My name is Mike Veenstra and I am Canadian. For the last 5 years I have lived in 3 countries Canada, Argentina and Ecuador. During this time I have been teaching English and learning Spanish. I now speak Spanish pretty well, if I do say so myself. I recently found a job teaching English online, which I can do at home in Canada or, where I am living now, Argentina. I started Good Air Language to share my knowledge about teaching English and learning Spanish.

When I am not killing time online, I like to go outside. Snowboarding, hiking, biking, frisbee and hockey are some of my hobbies.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for publishing this blog, Mike, and maintaining that list of sites where they hire ESL teachers! As someone who is relatively new to this that list is going to be a biiiiig help. Funny coincidence… I’m learning Spanish too, having recently been to Cuba and Spain, and I’m also a Canadian.

    I look forward to following you on your blog.

    Happy Labour Day!

    -Stephanie Benger

  2. I like your blog Mike, it has helped me a lot….. you are one of the good ones.
    I’ve been teaching English online for 5 months now and I sometimes find it hard to stay motivated working from home. I would love to talk with someone about what they think an ideal work at home schedule is and how they stay motivated while teaching online.

    1. Hi Melony,

      Thanks for the compliment, I am glad that I could help you. I agree with you that sometimes it is hard to stay motivated at home. Somethings that can help are having a designated work space (an office) and scheduled breaks from the computer. I think it is a good idea to go outside during your lunch break or in between classes rather than use Facebook. Maybe I should do a whole post about this and there we could have a good discussion about it… I know that for me having my fridge so close to me while working is not a good thing either, I have gained a little weight for this reason. Feel free to send me an email sometime if you want to chat.

  3. Mike! Thank you so much for sharing all these great information! I feel that I just found a treasure haha.. I am bilingual, native Spanish speaker and fluent in English and I was wondering if you knew of some good companies that they pay well that are in need of Spanish teachers?

    Gracias y espero que sigas teniendo buenas aventuras por Latam!

    ps. go to bolivia!

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