December 29, 2014

Estación Constitución, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are interested in studying Spanish while you are in Buenos Aires you should consider getting a textbook from the University of Buenos Aires.  The textbooks are used by the Spanish program at the university and are great. They focus on Argentine society and culture and will really help you identify with and speak like the Argentines. I took a Spanish class here and found it really beneficial (more information can be found here). If you don’t want to take a class you can still buy the book and study it by yourself or with a private teacher.

The textbooks can be purchased from the photocopy shop across the street from the university. The books go from level 1 – 8, and cost about $50-70 pesos each. If you are not sure of your level take the Cervantes Institute test online to give you a better idea, or take a class at the university (officially called the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Labratorio de Idiomas) the address is 221, 25 de Mayo, two blocks from Corrientes street and two blocks from Plaza de Mayo.  I did level 4 and it was basically an introduction to the subjunctive tense.

Here is a map where you can find the university. The photocopy shop is directly across the street.


This is where to buy Spanish textbooks in Buenos Aires.

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