February 21, 2015

I thought it would be interesting for Spanish learners to look at some graffiti tags. More specifically these are Argentine graffiti tags from my neighbourhood in La Plata, Buenos Aires. These photos focus on the literal message of the graffiti not the artistry. Those who have visited Buenos Aires have probably noticed the huge graffiti, or street art, scene in the city. Not only can you find great artistic pieces, but you will see a lot of tags and messages. Some of the messages are political and social, others are about football or just straight-up text like messages: “Feliz cumpleaños” or “Te amo!” They are often pretty ugly and I would be pissed if someone tagged my house. There is no shortage of graffiti in Buenos Aires so if people like these, I will post more.

Anyway enjoy!


La vida es muy corta para no pensar

La vida es muy corta para no pensar


Nada mata el amor que tengo hacia vos TKM Linda


Lo mejor de nuestra piel, es que no nos deja huir


NO al vaciamiento de mantenimiento La 19 de Diciembre





El lobo, my vieja, y el vino


Lu te amo



Viva Palestina Libre


Hacete cargo de lo que te pase.


En cada barrio resisten trans


La gente buena va al cielo, la de Racing a todas partes con la yuta


Crisitina somos todos. No Al Golpe! JP Evita


Absolucion a los petroleros de Las Heras / La deuda es con la educacion / Buites son todos…


Las carceles son centros de exterminio! / Fuera Monsanto / Piombo defenzor de violadores


Libertad a Estesche y Lescano




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