access. I hope you find one you like… read more




Argentine Graffiti Tags

February 21, 2015graf

More specifically this is Argentine graffiti. I thought it would be interesting for Spanish learners to look at some Spanish graffiti. Here is a look at the graffiti scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These photos focus literally on the message of the graffiti not the artistry. Those who have visited Buenos Aires have probably noticed the huge graffiti, or street art, scene in the city. Not only can you find great artistic pieces, but you will see a lot of tags and messages… read more


Spanish Word of the Day

January 28, 2015IMG_1343

There are several websites that do a Spanish word of the day. If you subscribe to them you will recieve in your email a new word everyday until you unsubscribe. Most of the sites provide a definition and some sentences to go along with the word…read more




Making Spanish Flashcards

January 26, 2015notebook

Making flashcards may seem like an old-school idea (and it is), if you are studying with another person real flashcards are really useful to help you remember vocabulary. BUT they can also be made digitally through a variety of websites and apps.

I always encourage my English students to keep a notebook with them at all times, this way they can write down new words and phrases they see during their normal day and then study them at night or whenever. You can then take these words and make your own digital flashcards… read more




Where to Buy Spanish Textbooks in Buenos Aires

December 29, 2014IMG_0058

If you are interested in studying Spanish while you are in Buenos Aires you should consider getting a textbook from the University of Buenos Aires.  The textbooks are used by the Spanish program at the university and are really useful. They focus on Argentine society and culture and will really help you identify with the people as well as speak like them. I took a Spanish class here and found it really beneficial (more information can be found here). If you don’t want to take a class you can still buy the book and study it by yourself… read more




The Best Free Online Spanish Resources

December 11, 2014DSC00086

It is definitely true that the internet is playing a more and more important role in language learning. In my opinion you still can’t beat the old fashioned way of learning with a teacher. But there are some great online resources already available for learning language especially English and Spanish. I want to show you guys the best online Spanish resources. We will start with the free resources as many people are learning Spanish as a hobby and don’t want to spend money on something if they don’t have to. That being said there are many online courses, and teaching programs that are worth your money, but let’s start with the free ones… read more


How I Learned Spanish

November 29, 2014IMG_2098

I have been studying Spanish since May 2010, that’s 4 and a half years. Back then I didn’t know that the C on the tap meant ‘caliente’. I now consider myself fluent because I can speak Spanish easily and accurately. I don’t speak perfectly, I have a strong Canadian accent and I still make mistakes. That being said, I feel comfortable speaking the language. Here is how I got to this point… read more






The Best Spanish Podcasts

October 25, 2014IMG_2117

Whether you are looking to maintain your listening skills, want to keep up to date with the new in the Spanish speaking world or just need something interesting to listen to, there are some great podcasts to keep you satisfied. The problem is how do you find them, how can you know what is suitable for you. Well here I have listed my favourite Spanish podcasts. These are podcasts that have helped me improve my Spanish skills and learn about Spanish and Latin culture… read more







The Best Universities for Studying Spanish

October 21, 2014DSC01874

If you are studying Spanish on your own, at some point you should consider studying Spanish in a Spanish speaking country. I am convinced that being fully immersed in a language is the best way to learn it. What more efficient way to learn Spanish than studying half the day with native speakers and spending the other half of your day in the real Spanish speaking world. You can study Spanish practically every city in Latin America or Spain, but studying at a University can give you access to some of the best teachers. It also looks good on your resume… read more


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